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Submission + - Row-bot Cleans Dirty Water and Powers Itself by Eating Microbes (

Zothecula writes: Inspired by the water boatman bug, a team at the University of Bristol has created the Row-bot, a robot prototype that is designed to punt itself across the top of the water in dirty ponds or lakes, and "eat" the microbes it scoops up. It then breaks these down in its artificial stomach to create energy to power itself. In this way, it generates enough power to continuously impel itself about to seek out more bacteria to feed upon.

Comment Re:All right! (Score 1) 196

you concede that the internet is shitty.. and with the pathetic attitude toward women rampant even throughout this site.. the thing that -really- pisses you off is that some women can learn about tech in peace.

Oh, look a white knight to defend the honour of women online everywhere! As if, only women are mistreated online? despite some reports to claim the contrary. Could you please, remind me what stopped women from coding before? Must have been that Star Wars poster. Which is more demeaning, one who thinks women are strong and capable enough to enter CS without special treatment or the one who thinks they need a safe space from Star Wars posters and men.

So you know the score, yet you're angry about solidarity or cooperation because that "presupposes women's inability to succeed on their own." Nice one with that brilliant, individualist, philosophy-capsule from the MRA dept!

If you protect the rights of the individual you protect them for the collective. The narrative passed on by you and others ignore the individual because Cultural Marxism and identity politics.

Keep trying to convince yourself that I am just an angry MRA meanwhile feminism becomes its own worst enemy.

  I pity you.

Comment Re:All right! (Score 1) 196

shows you aren't really even bothering to understand what it is you're angry about, because nobody has ever suggested that anywhere.

It has been argued, as quoted below.

From GGP:

These aren't "for girls" boot camps. Women just feel more comfortable in these environments and thus are more likely to participate.

Other posts on ./ had similar reasoning in the discussions and topics. A girl feels uncomfortable therefore segregation/special treatment.

Feelings are more important than equal opportunity.

look through this thread and find plenty of posts denigrating women as stupid or incapable or inferior.

Welcome to the internet. The Eternal September is a long and harsh mistress indeed. The irony, the ones arguing for special treatment of women presuppose women's inability to succeed on their own. How droll, isn't it.

Coward calling me angry. rofl. Good one. Now, kindly fuck off or log on if you want a discussion. :)

Comment Re:All right! (Score 2) 196

Anyone disagreeing is now an MRA? What about the flip side, instantly modded +5 insightful; an overly worded straw-man. I should just call those that modded him insightful as vapid SJW feminists, right?

Yes, the /. modding system is flawed. Yes, -1 troll is used as disagree by many. However, to use a brush so large to paint everyone that disagrees with the sacred cow of identity politics is an MRA is laughable.

I think that is one thing that I absolutely hate about modern feminism. They claim moral superiority on everything and if you disagree and dismiss any claim.

A woman disagrees; just wants male attention, brainwashed, internalized misogyny, all the above!
A man disagrees; just an MRA, rape apologist, privileged, moral degenerates, misogynists, all the above!

Equal opportunity, we have it. Or are you going to try and convince me that a male being in the same room as a female is oppressing her ability to learn CS.

Comment Re:One of the panels was about conflicts of intere (Score 2) 618

roflmao! Thank you for that laugh.

you can't honestly deny that it is at least presented in a clam and careful manner,

Oh, yes it is very well presented and calm (assuming typo) careful manner. Not going to deny that.

using examples and rational argument to make points

And this is the hilarity. Seriously, you have to be some conspiratorial nut to follow her rational. Sexists developers make sexist games make sexist gamers. Mind you with zero supporting evidence aside from cherry picking and opinion filled fluffy dialogue. Let's also not forget using "research" as in, trying to use scientific words to give credence to her opinion pieces. Her "research" doesn't pass any level scientific scrutiny or competence.

"players are meant to derive a perverse pleasure from desecrating the bodies of unsuspecting virtual characters. It's a rush streaming from a carefully concocted mix of sexual arousal connected to the act of controlling and punishing representations of female sexuality"

About Hitman, a sandbox game where you do't have to do any of that. In fact, the game punishes you for it. Sexual arousal connected to your choice of controlling and punishing representations of female sexuality when you the player chooses to be abhorrent??? Is she upset you were given the choice but then "players are meant"? How in the blue fuck is that rational?

