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Comment Re:But think of how good it will be! (Score 1) 189

I was looking at a continuum device in the local MS Store the other day. It appeared to be a dongle attached to a Windows 10 phone (I forgot the model, but probably one of the new flagship series) which allowed for keyboard, mouse and video input/output. The UI on the 24" screen was standard Windows 10 and it was pretty snappy... I think they are close.

I'm so conflicted. I think Microsoft is abusive and I don't want to use their products, but Continuum is so compelling to me...

Comment Re:But think of how good it will be! (Score 1) 189

I'm surprised Microsoft hasn't just killed it off already. This is their third reboot, with nothing to indicate that this time will be any better than the last ones.

I am...not a fan of Microsoft. In fact, Windows 10 (with built in self serving advertisements) is something I consider really abusive to Windows users. But...

I'm looking at Continuum with a lot of interest. In my younger days, I loved to build computers, and tweak things, and try alternative operating systems, and upgrade my systems part by part, etc.

But these days, I mostly want things to Just Work with as little hassle as possible. Continuum has me interested because I'd love to have just one computing device -- a smartphone -- that can also be easily attached to an external display/keyboard/mouse, and offer me desktop style applications as well.

Store most of my data in the cloud, and I've got a nice, problem free, easy computing experience. That sounds very attractive to me.

I'm not sure if Apple or Google are looking into something similar. Microsoft may be the leader in this area, and if they get first mover advantage, Windows Phone may yet be a competitor, depending on how many other people are interested in Continuum. I think a lot of people might be interested. A lot of people, like me, are sick of babysitting and updating and maintaining and tweaking multiple computing devices.

Comment Re:Version control? (Score 2) 107

They must be using some sort of version control, right? So it should be trivial to find out who inserted the code and find out what exactly is going on (and prosecute those responsible). I mean, they'd like to "clear their name", wouldn't they?

Where I work, our source code repository has logins but no passwords (unless you set one, and most developers don't, for whatever reason). My old boss used to check in things under my name.

After I set a password, he used to throw code "over the fence" and have me check it in verbatim.

Having your name/login on checked in code is not a terribly reliable way to identify the guilty party.

(btw, I'm not saying my old boss ever did anything nefarious -- I'm quite sure he didn't -- I'm just demonstrating that your approach is not terribly reliable.)

Comment Re:At least they noticed something (Score 5, Insightful) 107

I expect similar things are present in a lot of other security products, just that there they are still undiscovered. Criticizing Juniper for this is entirely the wrong reaction.

I don't understand your logic at all here. It's like saying, "Lots of people murder other people. Criticizing one murderer is entirely the wrong reaction."

You can -- and should -- criticize the murderer and look to solve the greater problem at the same time.

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