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Comment Re:We're a tech company... (Score 1) 246 246

Daemonik is arguing against somebody who's couching an argument against regulating industries for the safety of consumers in a false air of liberty and freedom. Drinkypoo tried to classify Daemonik's rebuttal of an extremist libertarian/republican "corporations shouldn't have to follow laws" position with claims it was a false dichotomy.

Comment Re:We're a tech company... (Score 2) 246 246

Your logical fallacy is the False Compromise. When someone wants to cut off someone else's arm the second person is not being unreasonable when they refuse to settle on having their arm cut off at the elbow instead, nor are they making a false dichotomy by pointing out the non-evil choice is not cutting off people's arms.

Comment Meanwhile in SRS business continues as usual (Score 5, Insightful) 164 164

Because even the single most toxic sub on the entire website which openly tries to goad at-risk users into committing suicide, routinely engages in doxing, and considers brigading to be a core part of their sub's existence still has the favor of the admins.

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