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Comment: Re:Just y'know... reconnect them spinal nerves (Score 1) 208

Seconded. We've already made huge leaps in using adult derived stem cells to regrow tissues and entire organs that don't have rejection issues and function properly, actual transplants will probably be obsolete by the time this procedure is possible.

Comment: Re:Instilling values more important (Score 4, Interesting) 692

I don't think it's really a bad thing to have videos in case of specific events, but really I think everyone's going about this the wrong way because OP himself has the wrong idea.

OP: Don't just make videos with advice and messages... make videos about you. You're leaving her when she's a small child, she's not going to get to know you like she would if she'd grown up with you there. Leave her videos about you, stories about your life, videos of you and your wife or parents together, things that will let her know you as a person and not just as this talking cutout of a person she remembers from her childhood. Tell her why you love science, what it means to you, how it's been a part of your life.

Comment: Re:Karma to burn? (Score 1) 467

And once-a-fucking-GAIN I will repeat this to you, because you are trolling by deliberately refusing to understand plain english:

Gamergate is opposed by a tightly knit toxic clique of spoiled rich kids, a majority if not totality of which embrace a violent and bigoted cult-like ideology which leverages the brand-power of "feminism" and the appearance of "social justice" in order to strongarm those they target and shield themselves from criticism. Part of their subscription to that cult is an unquestioning and radically zealous participation in personality cults surrounding people like Sarkeesian/McIntosh, Wu, and anyone else fulfilling either the "enlightened feminist leader" or "oppressed victim" archetypes within their ideological framework.

Gaming journalists, in their zealous loyalty to this cult-like ideology, have acted as a megaphone for lies and FUD about videogames rivalling the Satanic Panic of the 80's but this time targeting "misogyny" rather than alleged satanistic rituals. In addition to their increasing moralistic bullying of developers resulting in censorship over recent years their acceptance and preaching of Sarkeesian/McIntosh's outright lies and misrepresentations as gospel truth has stirred up anti-videogame hysteria to such a fevered pitch that games are getting outright pulled from shelves.

You are cutting a quarter in half and claiming that tails and heads are not part of the same coin. You are deliberately refusing to accept that these things are inherently inseperable because part of the very heart of the problem is that these corrupt journalists are using the brand-power of feminism as a weapon. You can't NOT deal with that because the entire root of their corruption goes back to their toxic clique, which has fully drunk the kool aid of a toxic cult which uses the language and appearance of "social justice" for leverage and power.

These are not two seperate things, these things are one and the same. Every thing these journalists do they justify by claiming to do in the name of feminism, and every time they're criticized they hide behind feminism is a shield and scream "misogyny". They use the power and social leverage that "feminism" gives them to bully and abuse others, and they suck up to "feminist" figureheads like Sarkeesian and McIntosh.

Sarkeesian is directly relevant to ethical journalism because she has defrauded people for hundreds of thousands of dollars, stolen and plagiarized her work, misrepresented or outright lied about videogames to the point she's started public hysteria that got games censored or pulled from shelves, and gaming journalists do nothing but repeat her word as gospel truth. More than that they actively seek out and pillory anyone who dares to dissent from the church of Social Justice.

Your problem is that you are deliberately refusing to accept that the unethical behavior at the root of this is directly tied to SJWism, and that SJWism is itself one of the serious ethical breaches of gaming journalism.

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