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Comment: There is nuclear and then there is nuclear (Score 1) 288 288

Nuclear isn't evil at all. Heavy water nuclear reactor are however, stupid. Totally stupid.
There are several nuclear designs which produce a fraction of the waste, cannot melt down and are non-proliferation. I expect that last item is exactly why they are not used.
We do not need more heavy reactor plants.

Comment: It's more than bloat, It is PTCRB (Score 1) 167 167

While I agree that this time around they are all very, very slow, it is important for people to understand that in the US, the phone manufacturers cannot just "release" new software when ever they want.
Nearly all carriers in the US are members PTCRB. When you update the software, you need to test and re-certify it. You need to update your SVN number as well.
This takes time.
Grants, not as long as it is taking. Unless of course, there are some fundamental issues which cause the protocol tests to fail.

Comment: Why is this flamebait? (Score 2) 534 534

Seriously, why is this guy's comment flamebait? Apple does this. They move billions of euros through Ireland to avoid paying any taxes.
I find it curious that so many Slashdoters have no problem when a company uses all the advantages of society and yet refuses to contribute to keeping the society going. In this case, literally racking in billions upon billions in profit while barely contributing to the tax base.

Why do you think this is a good thing?

I work for a small company. We have only about 80 people. So, while we may not make as many jobs as Apple does we do pay our taxes. We also still have a profit.

Comment: Re:America is HUGE (Score 1) 255 255 China tiny?
The internet in China is way faster on average than in the US. And the just started!.

Americans seem to be unable to wrap their heads around this simple fact...
Without a strong broadband service, your entire economy will be overtaken in time. You people do the same thing with education. All these stupid morons with no kids...derp derp, why should I have to pay taxes for education derp derp?? They never seem to understand that an uneducated country is a dead country. A country of mcdonalds workers.

Comment: Re:What a bunch of A-Holes (Score 1) 255 255

Where the hell in Germany are you living??
I am in Essen and paying 48€ with unitymedia.
I literally didn't know it was possible to get that shitty of a connection here. At least in Essen, I am pretty sure you would need to special order such a crap connection.

Comment: Blood in the streets (Score 2) 255 255

Historically, things always get much, much worse before the 99% freaks out. Very seldom do the ruling class give up any power and improve the situation for the masses to relieve the pressure pot.
Just like the 99%, they also repeat the same mistakes over and over.

Comment: What a bunch of A-Holes (Score 5, Insightful) 255 255

Seriously, these guys are total fart blossoms.
I cannot believe the things they are able to say out loud with a straight face.

25Mbps/3Mbps is barely even usable.
Every time I visit my folks in the US, who have 25Mbps/3Mbps I find it unbearably slow. They pay like 80bucks a month for that ridiculous "broadband" connection. 80Bucks!
Meanwhile, I may 48€ per month for 150/25Mbps. That includes TV and phone too.

Seriously, how the fuck can you guys stand it? Especially when ever tech company is pushing their stupid cloud services. How are going to use a cloud service with your ridiculous dialup speeds?
How are you going to watch HD Netflix? Let alone 4K. Forget about it.

Comment: Re: Americans are really strange (Score 1) 703 703

The students also tend to lean left. But the graduates drift to the right more and more as they leave academia and age. People with four year college degrees are the most likely to vote Republican, followed by people with high school diplomas. People with post-graduate degrees, and high school dropouts, tend to vote Democrat.

I don't think this an elite uni thing. This is part of growing up actually. You see the same from all walks of life.
Normally, when folks reach the age of a college graduate, they tend to have a more black and white view of the world. In my experience, this generally trends towards the right.
However, once they get some life experience under their belts they learn that maybe things are not so cut and dry. This is when they start drifting towards the middle.
They start getting older and think..hey, maybe having health care is not such a bad thing. Maybe ignoring the massive amount of homeless while giving billions of aid to other countries and trillions to the military isn't the best use of funds to secure our way of life and living standards.

Comment: Americans are really strange (Score 5, Interesting) 703 703

I don't know--it's community colleges, which should be relatively appealing to Republicans who like supporting hard workers. Republicans hate social welfare programs, but really like the *image* of the hardworking American. By sticking with community colleges rather than going for the elite schools, this may actually have some chance of getting Republican support.

I have to say, Americans are really strange.
Only in America would someone claim, with a perfectly straight face that attending a 4-6 year university is "elite". Are you really that brainwashed?
Do you people not understand the first rule of power? Limit education and knowledge. Keep the people ignorant. It seems they have done such a good job of it that folks actually thinks that uni is only for the elite.
I lived in Germany for several years. At the end of the day, what I pay for taxes is about the same as what I paid in the US. What do I get for my taxes in the US? I get to drive on shitty roads, my kids can go to high school, and there was the worlds largest army by a factor of 10.
In Germany, there is a small army but, my kids get a master or doctorate as they like, I have health care, I drive on great roads, and hell, I can even call the fire department to come a remove some bees in my garden.

It is really strange that all the Jesus people in the US have no moral problem with spending trillions on an Army, but rage about money spent to educate the population and therefore make the country richer and more able to compete against other nations.

Comment: There is no Lollipop update (Score 4, Interesting) 437 437

"There is no Lollipop upgrade available for any of my devices yet."

There is no Lollipop update for almost all devices!. How the hell should anyone update.
Seriously, do the jack asses that write these articles think that you can just install whatever the heck you want like a PC? I think they have a fundamental misunderstanding of the Android ecosystem.

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