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Comment Re:Fools think this is horrible. (Score 5, Interesting) 442

If the police end up caring about the public, then they can't be trusted to act in the interests of those in power when they're told to go bash skulls at a food riot in progress.

That just won't do. To prevent that, animosity must be generated between the police and the people. Psychopathic goons who want to lay a beat-down must be given hiring preference. Unjust court rulings must let police off the hook for their wrongs and overly punish regular folks for even the slightest perceived infractions.

That's how you get the people busy fighting among themselves and ignoring the real problems in our society: bankers/financiers, crooked politicians, and billionaire globalist industrialists.

Comment Re:The current majority will fade out... (Score 1) 547

Governments have CAUSED the so-called population problem. Their pandering to bankers through deficit financing and bailouts, allowing them to steal nearly all of the public's productivity gains have left people with a situation where it is very expensive to raise kids if you're not on welfare. As a result, you're seeing people not having kids until their 30's now, and having *maybe* 2 of them.

Add to this the completely biased court system in western countries that make it absolutely profitable for a woman to get a divorce, leaving the guy eating dog food and living in a dank, rented basement while he pays for her and the kids every needs, while being lucky to get weekend visits with his kids that aren't supervised, is it any wonder that guys have little desire to have kids?

Oh, but now that the baby boomer generation is dying off, and we're normalizing the population trend again, it's this huge fucking problem because of the broken system our corrupt politicians set up that demands infinite growth in a finite world or their fiat system crashes. So let's haul in millions of immigrants as fast as we can to patch up this problem, and in typical government fashion, create a new problem on top of it. Let's not even think about what happens when a critical mass of them stay on welfare and don't contribute to the system, resulting in net-loss to the whole fiasco, making things even worse.

The resulting implosion will be spectacular, to say the least. I'd rather not be around to see it though.

Comment Re:The worst censorship is not from governments. (Score 3, Insightful) 150

Government is very susceptible to demands that the government expand its powers. They're always looking for ways to hold onto their existing power while grabbing more.

That's why the "progressives" that you mention, in combination with corrupt government, are so harmful to a free society. They're the ones demanding that restrictions be put on free speech so that they can have their safe spaces, and the government is more than willing to take that. They're the ones demanding that people be harassed and fired from their jobs, their livelihoods destroyed, simply because they spoke an alternative viewpoint, or even because they didn't speak out enough in support of their viewpoints (see protests against administrators at these so-called liberal colleges).

While these people are still a small minority, the government is giving them disproportionate regard, simply because it allows them to grab more power. But in the end, it's up to the people to say "no" when the government steps too far out of line, having the responsible individuals removed from power when they have abused that power. That should have happened a long time ago for a lot of power in power. People have let it go on for far too long, and now it's nearly impossible to remove these people from power using the means within the system because the system itself has been perverted to protect these people.

Comment Re:Comment sections being banned to suppress disse (Score 0, Troll) 150

Completely true. The CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation, a publicly funded news outlet in Canada) has been filtering comments that don't fit their agenda, or outright closing comments sections on articles when the narrative starts falling apart, risking a backfire of the programming attempt. A number of articles don't even get the comment section from the start, since they know people will point out the bullshit immediately. There was more truth in the comments sections than in the articles in many cases.

I can't find it right now, but there was an opinion article on that was along the lines of "Is it time to remove online comments altogether?" because you "had no right" to them in the first place. Never mind that this is an organization that is funded by taxpayer money, to the tune of about a billion dollars a year.

Comment Re:Freedom of speech is dead (Score 5, Insightful) 150

All systems of government will deteriorate into totalitarian regimes if they are not kept in check by the good people of the country.

Most of the evil that is being committed is being done on a somewhat subtle basis, where the public either doesn't even know about it, or only a few good aspects are presented, while the many far more negative ones are not. It seems people only recognize evil if it's an over-the-top James Bond style villain that's going to directly kill a bunch of people. Conversely, they'll believe someone is evil if the media or government tells them to, even if that person is not. They don't understand insidious plans that mean to do them long-term harm, and any attempt by a non-mainstream outlet to inform them of this is met with derision and attempts to dismiss the claim without actually thinking about it by pulling the "conspiracy theory" card.

In the end, the general public won't try to fix the problem until it is far too late to do so without a complete collapse of the system. In the meantime, the government will whittle away your rights and freedoms while telling you it's for your own good, and you'll be happy to hand them all over on a silver platter.

Comment Re:Are you not amused? Is this not what you wanted (Score 1) 365

I urge people to do some research on this topic. For most of my life I thought McCarthy was a totalitarian piece of crap, but it turns out he may have been right and that there really were a number of communists that had infiltrated the ranks of the power in the USA at the time.

Doing the right thing for the security of your country is not always a pretty or popular task, especially if the media is against you.

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