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Comment Re:Please don't camp anywhere near me. (Score 1) 103

I go camping to get away from that shit.

Good lord, yes.

How can you be self-employed and not have contingency plans in place for the times when you may forced off-line by illness, accident or other special circumstances? Such as a wife and kid who are demanding more uninterrupted face time than your smartphone.

Comment Language Skills, D, People Skills, F. (Score 1) 236

You mean an idiot? Instead of expecting people to exercise their language skills, we're just enabling stupid people to be more stupid...Emoji are stupid, and people who use them are stupid by extension....

The intellectual play of combining words and pictures is centuries if not millennia old and really needs no defense. Rebus

Comment Don't know much about history. (Score 1) 383

There are always multiple wars going on in numerous places in the world, constantly. Many of these are being interfered with, instigated, or supported by the US and its allies.

I've got news for you, kid.

It has always been like that and you don't need an imperial power to drive the action, all you need is a sense that you are losing ground against the other.

What Went Wrong?: The Clash Between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East, The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror

Comment Not invented here. (Score 1) 236

It wasn't so very long ago when the geek was drawn to to the creation of intricate typographic art (aka ASCII art) and emotions.

The central idea of using of letters, numbers and symbols, dots and dashes, bits and bytes, to send simple cartoons or more complex and engaging images over low bandwidth connections is, after all, at least as old as the telegraph.

But it seems forbidden to build a full, working, global vocabulary of images at higher resolution --- in both black & white and color --- and drawing on sources from outside the geek community. The western geek community and the US, specifically.

Comment Williow Witching. (Score 1) 37

Check out "". It came out before MIAOW.

What is it about the geek that compels him to bury his most interesting projects somewhere south of the The Ark of the Covenant? Never leaving behind the faintest clew to what it does or where it might be found.

Traditionally, the most common dowsing rod is a forked (Y-shaped) branch from a tree or bush. The dowser then walks slowly over the places where he suspects the target (for example, minerals or water) may be, and the dowsing rod dips, inclines or twitches when a discovery is made. This method is sometimes known as "willow witching".

Comment Re:BSD is looking better all the time (Score 1) 654

The people who like systemd tend to like the features.......the people who dislike it, the architecture


6) The user asked for a feature request to be added to machinectl, that would retain that environment variable
7) Lennart said, "sure, no problem." (Which shows why systemd is gaining usage, when people want a feature, he adds it)

If I had to place a bet on the fate of architectural perfection vs. responsiveness to users, I'd have to go with the users.

Comment Show Me. Don't Tell Me. (Score 1) 603

For the last generation or so laws that target Holocaust denial are almost entirely about targeting critics of Israel.
I've read that 97% of the inhabitants of Gaza are antisemites. Authoritative poll.

The thing I least love about Slashdot is the instant mod-up of unsupported assertions. The defining quality of the geek to my way of thinking is fact-based decision-making.

Comment Twice nothing is still nothing. (Score 4, Insightful) 29

Sustainable Development of Croatia (ORaH) has two members in the Croatian parliament, neither of whom won their elections as ORaH candidates.

The party was formed in 2013. Its leader is a former Minister of Environmental Protection and Nature and Social Democratic Party MP Mirela Holy. She won the seat in the Sabor as a member of Social Democratic Party from which she left after some disagreements over party leadership. On 23 July 2015 it was announced that an independent MP Mladen Novak is joining ORaH. He is a former Croatian Labourists --- Labour Party member who left the party after it started negotiating to join Kukuriku coalition.

Sustainable Development of Croatia

Between January 1990, when political parties were legalized in Croatia, and March 2015, 264 political parties were registered, out of which 118 have since been struck from the register.

Social Democrats 61 seats. [Center-left]
Croatian Democratic Union 44 seats. [Center-right]
Croatian Labourists - Labour 6 seats.

List of political parties in Croatia

Comment TVA. (Score 2) 63

This from Winged Cat struck me as more than a little strange:

"Government funding" not being a realistic path, given their demonstrated history with regard to projects that might actually give cheap power to the masses.

