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How about admitting that trying to collapse the entire spectrum of motives for founding the colonies, and subsequently this country, cannot be seriously collapsed to something as trite as "They came over to make a fast buck." The obvious opener is that the currency at the time of arrival was the pound, not the dollar; no one made "a fast buck" for a couple of centuries after Columbus.

Comment: LIAR (Score 1) 6

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quickly turned to the other side of your mouth to claim that he is the anti-Christ

I'm confident that you know fully well that I've never made this claim; indeed, I recognize BHO's occasional Christian affectations. I forgive you this deliberate, false troll, but want you to understand that I reject it utterly and call you out as a base liar for saying such. I wouldn't go in that heavy that quickly with just anyone; take it as a sign of affection that I know you and serve the response straight up and early.

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Journal: I don't usually respond to A/C, but this is worth exploring

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When you follow the Judo [ gi, that's funny] Christian God (and it isn't the only God that exhibits this), you are for collective punishment. One of the first stories in the Bible was about how God collectively punished all humanity of all time because of the sins of Adam and Eve, and each individual has to find their way back to good standing w

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What you say is certainly true in an active sense. Your analysis, typically, fails to understand that it's all just passive aggression writ large:

First, cause the crisis, then offer the solution. Nothing goes to waste.
Democrats thrilled at the long-awaited rise of such a charismatic standard-bearer, but their ardor has cooled as even top Democrats find the man aloof, disengaged, and focused on his own leisure rather than on their perceived common cause. Their voter database and field force are now his. Organizing for Action (nee Obama for America) can declare: "All your base are belong to us."
President Obama does not make policy mistakes.

No, but he does know how to spew him some entropy where he was purported to deliver order.

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. . .if you did attempt to read The Communist Manifesto, you completely missed the key point.

I thought that the key point of TCM was: "damn_registrars sports him a fine set of gills; see how trivially he's roped in by a straight up 10th Commandment violation"
State, please, for the record, what YOU thought the key point of that scatalogical extravaganza was.

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