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Comment: Re: You can't make this shit up. (Score 1) 770

So what you're saying is the bigoted stereotypes and lies spread about one group by people whose continued cash flow and social power is threatened by said group are somehow magically made true by people believing them? Plenty of people believe there's no difference between the tea party and the KKK, or between rioters and peaceful protestors at Ferguson, that doesn't make it so.

Also "misogynistic beyond belief"? Your hyperbole is as tiring as it is uninventive, and it's ironic given you're making that charge in defense of a group of people who can't seem to make it more than a few weeks without inventing some new slur or driving someone offline with threats and abuse.

Comment: Re: You can't make this shit up. (Score 1) 770

Seriously? You're going to claim that the mere semantics of how RoK explicitly claims to be diametrically opposed to the MRM somehow proves that RoK is secretly part of the MRM, and this is backed up by people not reacting to Roosh's asshattery with suitable emotional extremism for you?

By your own logic you yourself must admit that Valerie Solanas' SCUM manifesto is representative of feminism.

Comment: Re: You can't make this shit up. (Score 1) 770

Seriously? You're going to claim that RoK explicitly confirming the diametric opposition of the MRM and PUA ideologies is somehow proof that RoK is part of the MRM instead of opposed to it? By your own twisted logic you may as well claim Jezebel is an MRA website.

Also conflating the MRM with PUAs is basically the the single most common way of lying about the MRM out there, just look at the number of articles (Cracked's being the most egregious) which constantly link to R/Redpill or RoK but never to R/Mensrights. Wikipedia claims that RoK is part of the MRM for the same reason it claims Gamergate is responsible for everything up to and including Gout and Kidney Stones: Wikiproject Feminism and Feminism in general's politicization of wikipedia through the Woozle effect and a clique of essentially unbannable editors.

If you want to know what the MRM is it's trivially easy, all you have to do is go to R/Mensrights and read for yourself instead of literally doing everything in your power to AVOID firsthand evidence and stick to listening only to people whose money and power are directly threatened by the very existence of the MRM.

Comment: Re:Men's Rights morons (Score 1) 770

See my post above listing the current 25 topics on the R/Mensrights subreddit. The most popular, widely supported, mainstream feminist authors and writers are the same people who joke about actual domestic violence and actively obstruct all attempts at reforming badly broken systems and laws. The mainstream of feminism is so extreme that it's no longer a surprise when felonies or even violent crimes are committed by the large mobs of feminists protesting anything that so much as isn't sufficiently anti-male.

You've got this backwards. Even the most extreme MRAs like Karen Straughan are still orders of magnitude more moderate than the mainstream feminists who pull fire alarms, shove people off of ledges, and sing "cry me a river" to mock suicide victims.

Comment: Re:Men's Rights morons (Score 1) 770

Anyone who follows the movement knows perfectly well you're flat out lying, which isn't surprising given you're part of the group of people who routinely commit felonies and violent crimes up to and including shootings and bomb threats to try and stop MRAs from getting anything done.

Right now the frontpage of R/Mensrights has the following topics in order:
1. Women getting 12 weeks of maternity leave from the navy while men get 10 days
2. Bahar Mustafa's criminal misconduct
3. A blind father being denied custody
4. An anti-genital mutilation protest
5. A link to a blogpost talking about how sexist it is to treat women like eggshells that can't even handle clapping
6. A discussion of The Guardian's hypocritical comment deletion policy
7. A topic about how male rape victims are completely erased starting even in highschool anti-rape classes
8. The UK Police force admitting it refuses to prosecute women who perjure themselves
9. A blogpost discussing the various studies about rape accusation rates and rape in warzones
10. A discussion about why the media is so incredibly biased in favor of feminism
11. A discussion about whitewashing history, the example given being erasing Margerat Sanger's extreme racism and portraying her as a good feminist role model
12. A lawsuit against a university for violation of equal protection/due process rights
13. A post about a woman who got multiple gifts destroying a man's clothes and threatening him with violence because she didn't feel it was enough
14. A guide to recognize signs of abuse
15. Links to Obamacare's expanded coverage of women's reproductive health... and how it still covers nothing for men
16. An article about male congressmen refusing to be alone in a room with female staff
17. A discussion about where men as a gender are headed if things continue as they are
18. Dan Perrins' hunger strike
19. Links to a poster series in Oz about male victims of intimate partner violence
20. A stanford research study on which environments boys and girls perform best in
21. A discussion about a man who was raped, hasn't seen the police or counseling, whose girlfriend isn't attracted to him anymore afterwards, and who says he's "fine"
22. A TED talk pushing against incarcerating women and lionizing female murderers serving life sentences
23. An update on Vladek Filler's acquittal
24. A discussion about "National Women Build Week" at Habitat for Humanity; The OP was disappointed it was a fake publicity shoot that ignored the only actual female worker
25. A post about Prince Harry suggesting the UK bring back conscription for men.

Meanwhile pretty much everything published by feminist media celebrities like Marcotte, West, and Valenti is a long string of slurs attacking men.

Comment: Re:Yeah, disappointing (Score 3, Insightful) 770

The recent revelations in the Sulkowicz/Nungesser case made it necessary to find an MRA boogeyman to beat up on for a bit, since they didn't actually have anything they had to make something up. Hence claiming that people who outright despise the men's rights movement are "MRAs".

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