The are vast regions in the US that have benefited enormously from governmental investment in electric power.

Even by Depression standards, the Tennessee Valley was economically dismal in 1933. Thirty percent of the population was affected by malaria, and the average income was only $639 per year, with some families surviving on as little as $100 per year. Much of the land had been farmed too hard for too long, eroding and depleting the soil. Crop yields had fallen along with farm incomes. The best timber had been cut, with another 10% of forests being burnt each year.

TVA was designed to modernize the region, using experts and electricity to combat human and economic problems. TVA developed fertilizers, taught farmers ways to improve crop yields and helped replant forests, control forest fires, and improve habitat for fish and wildlife. The most dramatic change in Valley life came from TVA-generated electricity. Electric lights and modern home appliances made life easier and farms more productive. Electricity also drew industries into the region, providing desperately needed jobs.

Tennessee Valley Authority

Comment Your business plan will fail because... (Score 1) 193

I'm sure I'm not the first person in the world to have come up with the idea of putting a Dollar Store in an airport

The airport doesn't want you and the rent will break you.

Instead of setting rental prices by square foot, the entities that control airport retail --- which include the Port Authority, the airlines and management firms like Hudson that act on behalf of owners --- set a base rent monthly and then increase it once retailers hit specified sales figures. Sources declined to give those base rents.

One analyst told The Real Deal that a general rule of thumb for airport-retail pricing is to add $10 to the average per-square-foot asking rent of ground-floor retail in a particular city.

High-end airport retailers bring in big bucks for owners

Price controls.

There are a few exceptions, but the majority of airports across the country have instituted pricing regulations. Operators are required to adhere to a fair-pricing policy to ensure that the traveling public, airport and airline employees, as well as visitors to the airport will not encounter prices that are higher than those for similar products and services outside the airport.

Background checks, employee compensation, and related issues.

Hiring employees for an airport RMU or kiosk will take longer than it would for a mall location.

Considerations include: Security badging and TSA background checks. Processing times vary by airport, but it typically takes about two weeks for each employee to be processed.

Compensation rates for airport retail employees are traditionally higher than those of mall employees.

Retailers' operating hours are based on flight activity to best service the traveling public (may be open longer than traditional malls; scheduling flexibility is key for employers and employees)

Airport retailers operate 365 days a year.

Many airports have limited on-site parking facilities for employees, so additional commuting time may be required by employees.


Shopping is at best a secondary consideration for airport visitors.

Airport shoppers may have higher stress levels due to travel anxieties and an unfamiliarity with the airport.

The customer demographic in the airport is more affluent than at malls due to the influx of business and international travelers.

Due to the fast-paced environment of the airport, many shoppers are not in the proper mindset to browse

Product sizes and quantities are major concerns for airport shoppers

Airport shoppers frequently buy gifts for those at home, so the gift market is the primary product category they seek.

Airport Retail 101: Your Top 15 FAQs Answered

I could go on and on like this, but you get the general idea.

Comment Re:Vital diagnostics (Score 1) 318

Exactly how vital can they be if the fucking computer still works with no Internet connection?

How many computers outside a secured corporate or governmental network are currently operating without at least part-time access to the Internet?

How many computers on the corporate intranet aren't collecting similar data for internal use --- and sharing some of that data with Microsoft to improve the performance of both clients and servers?

Comment Re:Now we need a NoHTML5Media plugin (Score 1) 202

You realize its only a matter of time until companies splice ads into the content itself so filtering will be impossible.

Integrated adds and protect placement are older than the silent films of 1915. The single most important thing that differentiates modern American radio and television from that of the 1940s and 1950s is the separation of sponsorship and production --- which Is why I am no great fan of add blocking.

Comment Re: Vietnam (Score 1) 282

The Tet offensive in 1968, which garnered a lot of negative media attention in the US, effectively broke the back of the NVA.

The Tet offensive wasn't supposed to happen.

It struck like a thunderbolt, destroying whatever credibility the American military and government had back home.

<< WAIT >>