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Comment: I wonder what these comments would look like (Score 1) 239

by Toreo asesino (#46714237) Attached to: Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability: A Technical Remediation

...if Microsoft has released something with a bug like this. Somehow I doubt there'd be so much analysis. To me this demonstrates that open != secure necessarily; how long has anyone been able to read the source-code here and even known about it for months? Let's just all agree that open-sourcing code is no guarantee of any kind of quality.

Comment: Re:Ballmer is a Great CEO (Score 1) 400

by Toreo asesino (#43934091) Attached to: Pondering the Future of a Re-Org'd Microsoft

From the last quarter (Q3) -

"The Entertainment and Devices Division posted revenue of $2.53 billion, an increase of 56% from the prior year period. Adjusting for the recognition of revenue related to the Video Game Deferral, the division’s non-GAAP revenue increased 33% for the third quarter. Xbox LIVE now has over 46 million members worldwide, an 18% increase from the prior year period."

I call shenanigans.

Comment: Ballmer is a Great CEO (Score 1) 400

by Toreo asesino (#43926935) Attached to: Pondering the Future of a Re-Org'd Microsoft

MSFT stock is up, and the company is making more profits than ever. For all the arm-chair predictions of certain doom, the people that count are rallying behind the company.

Sorry to break it to you Slashdot, but for the people here that have predicted the glorious end to the evil empire, such as TFA submitter (who amusingly can't even get the product-names right; what does that say about quality of analysis?) are way off the mark. Investors disagree with you -

Now this is a hugely unpopular opinion which anti-MS geeks don't like being confronted with so I expect to be censored/buried by "-1 Overrated" anytime now. Good times! :)

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