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Comment: Re:Corporate outsourcing fraud permeates STEM sect (Score 1) 234

by StillAnonymous (#47161227) Attached to: Tech Worker Groups Boycott IBM, Infosys, Manpower

My grandfathers fought in a war to maintain our standard of living. They worked hard to improve their country, for themselves and for their children. Now I watch these dirtbag corporate execs piss it all away to people of another country and expect us to reduce our standard of living in order to "compete". These same shitcocks who live opulent lifestyles off the backs of the same people they piss on.

No. If they want to exploit all of this foreign labour, they should be forced to move their headquarters and executive officers to those countries where they do all their work, then import their product as if they were a foreign company. If they want to take advantage of all the niceties, protections, and advantages this country provides them, they can damn well show some support in return. If not, they are nothing but parasites who deserve to be removed.

Comment: Re:Is this a big deal? Don't we want it? (Score 2) 111

by StillAnonymous (#47026419) Attached to: The Big Biz of Spying On Little Kids

No, even if it is anonymized, this is a big "do not want". You must assume that this data will make its way into the hands of Coke, Apple, the banks, and government entities.

These guys are quickly figuring out how the human brain works through methods like this, and they aren't using it for your benefit. It's being used to figure out how to sell you more crap, how to convince you to get others to buy more crap, and how to adjust your thinking patterns.

I find it amazing how well people are programmed through today's media. Even here on slashdot you have so many "individuals" who parrot media talking points to a tee, that it's unlikely they came to those conclusions on their own.

The human mind is simply another machine. Once they figure out what thought categories you fall into, they know what code path to feed you to influence you in their direction. This idea won't sit well with most folks, because they think they're too smart to fall for that, but I see it time and again with otherwise brilliant people who are suckered in by the agendas of others. I see it happen to myself as well, and it's scary.

There is no way I want my kids to be providing data for the enemy.

Comment: Re:Breaking news (Score 1) 335

by StillAnonymous (#46996089) Attached to: Zuckerberg's $100 Million Education Gift Solved Little

Exactly. The thieving scumbags immediately crawl out of the woodwork, push their way through to the front of the crowd, and like greedy little leprechauns, pocket all of that money, leaving none for the intended purpose.

Yet another example of "trickle-down" being massively overwhelmed by "hoover-up".

Comment: Re: Camera gun (Score 1) 765

by StillAnonymous (#46986837) Attached to: A Look at Smart Gun Technology

If you look closer at your examples, maybe you can see why there's a distinction. Lying in those situations has a direct negative impact on another person, is what differs. Someone's mere ownership of an item doesn't affect anyone else. Your argument doesn't distinguish definite harm to another compared to "potential" harm to another.

We already have laws for misuse of weapons against others. If we confiscated any item that someone could potentially use to harm another, you'd find yourself without a vehicle, kitchen knives, shovels, baseball bats, tire irons, and maybe even hands.

Comment: Re:As Expected (Score 1) 329

by StillAnonymous (#46986583) Attached to: EA Ending Online Support For Dozens of Games

I don't think going private at this point would change anything for them. They're just too big.

Big companies only care about where their next dollar is coming from, and they never care about fucking over customers until there's a massive backlash that gets negative media attention. Even then, they'll only throw the most meager of bones to people to get that one incident swept under the carpet, and then go back to sipping brandy and twirling mustaches while they plot their next take-over.

Comment: Re: Release the server side code (Score 1) 329

by StillAnonymous (#46986555) Attached to: EA Ending Online Support For Dozens of Games

I'm not surprised at all that people still play it. It is an excellent game. Video games are much like music and movies. People still watch Citizen Kane. People still listen to the Beatles. 100 years from now, if people are still around and it's still possible, people will still play Pac-Man.

Comment: Re:The time-frame is insane, that's why (Score 1) 102

by StillAnonymous (#46886459) Attached to: The Million-Dollar Business of Video Game Cheating

What you describe is a nightmare. I sincerely hope that when my son gets older, he does not fall into some kind of trap like this where he poop-socks it for some stupid game just to get some pointless digital trinket.

I'd rather deal with just finding weed in his jacket pocket, like normal people.

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