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Comment Re:Does this include BetaCam? (Score 1) 103

Analog Betacam was replaced by Digibeta, Betacam SX, IMX and HDCAM long ago; HDCAM SR is still widely used in broadcasting, so tapes for professional units will be available for some time yet. And the reason Betacam SP looked good is because it had nearly twice the bandwidth of Betamax (and ran at a higher tape speed).

Comment Re:Blinders Much (Score 1) 103

The format used in broadcast was called Betacam (replaced by Betacam SP, Digibeta, Betacam SX and HDCAM in the same physical format, all incompatible with Betamax), which had a wider signal bandwidth than either VHS or Betamax and higher vertical resolution. S-VHS and Super Betamax were prosumer formats introduced later, and never widely used in broadcasting except for community/public access television.

Comment Re:Just go to Germany! (Score 1) 143

The value of a tertiary degree is that graduates earn more, right? Therefore they pay more income tax, have more disposable income which is subject to GST, etc. IOW public education is already a loan which will be paid back by way of taxes (and then some), and as such it's an investment by the government on behalf of current taxpayers to increase tax revenue in the future; so sure, say free education isn't free, but amortized over the tax paying life of the student it costs YOU nothing. All student fees do is create wealth disparity and disincentives for the individual students, which if you read TFA is exactly why Utica is doing this.

Comment Re:Not this shit again... (Score 1) 456

Not quite true, I’ve experienced what I know was direct auditory stimulation from an EM field because it’s a well documented phenomenon. I was walking past (4 feet) a building as it was struck by lightning*: there was a click which seemed to come from inside my head at the exact instant of the strike, followed a fraction of a second later by the thunderclap. Admittedly that’s an EM flux orders of magnitude higher than just about anything man made, so I’m skeptical about claims regarding devices in the mW-W range. Otherwise I agree with you entirely, it’s most likely whine from inductors, thyristors, etc, and I’ve used artificially generated HF harmonics (16-19kHz) in audio mixes to deliberately generate that hair raising and nausea sensation.. ..surprisingly it works even on people who can’t hear discrete tones at those frequencies.

*Thankfully the building had a steel frame, large footprint and good earth stake. Damn scary, though.

Comment Re:Could someone ELI5 how Macbooks retain value? (Score 3, Informative) 435

Incorrect: Apples also have a model number, it's printed in small type on the back/underside along with the power requirements and FCC compliance statement, and looks like A####. For example, I'm typing this on a model A1416, punch that into google and you'll see exactly what I'm using without even having to leave the search result page.

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