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Comment Re: Actual Reason (Score 2) 729

Highly recommended as a supplement to Piketty: http://www.amazon.com/Inequali...

Here's an excerpt from one of the reviews,on Amazon: "The author asserts that it is not morally wrong and that the conversation should be around the concept of - do you have enough (sufficiency) vs do you have the same as someone else (equality)."

This is a short book: highly recommended, along with Piketty.

Comment Re:Portable health care (Score 1) 113

The ACA was compromised because Obama - instead of CRUSHING the private insurers when he had the votes - agreed to keep them in the system and negotiate terms with them in secret. We need a single payer system, like all other developed economies. Yes, that means higher taxes. Either we take care of one another, or we don't. If we want to maintain a "winner-takes-all" meme in America, where everything is rated in dollars,then we are finished as a culture, long term.

Comment Re:we're at the tipping point of Civilization (Score 1) 216

Bulk beans,rice, pasta, cheap cuts of frozen fish or meat (and DON'T pile it on the plate! - a piece the size of your palm will suffice); bulk grains,bake you own bread, bulk greens and canned greens. 2 people should be able to live on that for a moth. buy milk in bulk and make your own yogurt. Look for fruit no sale;stew it and add to bread, yogurt, etc. Bulk eggs. "Drinks"? WATER,from the tap. You want something sweet? Bake muffins or a cake. Lunch? Fruit and nuts - bulk nuts and raisins.

Comment Won't mouth bacteria evolve to counter this? (Score 1) 120

What is the possibility of mouth bacteria evolving to mouth super-bacteria? Bacteria are very adaptive creatures, and we continue to find out with many baterial diseases that were once wiped out, only tocome back stronger and meaner than before. Look at the FAIL in anti-bacterial soap - same thing.

Comment Re:What about the rights of those injured by firea (Score 1) 1165

Epidemiological research shows that most who survive a first suicide attempt to not re-attempt suicide; this research also shows that the easy availability of guns make that first attempt FAR more deadly than by other methods. Thus, the sheer easy availability of guns makes for more successful (if you want to call it that) first suicide attempts. If some percentage of those first time gun suicide attempts had not had access to a gun they would have had a better chance of survival and (according to the research) gone on to survive long term.

Comment What about the rights of those injured by firearms (Score 3, Insightful) 1165

This has become a regular event in America. We can lay a lot of responsibility for this at the feet of the terrorist NRA and the corrupt legislators they pay off, with both these latter groups little more a bunch of bootlickers to the gun manufacturers. There are more than 300 MILLION guns in this crazy nation - so many that *anyone* who wants to get a gun can get one, one way or another. America is FOURTH in death by gun, after Thailand, Nigeria and Colombia; that's the company we keep. We have more murders by gun than any developed (and many undeveloped) nations. It's a national disgrace. More people have died by gunshot in America than were killed in all our wars! The NRA *actively* lobbies to defeat laws that will keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill persons, and on and on. It's a national disgrace. What about the rights of the 100's of thousands of people that have been murdered by gun in America - what about them?

Comment Uber is breaking the law, period! (Score 5, Insightful) 471

What doesn't Uber understand about municipal codes? Yes, taxi service sucks, but just because I think I want to get to work faster doesn't mean I can break the speed limit. We have laws for a reason; if Uber wants to compete,it has to compete according to the LAW. If it wants to change the law, the ballot is where that should happen. After all, Uber is lining the pockets of politicians now, anyway - to let them help Uber break the law. It's absurd.

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