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Comment Re: C is high level? (Score 1) 93

C and C++ look radically different when reverse engineering their assembly. Like, it's easy to reverse engineer C and much harder to do C++ without symbols. The allocators they call are different. Folk seem to use more heap allocation in C++. More calls in C++.

At least, that's what I assume is going on. Some things I reverse engineer easily in hours. Other things it takes me days before I give up. I believe this difference comes from C vs X++

Comment Re:Work/Life balance means Life *is* work (Score 1) 242

My guess is that work/life balance isn't for us in the trenches, it's for the guys in the corner offices who make more than a $Million per year, own 6 fancy cars, and talk about their "Vacation Home" in Hawaii.

I'm in the trenches too. I realized that my company will happily drain everything out of me, every possible waking hour. But on the other hand, it will also be happy with merely taking 35-40 hours per week out of me.

The company has no insight into my personal work/life balance. Only I do. It's up to me to set limits. The company won't set limits itself, has no way of setting limits itself, but it will happily respect the limits I set.

Example: last year I told my manager "Every Thursday I will work from home. I won't answer emails. I'll pursue whatever programming things interest me. Still get paid of course." He was entirely happy with this. It helps that my company produces tools for developers, so by being a developer myself I'm basically doing market research.

Example: I realized that over the past years, every really valuable contribution that I've made has come from the projects I get into from curiosity or personal passion or hobby development. They haven't come from the daily grind of answering emails and attending emails. I set up Outlook rules to filter out about 80% of my incoming email, so I only see 15-20 work emails a day now. I unilaterally decided not to accept or attend any meetings on Mondays or Thursdays. It's done wonders for my productivity and creativity.

Example: I always used to do 1-2 hours of work in the evening, mostly catching up on emails so I could start the next day with a clean slate. Then due to severe storms and a fallen tree in early September, my house had no power for 2 weeks and no internet for 2 weeks more and I couldn't do any work in the evenings. And surprisingly -- I was still just as productive, still as respected by my team members! Since then, I've only done one piece of work in the evenings, preparing a conference talk that I gave last week. My family has loved it, and I've loved it. And I've got to play some Dragon Age: Inquisition too. First video gaming I've done since my toddler was born.

Example: I'll be taking three months (paid) paternity leave next year when my twins are born.

It helps that I'm in a larger team, so there are people who can take over my workload when I'm away. Maybe that's the key. I am in the trenches. I don't have 6 cars. Only one, a 1988 model, and since its engine cracked I've switched to public transport.

Comment Re: Quicker (Score 1) 488

Where do you get 13% the article you linked said 5%, and suggested the motive behind those 5% was likely to be either admiration of ISIS military victories, or sympathy with goal of establishing a caliphate. Neither motive has anything to do with killing the person who takes them in.

Comment Re:This has been known in the industry for decades (Score 1) 79

The same guy demonstrated some fairly scary exploits that could detect a sequence of scanned barcodes and override the payment subroutines so that you paid $0. That way your buddies could go and checkout, say, two boxes of Tic Tacs, one Oh Henry chocolate bar, and an avocado, and walk away paying nothing no matter how big the final bill was.

The final bill was $2.52 for the tic-tacs, $1.29 for the Oh Henry, $2 for the avocado -- $5.81 in total.

If I could get stuff for free no matter the size of the final bill I'd get WAY more than that! Like, maybe five Oh Henry bars!

Comment Re:It's also rather hard to believe it would work (Score 1) 223

This sounds like an advertiser pipe dream, not something that has been tried with real technology in realistic settings.

What? The article claimed that a dozen companies had products that do this, and that SilverPush is the industry leader having been doing it for over a year and a half. It made it sound like a real technology.

Comment Re:Exempt from wire-tapping laws? (Score 2) 223

I suppose any app that takes advantage of this would have a disclosure about the recording buried deep in its legalese.

More likely the app author has no clue what's going on, and merely uses a 3rd-party library to provide advertising, and the 3rd-party library is doing these shenanigans secretly for its own benefit.

Comment Re:The liberals are in fact aiding the moslems ! (Score 5, Insightful) 965

The militant jihadis could never operate without the tacit approval of many millions of their less violent but none the less supportive co-religionists.

Why couldn't they operate?

I think that IRA terrorists, Basque terrorists, ETA terrorists, Red Hand Brigade terrorists, heck even Timothy McVeigh managed to operate quite well without needing the tacit approval of millions. I'm not sure why militant jihadis would be any different?

Comment Re:What kind of sexist.... (Score 3, Informative) 156

Good thing [a gender pay gap] doesn't [exist]. That myth was busted years ago. Why are you still believing in it? Do you also believe in Santa Claus?
Stop parroting stupid shit just because you think it makes you look sensitive and enlightened. It doesn't. It just makes you look like an asshole with no critical thinking skills.

I only read your Forbes link, not the others. But the Forbes article says that (1) a wage gap does exist, (2) it doesn't seem to be caused by on-the-job discrimination, and is instead caused by women being disproportionately employed in lower-paying roles.

Comment Re:Sure why not (Score 1) 156

I mean teaching people to use highly abstract concepts like events before they have mastered basic control flow is certainly the path to their developing a greater understanding.


HyperCard for the Mac starts with events. HyperCard was hugely successful at getting people to dip their toes into code, and more importantly to empower them to tinker and via code make their computer serve their needs. I think events are a good starting point!

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