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Comment: Re:I don't understand (Score 1) 63

by Holi (#49523125) Attached to: USPS Shortlists 'HorseFly' Octocopter Drone Delivery Service
That pretty much negates the reason for signatures. In fact if I required a signature for delivery and they allowed you to "pre-sign" on the web. I would consider that a violation of my agreement with them as the shipper. (you have no relationship with UPS as the recipient, as I am their customer not you).

Comment: Re:Hooray for druggies! (Score 1) 249

How is the search justified? Why, because he left his lane briefly? To search, you need either a warrant, something needs to be in plain view, or you have to have been arrested. Since he was not under arrest at the time and I really doubt the police got a warrant what was the legal justification for the search?

Comment: Re:Why even bother to bring up christians? (Score 1) 195

by Holi (#49519105) Attached to: Netflix Is Betting On Exclusive Programming
Are you fucking insane? Your saying 247 million Americans don't matter. What only Atheists matter? A pathetic 5% of our population as compared to the 67% of Americans who claim to be Christian.

It's more likely you will be long dead before Christianity loses influence in this country.

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