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Comment Re:Not this shit again... (Score 1) 456

Not quite true, I’ve experienced what I know was direct auditory stimulation from an EM field because it’s a well documented phenomenon. I was walking past (4 feet) a building as it was struck by lightning*: there was a click which seemed to come from inside my head at the exact instant of the strike, followed a fraction of a second later by the thunderclap. Admittedly that’s an EM flux orders of magnitude higher than just about anything man made, so I’m skeptical about claims regarding devices in the mW-W range. Otherwise I agree with you entirely, it’s most likely whine from inductors, thyristors, etc, and I’ve used artificially generated HF harmonics (16-19kHz) in audio mixes to deliberately generate that hair raising and nausea sensation.. ..surprisingly it works even on people who can’t hear discrete tones at those frequencies.

*Thankfully the building had a steel frame, large footprint and good earth stake. Damn scary, though.

Comment Re:Could someone ELI5 how Macbooks retain value? (Score 1) 435

True (the 2014 models are also A1502, MBP 11,1), and a fair correction. However the point stands that it isn't necessary to switch on an Apple to find out its specifications, though I'd add that the System Profiler is the best way to see what you're getting in a second hand machine.

Comment Re:Could someone ELI5 how Macbooks retain value? (Score 3, Informative) 435

Incorrect: Apples also have a model number, it's printed in small type on the back/underside along with the power requirements and FCC compliance statement, and looks like A####. For example, I'm typing this on a model A1416, punch that into google and you'll see exactly what I'm using without even having to leave the search result page.

Comment Re:Dr. Doom AGAIN (Score 4, Insightful) 168

The problem that I’m pointing out is that only die-hard fans of the comic will know that, and to everyone else in the world a mole is a small, blind furry creature that can easily be bested with a shovel. “Dr Doom” on the other hand sounds like someone who means business and has the qualifications to pull it off, so he’s much better from a marketing perspective.

(In reality I suspect Fox was too cheap to license any other characters)

Submission + - Researcher Exploits 18-Year-Old Design Flaw To Compromise x86 Chips->

jfruh writes: Security researcher Christopher Domas has demonstrated a method of installing a rootkit in a PC's firmware that exploits a feature built into every x86 chip manufactured since 1997. The rootkit infects the processor's System Management Mode, and could be used to wipe the UEFI or even to re-infect the OS after a clean install. Protection features like Secure Boot wouldnt help, because they too rely on the SMM to be secure.
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Comment Re:No, here's why: (Score 1) 280

By which time the cops will have been alerted by the OnStar-like tamper proofing alarm the insurers will insist on having installed, which could also quite easily photograph passengers and kill the ignition. In this scenario the only technology that doesn't already exist is the hack-my-cab device...

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