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Comment Re:What is patentable? (Score 4, Informative) 66 66

The patent office just issues patents, they think the courts are where those type of disputes should be handled. The courts think that since the patent office issued the patent it must be valid.

You have two sides, neither of which are doing their job because they figure the other is.

Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score 1) 550 550

How many of the threats and posts wishing people were raped or killed did you personally condemn? Di you stand behind releasing peoples home addresses as a valid argument? These are what you consider ethical acts? When you threaten your opponent with physical harm in a debate about ethics, you lose the debate.

Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score 4, Insightful) 550 550

There is a reason no one defended the idiot gamergate punks. You guys made sure you were indefensible. When no one called out the threats and the doxing you proved you had no moral leg to stand on. Not to mention that most of your allegations were proved false. It was your own actions that drowned out your words.

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