Women are just trophies for sex because men saving them demand sex!

There are no strong female game characters!

Honestly, all she deserves is snarky youtube videos. You don't need anything else to debunk her. That which is presented without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. She cherry picks evidence or makes shit up. Either way her opinion is overrated Jack Thompson 2.0.

Thunderf00t does exactly the same thing, except he has a giant neck and not an attractive liberal female feminist. I have heard Anita's ideas debunked numerous times. I haven't seen TF's rebuttals to her debunked. All I see is character assassination attempts and ignoring the ideas he presents.

Comment Re:Both Sides Are Terrible (Score 1) 618

Thunderf00t probably could have done without the company page and I think it wasn't the best of moves but...

Perhaps you think it was all coincidental that her business just happened to get blasted the day Thunderf00t made his video?

Bad reading comprehension is bad.

I love how you say his followers "contact a business" as if they're just leaving friendly notes about the unethical actions of their vice president, by the way. They are pretty clearly seeking to lower the business's rating, not just make contact

Yes, just like her letters tried to get him jailed and/or fired. People, when anonymous are dicks; Do you need a lesson in the Eternal September? Perhaps you don't understand the language I was using or why I thought it was a stretch to call it "tacit endorsement".

Let me reiterate the points:

Thunderf00t probably could have done without the company page ...I think that is a little bit of a stretch. He used what she gave publicly against her. Does this post tacitly endorse doxxing? I think not.... Would the outcome have been different if at the end of the video he said "Don't contact her or her business"? I don't think so.

Did you show the same outrage to Steph Guthrie?

Comment Re:Both Sides Are Terrible (Score 1) 618

According to one feminist (Steph Guthrie), he was justified. I think to everyone else: She made the bed she lay in. Thunderf00t probably could have done without the company page and I think it wasn't the best of moves but... If you don't like shit flung at you, don't fling it around to begin with. (and her 'come at me bro' wasn't in good taste either, remember these letters were sent in January, nothing would have happened if LW had just left it as is instead of prodding TF with rumors)

tacitly endorsed.

I think that is a little bit of a stretch. He used what she gave publicly against her. Does this post tacitly endorse doxxing? I think not. When you get to the realm of subtleties nothing is simple. Would the outcome have been different if at the end of the video he said "Don't contact her or her business"? I don't think so.

Thunderf00t was demonstrating, or performing a way to challenged Laughing Witch's IRL campaign. Thunderf00t couldn't control what people did. But he could model the type of engagement he wanted and hope to see if others followed.

His lead/model, was using Laughing Witch's own words against her and posting a video about it. Perhaps, others would find her leadership objectionable. What part of his lead "controlled" people to contact a business with an unethical Vice President?

Comment Re:One of the panels was about conflicts of intere (Score 1) 618

Sarkeesian has a well developed argument based on careful research.

No, she has opinions that she makes up and cherry picks. Her quality of "research" is something an ideologue does. Do you actually think her "research" would come up with something other than a feminist narrative?

Comment Re:FUCK OFF DICE (Score 1) 696

everyone who wants to participate has the opportunity to do so without having to put up with bullshit due to their gender/age/race/sexuality/etc.

Break out the champagne. For the most part that has been achieved. A few ass holes != industry standard. That doesn't even address the ability to avoid said ass holes by forking and starting your own committee around a project.

Small % of women in open source != less opportunity and more bullshit because gender.

Comment Re:FUCK OFF DICE (Score 1) 696

Your so called "segregated software projects" are not segregated at all. There are no rules or laws that bar certain genitalia from committing code. But you want rules on genitals in places where genitalia doesn't matter.

Just curious, what is your end game, or victory condition? a 50/50 split? or more women than men? Is that victory in-achievable if there is an ass hole on the internet?

We all agree on the necessity of compromise. We just can't agree on when it's necessary to compromise. -- Larry Wall