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Comment: Re:Meanwhile women actually IN the field... (Score 1) 111

by Shadow of Eternity (#49785571) Attached to: Building Hospitable Open Source Communities (Video)

It's exactly what she's saying. She's erasing women's accomplishments so far, speaking over and silencing women actually in tech, and insisting that women are such weak and fragile eggshells that they must be pandered to because they just can't succeed even in an environment where they're nothing but a screenname and the quality of their code.

Comment: Re:"Pipeline" by Sumana (Score 2, Interesting) 111

by Shadow of Eternity (#49778479) Attached to: Building Hospitable Open Source Communities (Video)

And just last year a woman actually IN tech and not as a "community leader" released this article calling bullshit on basically everything self-aggrandizing hanger's on like this video's star claims. Empirical research shows women have an advantage somewhere between 2:1 and 4:1 in STEM fields, and current statistics put them at nearly 2/3rds of college graduates and dominating virtually every single measure of academic achievement we have.

And that's not even counting less empirical measures of power and privilege like having the power to singlehandedly form a bloodthirsty lynch mob that costs people jobs regardless of your own conduct, hypocrisy, or even truthfulness.

Comment: Clearly that has nothing to do with alarmist media (Score 0) 294

by Shadow of Eternity (#49761881) Attached to: Study: Science Still Seen As a Male Profession

I mean there's simply no way that the constant flood of articles screaming about how science is filled with gross evil woman-hating nerds^H^H^H^H^H neckbeards could possibly have led to this perception. And of course nobody stands to gain money and social prestige pounding the war drums over this...

Comment: Re:Men's Rights morons (Score 1) 776

So what you're saying is you refuse to accept a fully formatted academic bibliography because of where that textual list of nearly three hundred references is hosted? Thanks for proving you actually just don't care about evidence or citations and want some asinine arbitrary reason to refuse to even look at them.

Comment: Re: You can't make this shit up. (Score 1) 776

So what you're saying is the bigoted stereotypes and lies spread about one group by people whose continued cash flow and social power is threatened by said group are somehow magically made true by people believing them? Plenty of people believe there's no difference between the tea party and the KKK, or between rioters and peaceful protestors at Ferguson, that doesn't make it so.

Also "misogynistic beyond belief"? Your hyperbole is as tiring as it is uninventive, and it's ironic given you're making that charge in defense of a group of people who can't seem to make it more than a few weeks without inventing some new slur or driving someone offline with threats and abuse.

Comment: Re: You can't make this shit up. (Score 1) 776

Seriously? You're going to claim that the mere semantics of how RoK explicitly claims to be diametrically opposed to the MRM somehow proves that RoK is secretly part of the MRM, and this is backed up by people not reacting to Roosh's asshattery with suitable emotional extremism for you?

By your own logic you yourself must admit that Valerie Solanas' SCUM manifesto is representative of feminism.

Comment: Re: You can't make this shit up. (Score 1) 776

Seriously? You're going to claim that RoK explicitly confirming the diametric opposition of the MRM and PUA ideologies is somehow proof that RoK is part of the MRM instead of opposed to it? By your own twisted logic you may as well claim Jezebel is an MRA website.

Also conflating the MRM with PUAs is basically the the single most common way of lying about the MRM out there, just look at the number of articles (Cracked's being the most egregious) which constantly link to R/Redpill or RoK but never to R/Mensrights. Wikipedia claims that RoK is part of the MRM for the same reason it claims Gamergate is responsible for everything up to and including Gout and Kidney Stones: Wikiproject Feminism and Feminism in general's politicization of wikipedia through the Woozle effect and a clique of essentially unbannable editors.

If you want to know what the MRM is it's trivially easy, all you have to do is go to R/Mensrights and read for yourself instead of literally doing everything in your power to AVOID firsthand evidence and stick to listening only to people whose money and power are directly threatened by the very existence of the MRM.

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