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Comment: Re:The thing about witch hunts... (Score 1) 434

Here's a clue in return: Making things up to attack people with is called a straw man. The definition of "SJW" hasn't changed at all, you're just pulling that excuse out of your ass to try and deflect from the fact that doxing and subsequent public auto-de-fes are such routine conduct that it's becoming a topic of discussion even for mainstream newsmedia.

SJW has always and still refers to those that use social justice as an excuse to be increasingly unhinged and violent toxic bigots.

Comment: Re:By facts, not links? (Score 4, Interesting) 374

by Shadow of Eternity (#49160567) Attached to: Google Wants To Rank Websites Based On Facts Not Links

It had come a long way, then it started being manipulated by ideology pushing extremists that have become very adept at abusing the hell out of labrynthian policies to the point that even when the author of a news article flat out says "They're lying, I never said that at all" it's the author that gets punished.

Comment: Re:Just y'know... reconnect them spinal nerves (Score 1) 210

Seconded. We've already made huge leaps in using adult derived stem cells to regrow tissues and entire organs that don't have rejection issues and function properly, actual transplants will probably be obsolete by the time this procedure is possible.

Sentient plasmoids are a gas.