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Comment: Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 248

by Sir Holo (#49341629) Attached to: RadioShack Puts Customer Data Up For Sale In Bankruptcy Auction

Nope. I paid for the products and they have no right to search me.

Even at Costco, if the line is too long, I just walk out without letting them search me.

You walk out as you should, even if THERE IS NO LINE. It is a citizens arrest, and unless they have documentation (video) that you have shoplifted, their detaining you is flat-out illegal.

People, however, are for-the-most-part sheep, and will submit to such transgressions. DON'T.

Comment: Don't they mean... (Score 2) 126

by Sir Holo (#49323581) Attached to: Boeing Patents <em>Star Wars</em> Style Force Field Technology

Don't they mean Star Trek?

What 'reporter' says it's like "Star" anything? The claimed invention is dependent upon a shock wave traveling through air (by laser beam-induced plasma local heating). . . No one can hear you scream in space, y'know.

Oh, I see, it's the same 'reporter' that can't tell the difference between a preposition and a gerund. FTA: "Just liking the luminescent shields seen in the film...

Comment: Re:AKA as Database Syndrome (Score 1) 111

by Sir Holo (#49263285) Attached to: Scientific Study Finds There Are Too Many Scientific Studies

And how do you find the books? Personally, I'd start with the latest papers that I could find online, and then I'd follow the DAG. There might be some room for topical proximity searches of unreferenced works, though.

It helps to get to know the guys who did the original work. They often have books they will share –books that had tiny print runs.

And yes, good scientists trace back via References in articles. Lazy ones don't/

Comment: AKA as Database Syndrome (Score 2) 111

by Sir Holo (#49262987) Attached to: Scientific Study Finds There Are Too Many Scientific Studies

The crop of PhDs from the last 10 or so years are either unable or unwilling to 'hit the books'. If they can't find it in an electronic database AND easily download a PDF, they will ignore the existence of the work.

Such work often includes seminal publications, REVIEW articles of a field, and things like conference proceedings before 'everything-PDF' – all of which contain a wealth of information.

It really bugs me when I see cited references from "whoever did something like that most recently," rather than drilling down to the original source. Unfortunately, there seems little we can do about it, aside from good scientists not referencing lazy scientists.

Comment: The 'peaceful enjoyment of liberty' (Score 4, Interesting) 160

by Sir Holo (#49251019) Attached to: LAPD Police Claim Helicopters Stop Crimes Before They Happen

The 'peaceful enjoyment of liberty' of hundreds of innocent citizens is being infringed to prevent a few car break-ins.
These copters are LOUD. And in these 'pre-crime' patrols, they make liberal use of their spotlight, essentially treating ordinary citizens as criminal suspects. They even invade Santa Monica (independently incorporated city), circling endlessly for 3 hours at a stretch in the middle the night, depriving entire neighborhoods'-worth of a restful night of sleep.

Oh, the best part, was on a radio interview show: The LAPD guy justified the practice on economic grounds! Wah, we just don''t have enough officers to patrol... Really? How much does a helicopter cost to operate? Maybe $300-500 per hour? Plus the two pigs along for the ride are getting salary. Could that money not be spent on neighborhood patrols on foot, or at least in squad cars?

It's ridiculous.

Comment: Re:Define 'desktop' ... (Score 1) 445

"...I'm forced to conclude ... that ... Microsoft ... no longer know how to write a UI for a desktop..."

They never did. They stole it from Apple, and you may recall the lawsuit. Yes, they renamed "Trash" to "Recycling Bin," and they put the icons on the left instead of the right. How Apple lost that suit I cannot fathom.

And yes, Apple did not invent this UI either. They saw it at Xerox Parc, and then BOUGHT it fair and square. Then they improved it on their own. Big difference.

PS – I've heard the the smartphone market will be huge, sez the MS Exec. Eight years late to the game, as usual.

Comment: Companies ask for it (Score 5, Interesting) 186

by Sir Holo (#49127461) Attached to: Jury Tells Apple To Pay $532.9 Million In Patent Suit

I am an independent inventor (and Uni. scientist by day). I have tried to sell a basket of CMOS-related patents for 10 years. All I ever hear is "not invented here."

Now, the big Corps. are suddenly "discovering" what I already patented 10 years ago. I have no choice but to sue, sue, sue.

They bring this on themselves.

Comment: It took this long? (Score 1) 277

by Sir Holo (#48945299) Attached to: Indian Woman Sues Uber In the US Over Alleged New Delhi Taxi Rape

Condolences to the victim, of course.

When I say, "It took this long?" I mean that a completely unregulated livery (taxi) service went this long without some Uber driver or other comitting a major crime upon one of their 'customers'?

We have regulations on taxis FOR GOOD REASONS.

The wise will short-sell stock in Uber. Or just avoid it. Too much arrogance and scofflaw-like attitude.

Comment: Re:Still not good enough. (Score 1) 430

by Sir Holo (#48933587) Attached to: FCC Officially Approves Change In the Definition of Broadband

It is true those countries are more compact, making economies of scale easier, BUT even well-populated areas of the US

Don't blame it on that. I've lived in Chicago (in the same building that housed all the routers and fiber), as well as LA, DC, and other large metros.

Even in Chicago, I could not get a reasonable 'broad-band' speed.

(If you don't believe me, it's 732 S. Federal St. in Chicago that hosts all the fiber and electronic broadband. Look it up.)

Comment: It's free advertising. (Score 2) 148

by Sir Holo (#48676265) Attached to: Crowds (and Pirates) Flock To 'The Interview'

Sony is playing off the mass-media hubbub of the "North Korea thing" to seed the movie around – in the same way that software vendors, rock bands, and so on have leverage what amounts to "free advertising."

Surprisingly easy-to-circumvent DRM (from Sony?), articles about the overwhelmed servers, and the advert-aticle of the post (TFA). All classic indicators that someone is trying to create a 'cult classic,' but clumsily.

Or, perhaps, it's because it sucks and they know it. . .

Comment: Alibaba / – A concise definit (Score 1) 115

Alibaba owns So, what is

  • * Imagine ebay, minus the peer-rating system.
  • * Imagine an auction site, minus a functioning escrow system.
  • * Imagine any online marketplace, minus a functioning conflict-resolution system (despite claims otherwise ).
  • * It's the wild west.

In 20 years of internet buying, Ive been ripped off once – on After discussing it with several Chinese colleagues, each said basically the same thing: "Yeah, if you don't speak Mandarin, you're going to get ripped off there."

The perversity of nature is nowhere better demonstrated by the fact that, when exposed to the same atmosphere, bread becomes hard while crackers become soft.