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1/3rd is 33.33333%, 42.6% is less than 10% higher than that, and that was five school years ago with the trend continuing (if not accelerating) since then.

42.6% is closer to "fifty-fifty" than it is to a third.

It's also an out of date figure that mischaracterizes how bad the gender gap is by using the lag of higher level post-graduate degrees among wealthy white students to cover up everything else.

Comment: Broken priorities (Score 3, Interesting) 155

We throw tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars at girls and women to get them to choose technology or engineering as a major, but completely ignore that they're already a majority to an overwhelming majority of graduates in literally every other major and dominate every level of education. Evidently it's more important that women not be a mere ~5% less of a program that's already only 10% of the degrees conferred in the US than it is to do something about the fact men are barely 1/3rd of college graduates in the first place.

Because, yknow, that's not going to be unhealthy for society at all.

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by Shadow of Eternity (#47223653) Attached to: Aliens and the Fermi Paradox

I'd say the baseline isn't just intelligence but specifically writing, abstract/imaginative thought, and the formation of communities along with a body plan that allows easy manipulation of the environment. Technologically advanced life requires an ability to record and transmit knowledge through generations, the ability to come up with new ideas, and the ability to work with enough others to accomplish various goals.

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It's a years old model at this point. It WAS one of the top end magicshines at the time, now it's probably midrange compared to the thousand plus lumen multi-lights they've got. Bright side of mine though is the controls are much simpler and I get much better battery life. You can find them pretty much all over ebay.

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One of the older magicshines I've had for a while. 900 lumens is closer to a regular headlight than highbeams, which can be into the thousands of lumens over a much larger area. As for bothering people... it's a headlight, it's SUPPOSED to be that bright. That's why you angle them down a bit.

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