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by StillAnonymous (#45502845) Attached to: Should the US Copy Switzerland and Consider a 'Maximum Wage' Ratio?

There's a cap on the President's pay though, isn't there? It's like $400k per year, if I recall. It doesn't matter if he does a great job, or a lousy job. This guy's basically the CEO of an entire country, yet his pay is about 10x the average citizen's salary, not the 100x+ you see in corporations.

Of course, this is ignoring any side and backdoor deals he gets, but we're doing that for CEO pay here as well.

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by StillAnonymous (#45502763) Attached to: Should the US Copy Switzerland and Consider a 'Maximum Wage' Ratio?

Exactly. When a company provides an employee some sort of benefit, like say a parking spot, the value of that benefit is counted as income as far as your taxes go. If the exec is allowed to use a $4M dollar house that is somehow owned/rented by the corp, it should be treated as a rental that's paid for by the corp and the appropriate rent counted as income.

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If I want to buy or sell any product I want, or inject any substance I want into my body, who is the government to tell me no?

Oh wait, that's exactly what happens. The government already sticks its nose into the personal business of every citizen, but when it's a rich guy's pay on the line, we'd better stop and evaluate what we're doing, right?

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Those games aren't so difficult that you have to level the hell out of any particular stat to get anywhere though. I enjoyed those games thoroughly without really caring much about any particular stat and was still able to finish the game.

However, if it did come down to "you need 100 in these 3 stats to have a hope in hell of finishing the following quests," then I'd bypass that stupid rubber band trick altogether and just modify the character stats in the save game and continue on.

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by StillAnonymous (#44185139) Attached to: BART Strike Provides Stark Contrast To Tech's Non-Union World

What country do you live in, where they practice some utopian Econ 101 principles? I'd like to move there, because I currently live in a country where it's some twisted variant of that. A place where instead of paying higher wages when demand for workers goes up, they bribe (sorry, "lobby") the government into changing the rules so that low-wage workers from another country come in to do the job, then go back home where that money is worth much more.

I, on the other hand, have to deal with higher costs of living here and there is no way to compete with that labor, short of leaving this country for that same 3rd world hell-hole. This leaves this country with a smaller tax-base as well as myself and others who leave not buying products from this country any longer. See a long term outcome here as this happens to more and more people?

And if I manage to find some way to get cheap products from abroad rather than buying them here, companies are screaming bloody murder that they're being cheated and that the government has to do something about it. Check out the recent case with the guy reselling textbooks. I'm frankly shocked that the courts ruled the right way on that one. I'm sure companies are working hard on closing that loophole. They already did it with movies and games using region protection.

The game is rigged against the middle class right now. Governments want more taxes from you, companies want more money for all of their products, banks and govt's devaluing what money you get via inflation, and employers looking to reduce what you earn. No wonder there's so many scammers out there looking for a get rich quick scheme. The classic means of earning are all being squashed.

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It also depends on how the cops intend to get this malware onto someone's computer. Are they doing a little B&E escapade while you're away and stuffing it in locally? If so, that could be pretty hard to detect unless you have hidden cameras or you diligently check logs on a regular basis. Or is it some weak trick where they email the guy an with some pornoesque .exe attachment and cross their fingers, hoping he'll give it a double-click?

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Why is it that we have to fight shit like this on a seemingly CONSTANT basis? Seriously, they're dredging up oppressive legislation faster than it can be struck down. You can block a thousand of these things, but all it takes is for just one of these pieces of toilet paper to slip past the goalie and it's game over for public, it'll never go away. It seems just short of impossible to get rid of any bad law.

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