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Comment: Hope they will fix the motion sickness problem (Score 2, Interesting) 104

by Sonny Yatsen (#44044395) Attached to: Oculus Rift Raises Another $16 Million

I am really looking forward to the Oculus' public release, but I really hope they fix the lag in head tracking that results in motion sickness or dizziness in the users. As a guy who used to get nauseous after a few hours of Duke Nukem or Doom, that'd be a pretty major negative in determining whether I will buy one or not.

Also, I'm glad we've finally hit Johnny Mnemonic levels of tech in real life. Bring on the talking dolphins.

Comment: Language Confusion (Score 4, Interesting) 200

by Sonny Yatsen (#44035131) Attached to: Trying To Learn a Foreign Language? Avoid Reminders of Home

FTA: "For Chinese immigrants in the United States, speaking to a Chinese (vs. Caucasian) face reduced their English fluency, but at the same time increased their social comfort, effects that did not occur for a comparison group of European Americans (study 1)."

In my experience as a native speaker of Chinese, the reduced fluency in English when speaking with another Chinese person is due to the fact that in the back of my head, I'm trying to determine whether I should use English or Chinese to express an idea and it usually expresses itself as Chinglish. If the other person is Chinese but doesn't speak the same dialect as I do and I am using purely English to communicate, I don't get the same effect.

Comment: Re:Stick With What Works (Score 2) 364

by Sonny Yatsen (#40872015) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Take Notes In the Modern Classroom?

I second the pen and paper note-taking suggestion. I've found that if I type my notes in class, I spend more time transcribing every word the lecturer says instead of paying attention to the lecture and noting down the points that are important. Of course, you can always ask the lecturer if you can record the class if you need the crutch.

Comment: Re:Sure it is... (Score 2) 52

by Sonny Yatsen (#40796015) Attached to: OnLive Coming To Ouya Android Console

Wouldn't giving Apple a 30% cut only come into play if OnLive is making subscriptions available via in-app purchases? If OnLive is able to get people to sign up for their service on a website (like, say, Netflix) and set up subscriptions there, I don't see how Apple would be able to take a piece of their revenues that way.

Comment: Re:Interesting but... (Score 1) 52

by Sonny Yatsen (#40795983) Attached to: OnLive Coming To Ouya Android Console

There is a growing number of games on Android that provide controller support already, so it's not absolutely required that an Android game MUST utilize touchscreen technology. Besides, the Ouya controller will have an integrated touchpad on the face of the controller so you can use the controller even while you're playing a game that might require some aspect of touch.

Comment: Sony should Prioritize (Score 1) 55

by Sonny Yatsen (#37203504) Attached to: PlayStation Home Transforming Into Social Platform

I've never gotten the appeal of the Playstation Home - it always felt like a heavily commercialized and far more limited version of Second Life. Personally, I wish Sony would prioritize their approach with their PS3. Rather than offering something gimmicky like Home, why not upgrade the ancient browser? How about having an app store for cool PS3 apps? How about putting a few bucks towards real security?

The PS3 always feels like a machine with a lot of potential. But Sony's obsession with locking down and controlling the experience meant that the PS3's potential will go untapped. And when Sony does decide to do something, it's usually something nobody wants.

Comment: Tribalism (Score 2) 272

by Sonny Yatsen (#36774774) Attached to: The Science Behind Fanboyism

I think it's much more than merely developing an affinity for products we choose over alternatives. The mark of a fanboy isn't that they like something better, it's that they've literally coalesced into miniature tribes where their preferred product (Apple being the obvious example) becomes the culture and any alternative culture (say, Windows PCs or Linux) are intruders or the enemy. But that's not really a surprise. Humans love tribes. We've loved them when we were tree-dwelling primates.

Comment: Legal Templates (Score 5, Insightful) 246

That's pretty dumb. As far as I know, LegalZoom isn't practicing law so much as providing people with templates for documents where they can fill in bits that they want and delete other bits they don't want. This is not the same as giving people legal advice, or engaging in an attorney-client relationship with anyone.

Besides, if this is successful, it'll have a detrimental effect to authors and publishers who publish books with legal templates (Draft your own Will books, for instance), most of which are for really simple stuff like wills or simple contracts. It's going to deny the poorest people access to making these documents because it's going to force them to seek attorneys who are often too expensive.


+ - Judge already skeptical of Apple's "App Store" cas->

Submitted by mschaffer
mschaffer (97223) writes "Well, it looks like the Judge is already skeptical about Apple's assertions about the "app store" moniker.

US District Judge Phyillis Hamilton has already said she will "probably" reject Apple's request to have exclusive access to the term "app store,"
During early proceedings, she knocked Apple down a peg, reportedly saying, "I'm troubled by the showing that you've made so far, but that's where you're likely not to prevail at this early juncture.""

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Comment: Licensing Fees (Score 4, Informative) 473

by Sonny Yatsen (#36556756) Attached to: Hulu For Sale: Is There Good News For Users?

I don't know how Hulu would be profitable if sold off by its current owners. Part of the reason it has been profitable is because its owners are also the owners of the shows that are streamed on Hulu. If it's no longer in the hands of Comcast, News Corp and Disney, how could it survive if it also has to pay licensing fees to the IP owners? Hulu being sold can only be bad for their users, I think. Either the range of shows must be cut to avoid the licensing fees, or more ads, or bigger paywalls/subscriptions or any multitude of things to balance out the suddenly appearing higher cost of obtaining the shows.

Comment: Re:So? (Score 2) 47

by Sonny Yatsen (#36535226) Attached to: Mobile Browsers Alternatives Compared

As primarily an iPhone user, I'm probably going to stick with whatever's built in, because the last thing that I want to do is to actively change my convenience-gadget to match someone's fancy website; the same reason that I'll never change my DNS servers to a random root server set just to access a .ihateicann domain. Sorry, don't care - your content is actually not that important to me.

Well, you really don't have much of a choice, do you? Apple cripples all other third-party browsers (for example, by not allowing it to be used as default browser when clicking on links - see Skyfire or Opera, or by just not allowing it into the marketplace, see Firefox).

Comment: Ray Kurzweil's predictions (Score 5, Insightful) 186

by Sonny Yatsen (#36520588) Attached to: Kurzweil: Human-Level Machine Translation By 2029

You know, I'm a big sucker for futurism as anybody, but Ray Kurzweil makes a lot of predictions about future tech every couple of years, most of which never pan out anywhere near what he predicted. And each time Kurzweil makes a prediction, many of which are just way too optimistic or just play goofy in retrospect, the tech-minded people like slashdot lap it up.

Can't tech futurists find a better spokesman than Ray Kurzweil?

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