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Comment Re:Gamble? (Score 2) 137

Which is why I think we need to get out of this "does everything best/only need one" mindset and get back to having a few different models of aircraft that are reliable, dominate their particular role, and are affordable enough that we can actually USE them. If we want a stealth plane make it invisible and stupid fast so it can do its job and then GTFO if it's spotted. If we want an air superiority fighter make it fast, extremely maneuverable, and give it an ECM suite that would make Ghost in the Shell jealous. If we want ground support make it tough enough to soak ground fire while wrecking people's shit. If we want a bomber for use after air superiority is established make it tough, give it the fighter's ECM suite and a wing of escorts, and give it enough carrying capacity to schlep over the entire bomb factory if it needs to.

Comment Re:Gamble? (Score 1) 137

It's a little different on the ground but largely because the fight's asymmetrical in both training and technology. A lot of the less educated insurgents think our guys are literal demons because they just don't understand body armor or how advanced our med tech is. Similarly our tanks basically no-sell old soviet era handheld antitank weaponry.

That's why they try to stick to ambushes, potshots, and IEDs. Rigging up a bunch of old bombs makes an explosion big enough to blow up anything and it comes as a suckerpunch. With the way advanced materials are going I don't think it's unrealistic to expect that in a decade or two you'll basically have two tiers of capability: Advanced nations that can put out soldiers armed and armored to the point they're basically the main character of a 90s FPS, and less developed nations that need to rely on even more extreme guerilla tactics to take out the first group of guys.

Comment Re:Gamble? (Score 2) 137

The problem is we've already tapped out that skill tree. Air-Air engagements have been primarily over the horizon followed by a quick pass for a while, and we've hit the point where just going faster isn't really that useful anymore. Maneuverability is still a thing, but primarily for dealing with ground targets since again air-air is primarily a game of electronic warfare from over the horizon. The same goes for meanness... the A-10 is as ugly as a dump truck and twice as tough but that's so it can soak up lead while taking out ground targets, you can't make a jet mean enough to eat a modern anti-air missile and keep going.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 351

Because pointing out the UN condemns Israel more than every other country in the world combined even in the middle of the chaos in Syria, brutal repression of protests and mass murder of gays and christians throughout the arab world, and genocides in sub-saharan Africa is equivalent to holocaust denial.

Because pointing out that the UN and its member bodies are so openly anti-semitic as to allow literal blood libel to stand as part of the record, and whose ranking officials routinely post violent anti-semitic materials inciting and endorsing further terrorist attacks is equivalent to holocaust denial.

Because targeting jews around the world and harassing/boycotting them if they don't join your crusade against Israel is TOTALLY not just plain old fashioned anti-semitism. Especially since every single one of the complaints you make against Israel is either unfounded, wildly exaggerated, or blatantly a double standard you hold Israel and ONLY Israel to.

It's fitting you admit to being a BDS supporter on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, because that's all BDS is. A modern day kristallnacht.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 351

Ah yes, the UN. Comprised of bastions of integrity such as the UNRWA and which condemns israel more than every other country on the face of the earth combined while completely ignoring genocides in Africa and horrific human rights violations in every single arab country. Unsurprising given that the UN bodies which most frequently condemn Israel are generally dominated BY those same arab countries, who are more than happy to claim the jews murder children and use their blood to make matza on official UN record.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 351

Maybe because I'm not on drugs so strong they make me think that siding with the group whose governments publicly quote the protocols of the elders of zion, who publicly claim all jews murder babies and use their blood to make matza every passover, who were led through multiple wars of genocide by literal nazis, are somehow the "good guys".

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