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Comment: Re:NIMBY at its finest (Score 1) 354

sjbe: Explain to me how some leftover vials of a pathogen from decades ago has any relevance...

(1) Labels fall off of vials after a decade or two.

(2) Viruses are not alive, and can remain viable indefinitely.

(3) A pathogen (e.g., influenza) from decades ago can cause another pandemic if released. No one alive will have immunity, which is built up on a per-organism basis, not genetically.

Comment: Re:Thanks for the pointless scaremongering (Score 0) 354

sjbe: In all likelihood, nothing. The CDC handles copies of pretty much every known pathogen on the planet.

Did you read the news about two weeks ago? Smallpox has for decades been extinct, save for two frozen samples in US and Russia.

Oops! Someone cleaning out an old CDC-employee desk found vials of that and other pathogens that had been sitting there for decades.

It's known that plant seeds and bacteria can persist in viable form for millennia. Viruses, not being "alive," probably far longer.

I'm not attacking the CDC. Just you. Don't claim expertise unless you have it.

Comment: COE? (Score 1) 354

I've known for a long time that if you want something screwed up really badly, you call in the US Army Corps of Engineers. This is not them, the "best and brightest" of the Army, but the general army. So multiply the dumb by 10X.

But what have the "best and brightest" done for us? A few examples:

* Diverted the Mississippi river by dynamiting, such that now, land subsidence on the former delta causes a retreat of coastline by about 1/4 mile per year.
* Built a seawall to protect Newport Beach, CA. It's a straight line. Do you know basic physics? Yes, deep-sea waves do indeed recombine constructively, creating monster beach-breaks (The Wedge).
* Uh, Katrina? Insisted on NO trees on Gulf-coast flood levees. Duh. Trees are what hold hillsides together.
* Katrina. Ignoring their own rules, they used landfill, construction debris, and wadded newspaper when building said levees.
* The Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. These naturally have giant floodplains, hence our good farmland. COE has leveed-off almost anywhere the rivers could flood, resulting in a huge flood-risk multiplier for anyone downriver, any time it rains in the US mid-west (see above).

OK, now back up. The above were done by the Army's "brightest." The Ebola guy is being brought to the US by just the "regular" Army.

This cannot end well.

Comment: Re:The only solution... (Score -1, Troll) 169

by RoLi (#47522627) Attached to: Ebola Outbreak Continues To Expand

Who talked about ostracism? Oh, that was you.
I also don't quite get it how you can mix up "screening for a disease" with "deny it's existence", isn't that the complete opposite?
So who is talking about denying Ebola's existence - or if not that not doing anything about it? Oh, you again.

100 years ago, screening for diseases was normal procedure for immigration in pretty much every country - especially if that disease was contagious.

Yes that was before political correctness.

Today we screen only for those "dangerous" soda bottles and creams that people like you think can be used to hijack a plane.
But AIDS, Ebola, Thyphus? No problem, who cares that thousands or even millions will die of it?

Comment: Who ever takes an ad guy seriously? (Score 1) 415

by Sir Holo (#47494309) Attached to: Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'
FTA: "Everyone gets that advertising is what powers the internet, and that our favorite sites wouldn't exist without it,"

And all this time I thought that my paying an access provider, paying for web hosting, paying for email services (in the past), paying people for products through their web-stores, and donating to Wikipedia — I stupidly thought that was what powered the internet.

I will now dutifully watch all banner and video ads to avoid breaking the sacred "social contract" that enables the internet's existence.

Comment: Re:And all because a copyright expired! (Score 1) 127

by StefanJ (#47492471) Attached to: Dungeons & Dragons' Influence and Legacy

Sirnomad99 notes that there were other influences. Jon Peterson, author of the scholarly gaming history Playing at the World, suggests that Tolkein and LOTR was just one influence among many. The Conan stories, Pratt and de Camp, Leiber and Vance are all specifically mentioned.

In fact . . . I just picked up the book and turned to page (117) where I'd last left off. There are quotes from Gygax where he suggests that Tolkein is not the be-all and end-all authority on the nature of fantasy creatures.

Oh . . . I actually have a set of the Ace paperbacks! They're not impressive. The special characters look hand-sketched, and the cover art is mediocre.

Comment: Re:Simple rule, actually (Score 1) 749

by Sir Holo (#47455055) Attached to: Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours

I'll add a more generic reference, Adam's Fallacy, by Duncan Foley. It's about how Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations is selectively interpreted by modern economists of the (predominant) Chicago school of thought.

I just hope that Wikileaks doesn't publish my non-conforming TPS Reports. I did get the memo.

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