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Comment Re: Meh (Score 1) 311

Are knitting needles illegal too? How about cleavers?

What the fuck happened to the world and why are people so shit scared of their own shadows that they feel the need to go crying to the government for yet more authoritarian garbage? They're literally demanding their own prison. I wouldn't have a problem with that, but these fascists are demanding it for everyone else as well, and that has got to stop.

Comment Re:Moslems are killing you guys and ... (Score 1) 965

You're confused. It goes like this:

Person claims to be of a specific religion.
Specific religion is based on book that says to kill people who won't convert to that religion or malign that religion in any way.
There have been many, many instances where people of this religion have committed said killings.

We're supposed to let this person into our country on the hope that they DON'T actually follow their religion's rules?

I'd rather err on the side of caution and assume they will follow their rules. Once they clean up their own house, then we can talk about mingling in ours.

Comment Re:German laws (Score 1) 418

When formerly free countries started passing hate speech laws, I knew it was the beginning of the end. Right now you can see the far-left using censorship and hate speech laws to silence every one of their critics, rather than debate an issue with reason and logic. They will continue to expand the definition in order to include anything they don't like. Hurt someone's feelings? Hate speech.

Wars fought for the freedoms we have, and totalitarians just throw them away when it suits them. Tragic.

Comment Re:Not anti-immigrant (Score 1) 418

there is no such thing as "illegal" immigration


"The December 1999 immigration law, according to the Popular Party, was making Spain a destination for illegal immigrants because it offered them K-12 education and medical care on the same basis as Spaniards, as well as political rights such as the right to hold demonstrations and join unions. The Spanish government, in seeking to amend the law, said "no country in the world … offers such rights" to unauthorized migrants, and noted that 6,958 foreigners were apprehended trying to enter southern Spain in the first seven months of 2000, compared to 5,492 in all of 1999."

So Spain definitely had "illegal" immigration. Did they just up and remove all immigration law recently then? Or did they just rename it?

Comment Re: Lack of protection (Score 2) 239

A quick google search turned up this.

And by Glenn Greewald, no less.

I'm not sure why this is so hard to believe. Have you been paying attention to what's going on with governments across the world for the past decade or so? It's not a rosy picture. In fact, it's downright horrific what they're doing.

Comment Re:Simple way to 'repair' 'damage' (Score 1) 245

But cut off ALL health care paid for in any way by other people, and ALL public assistance when they can no longer hold a job because they're such mental train wrecks.

And what do you expect these people to do then? Magically stop using drugs and go back to being productive individuals? More likely they will resort to crime and the reason for legalizing drugs in the first place will be pointless as you'll have people in jail not for victimless crimes, but now for potentially violent crimes against other people. B&E, assault, armed robbery, to get what they need to survive and get their next fix.

Comment Re:Simple way to 'repair' 'damage' (Score 1) 245

At the same time, the corrupt, conflict-of-interest-filled prisons-for-profit system needs to be dismantled. The government should pay the prison owners a fair value, and then seize the prisons for state ownership.

With both of these actions, you'll see incarcerations drop and many of these prisons can be closed or reused for other purposes, like maybe jailing some bankers and politicians!

Comment Re:+1 funny (Score 1) 618

Funny, every time I hear someone trot out the "racism" claim, again, and again, I realize that the word has become completely diluted, meaning nothing more than "I don't like what you have to say, but I can't argue against it with facts, so I'll just use a cheap label as a cop-out for my lack of debating skill, lest I let people know that my argument doesn't hold any water."

Comment Re:This will never wash in any democratic country (Score 2) 399

When it comes time for politicians in each country to decide whether to sign or not, then you'll find out which countries really are democratic and which ones have fallen to complete corporate capture.

This shit is referendum material right off the bat considering its implications. If you don't get that opportunity, it's a sinister foreboding of what's to come.

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