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Comment Re:Cost of access is key. (Score 4, Informative) 301

And the Polynesian Islands were populated before Europe had boats. Your Eurocentric view is blocking you from seeing that explorers predate Columbus and made ocean crossings long before and without any backing from major wealth sources. We are talking BC thousands of years prior to Columbus' little voyage.

Comment Re:Private companies don't do exploration of front (Score 1) 301

That's not quite accurate. I mean the bit about Columbus is, but remember Columbus was not the first person to cross the Atlantic. Eric Thorvaldsson (Eric the Red) reached Newfoundland without the backing of the crown and did it long before Columbus was conceived.

Comment Re:I think this is fair. (Score 2) 221

Considering that ISP's have only been classified as Title 2 since this year (something they fought tooth and nail against) your comment rings somewhat false and naive. You want to know how they feel about common carrier status, then read about the FCC decision. It's all out there. Why do you think the DMCA had the safe harbor provision, because ISP's were not common carriers. Also I am not sure how not working with Rightscorp is somehow disregarding common carrier, wouldn't it be embracing their common carrier status?

TGV Accident Caused By Excessive Speed (railwaygazette.com) 96

Cochonou writes: Analysis of the black boxes of the TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) which derailed on Saturday revealed that the accident resulted from excessive speed and late braking. The test train entered a 945m-radius curve at a speed of 265 km/h, far over the maximum speed of 176 km/h. The French national railway company ruled out any other cause, such as mechanical failure or track mishap.

During test runs, a number of security features are disabled, in particular parts of the TVM system, which would have prevented any overspeed during normal service. This leaves the train speed under the sole responsibility of the driver.

The accident, which killed 11 people, occurred on the last run of the scheduled trials on the new high-speed line between Paris and Strasbourg. As more details on the accident surface, it becomes evident that this last run was performed in a festive spirit, with relatives (including children) of the employees on board, and seven people present in the train cab instead of train. This casts a shadow on the security procedures of the French national railway company: it appears that the high-speed train technology is considered so safe that the risks inherent to trials runs were somehow neglected. The two drivers and the traction inspector have been suspended pending possible criminal charges. Other changes in the management structure will probably follow.

Comment Re:Uber in NYC *is* regulated.` (Score 1) 210

Back before the Medallion system, cabs actually clogged the roads in NYC making it difficult for emergency vehicles to move around. It is in fact the whole reason for the medallion system. And they do increase the number of medallions when needed, in 2009 the number of medallion was increased to 13,237 from 11,920.

Comment Re:Summary wrong: Uber is NOT being sued (Score 1) 210

There are three classes of FHV (For Hire Vehicles) service in New York City: Community Cars (aka Liveries), Black Cars, and Luxury Limousines. For-hire service must be arranged through a TLC-licensed base and performed by TLC-licensed drivers in TLC-licensed vehicles.

Uber drivers and their cars are not TLC-Licensed so no Uber does not follow the rules.

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