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+ - Disappointing Results from Pew/Smithsonian Science Survey-> 1

Submitted by Specter
Specter (11099) writes "Pew Research Center and Smithsonian magazine co-sponsored a quiz to test the science knowledge of Americans. Do you know which gas makes up most of the Earth's atmosphere? If you do, you're ahead of nearly 70% of the survey respondents who have a college education. That's right: I said college."
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+ - Supreme Court rejects LG patent double-dipping

Submitted by Specter
Specter (11099) writes " reports that the US Supreme Court further restricted the powers of patent holders to attach post-sales restrictions on the use their patents. Applying the doctrine of "patent exhaustion," the Court prohibited LG from double-dipping by collecting additional royalties from customers of Intel who purchased products containing LG's licensed patents."
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+ - GPL 3 Causing Lawyers Concern

Submitted by Specter
Specter (11099) writes "The GPL version 3 is apparently getting some attention in legal circles, especially as it relates to its interaction with proprietary software and patents. Edmund J. Walsh penned an article for discussing the GPL v.3 and the risks it poses for hardware and software companies."

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