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Comment: Re: Hilarious (Score 1) 94

by Toreo asesino (#48129265) Attached to: How Poor Punctuation Can Break Windows

Oh alright, here you go then:

...since Bash can run on *anything*, that makes it and "anything running Bash" issue, including your precious Windows...

So..."Did I say both are equally vulnerable" - why yes; yes you did!

Then there was the whole "look, cmd.exe can't parse stuff either correctly" - that's also kinda along the same "lol Windows is just as bad" lines.

And we both know ShellShock is a particularly epic *nix only issue, really, even if technicaly....possibly it could be bad on Windows too....well not really. Get over it; it happens. Just this time Windows comes out on top. Your defensiveness and keenness at mitigating culpability serves only to make the issue look worse than it is, aside from being highly amusing.

Comment: Re: Hilarious (Score 1) 94

by Toreo asesino (#48128383) Attached to: How Poor Punctuation Can Break Windows

CMD is a skin-deep DOS emulator used by approximately zero applications these days, unlike say Apache & bash. So again, you attempts to equate risks here really seem desperate and again, most amusing.

Also if I'm not mistaken POSIX in Windows has been depreciated for a while, albeit still possible to install. Welcome to the crazy world of PowerShell my friend!

Keep flogging that dead horse though - surely it's got some life it in yet! You're right; ShellShock really is as bad a ball-ache in Windows as *nix, no really!

Comment: Hilarious (Score 1) 94

by Toreo asesino (#48123245) Attached to: How Poor Punctuation Can Break Windows

I love the fact you try to equate Windows and Linux for this epic bug as if they're both as vulnerable. Really, it's hilarious. Technically you're right but we both know absolutely nobody except *NIX fans run bash on Windows. Ok maybe a bit more but still, your attempts to divert negative PR gave me quite the chuckle.

Comment: Re:Shellshock is way worse (Score 3, Interesting) 94

by Toreo asesino (#48120197) Attached to: How Poor Punctuation Can Break Windows

This "patched within hours" is a bit of a false economy if you need to test your apps aren't going to be negatively impacted. If you don't care or just want to live the dream then yeah, otherwise the real world is a bit more complicated than that. The fact the patch needed patching in itself suggest some testing will be needed if you care about top-to-bottom stability.

Comment: Re:Ordinarily I'd be first to bash MS - BUT... (Score 1) 379

"Ever tried connecting a Surface Pro to your company's Active Directory and implementing GPO?" - this is a big red flag to me you are either spreading FUD knowingly or you genuinely don't know what you're talking about. All Surface Pro tablets can use full AD and that's been documented for years.

Comment: Re:well (Score 1) 379

"You haven't lied, yet stayed away from telling the truth as well. " - it seems you have your own version of selective reality too. Windows 8 is a big shift from traditional Windows but you seem to imply there'll be no change to this, which is very unlikely to be the case. As Vista was slow to get people off XP, Windows 8 will is similar in that respect (albeit for different reasons; Win8 is mainly a UI paradigm shift instead of a kernel one) but the point is that most will get there in the end as they did XP -> Win7.

Comment: "Symbolset thinks an MSFT product isn't very good" (Score 2) 379

News at 11. Glad to see the circle-jerk here is just as strong as ever - gotta reassure ourselves that MSFT is (still) on the brink of doom after all.

Some people don't want 2 devices for 2 separate functions; there's a real market for one device that can scale up when necessary, and the Surface 3 Pro is aimed at those people. Not everyone of course - some people enjoy having multiple devices, but a decent chunk, myself included just want one that you can accessorise into a full-on power PC if you want, which this does nicely.

Comment: I wonder what these comments would look like (Score 1) 239

by Toreo asesino (#46714237) Attached to: Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability: A Technical Remediation

...if Microsoft has released something with a bug like this. Somehow I doubt there'd be so much analysis. To me this demonstrates that open != secure necessarily; how long has anyone been able to read the source-code here and even known about it for months? Let's just all agree that open-sourcing code is no guarantee of any kind of quality.

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