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Comment China blues (Score 2) 56

China is due for a massive correction in the economy. Debt driven growth has reached saturation and from now on, we will see a lot of deleveraging and money being printed (ie. QE) to prevent deflation.

Acquisitions is one of the best ways to swap depreciating Yuan assets (to use as collateral) and turn them into foreign assets. As the likelihood that CNY will devalue increases, you will see more and more of these desperate deals.

Comment Re:Stupid is as stupid does. (Score 1) 2

C'mon, it's Giuliani. He puts on the red nose like all the rest and does his pratfalls to attract attention. Everybody's doing the "Trump" these days, trying to outdo each other for their fifteen minutes. It's the 'New and Improved' Tea Party.

But, as always, don't blame them for their success. All the sadness and ignorance stands on the shoulders of those who support and enable them.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 68

3D printed objects aren't the strongest due to the way the layers are laminated together. I imagine the last place you'd want a weak join is on a 150+ foot long blade swishing through the air.

You betcha.

Especially since a spinning blade gets more efficient as it gets faster. Higher speed = lower torque for a given horsepower density, so a higher tip speed ratio (TSR) wastes less energy "twisting" the air downwind.

Efficient wind turbines run at a TSR of 6 or higher - which means that in windy conditions the tips are running at an appreciable fraction of the speed of sound.

If one of those puppies breaks off it's NOT the kind of baseball bat or boomerang you want coming toward you, whether flying or summersaulting along the ground. (Imagine a caber toss with giants and redwood logs.) Not to mention what the resulting unbalanced spinning does to the other blades and the pylon.

Comment Re:I've seen nothing but Bizarro World from them (Score 1) 53

Are simple unemployment figures your only metric? They only reflect the people asking the government for money. Everybody else is invisible.

And remember, Sanders won't do shit without a super majority in congress, otherwise he will do like Obama and make excuses over why he can't keep any of his promises. This is the standard procedure. These people are democrats after all. This is how they operate to keep the lie running.

Comment The downside (Score 5, Insightful) 73

The downside here is that means you can't just get rid of CPU intensive ads by disabling Flash.

Like the HTML5 video tag, that was supposed to free us from evil Flash, but just brought forth the unblockable autoplaying autoloading multimegabyte video ad, this isn't as great a piece of news as it might seem...

Comment Re:hyperloop without the hyper or loop (Score 1) 216

It would also use much less land (no runways needed), and could terminate in the middle of a city a'la Grand central station.

Unfortunately the "cost savings" Musk envisaged for the LA-SF version were in part achieved by not going anywhere near the cities it served, sitting tens of miles outside - a situation more extreme than most airports, which at least try to be close to the cities they serve.

You can probably build a pretty cheap airport "serving" LA if you build it fifty miles away too ;-)

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Journal Journal: Triggering /.'s cognitive dissonance 1

I kinda want to submit this (not the direct Reddit link, obviously, but to a real news article) to Slashdot just to see Slashdot's legions of Gamergaters try to justify copyright law.

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