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Comment Sticking With Windows 7 (Score 1) 665

Windows 7 is working perfectly fine on the computer I use to play Civilization, and the computers the kids use for school work. I have ZERO interest in Windows 10. What part of "Fuck off and die" does Microsoft not understand?

Glad my Linux machine doesn't try to automatically upgrade me to the next distro version.

Comment end DST (Score 1) 252

Would prefer to be done with the whole DST event anyway. Having four kids makes is really exciting, they don't automatically adjust, so now they are up even earlier than usual.

Here in Oklahoma the sun didn't rise until almost 8am Saturday. Isn't much fun being at work for an hour in the morning and it was still dark. Now that we're back to "normal" we can get stuff done in the morning, when our workers are most productive.

Comment Oklahoma? (Score 1) 187

"If the FAA had been either farsighted or fast moving, at the first sign of drones it might've outlawed them or confined them to someplace like Oklahoma where they can't get in the way of anything too important"

Hey, I live in Oklahoma, you insensitive clod!

On a serious note, the Panhandle is the perfect place to test drones, absolutely nothing out there.

Comment Re:"The Gamers", Dead Gentlemen / Zombie Orpheus (Score 1) 167

Recently the Wife and I watched "Dorkness Rising". Overall she enjoyed it, even though she still doesn't understand the overall appeal of RPG's. But at least she got a fun look into the world in which I enjoy, and had some laughs at the movie along the way. It's a good movie to get non players moving towards gaming.

Comment Local Airport (Score 1) 458

I'm eight miles away from our airport, so I've named mine "#NAME-OF-Airport-GUEST" Then locked it down.

Amusing to hear friends and guest comment that they can see the Airport's wifi way out in the suburbs...

Comment Sony Cassette Walkman (Score 1) 338

Still have my Sony Cassette Walkman I bought for myself as a graduation present from Basic Training back in 1993. I dug it out of the closet a few months ago to show the kids what cassettes look like.

The hard drive stack has several under 20GB drives. Smallest drive I have is 6.4Gb

Have an old Gateway Pentium computer with Windows 3.1 siting under the work bench. Has a Voodoo3 card in it, and uses my logitech Digital Extreme joystick. The F-16 game "Multi-Role-Fighter" takes full advantage of the voodoo card.

I don't have the computer anymore, but I still have the CPU from my old 486 SX25 computer. I've thought about turning it into a keychain or something.

Comment (Score 3, Informative) 230

I have over 750 books in my library, and I use $10 per year, or $25 for life.

Best way to add books is to type in the ISBN, then the website searches online databases, to include Amazon.

You can also add tags to your books, like fiction, non-fiction, read, not read, etc.

Every book I read this year gets a "2012" tag, so I'll always know how many books I read in a given year.

Comment Re:What's available for Bitttorrent clients nowada (Score 1) 399

You're correct, I'm using Astraweb. What I liked about them when I first signed up was no expiration of the GB purchased. It took me about six months to burn through the 25Gb purchased. I recently renewed for another 25 GB, and I figure when this finally runs out I'll go the 180GB route. & nzbmatrix? I've not heard of these. I used to frequent newzbin, but haven’t used it for quite a while. I'll have to take at look at the sites you suggested.

Comment Re:What's available for Bitttorrent clients nowada (Score 1) 399

Usenet is great for just browsing the various binaries if you are not sure what you looking for. I've found more obscure albums because of usenet. The news provider I use is $10 for 25GB, and I have as much time as I want to burn through the 25 GB. Works for me. Some weeks I'll burn through it, other times a month will go by without downloading anything. I run newsrover (windows program) using WINE on Kubuntu & opensuse. That way I can take advantage of SSH encryption, and still take advantage of the built in graphics viewer.

Comment Re:What's available for Bitttorrent clients nowada (Score 1) 399

I use kTorrent in Kubuntu. A couple of my favorite features incudes bandwidth scheduling, automatic updating of my blocklist, and no crapware or installing of other programs.

I've run into a couple of private torrent sites that didn't work with kTorrent, so I switched over to Transmission for those. Everything else I run kTorrent.

Comment (Score 5, Interesting) 188

I set up an account with, and we're going through the process of adding all of the books to the website.

The main advantage of this is that anybody can browse the library's collection anytime they want. On Sunday mornings they flash the URL up on the stage.

We're still using the paper checkout process though. The old ladies that run the library are 80+ years old, and are former librarians back when Eisenhower was in office. I figure one tech upgrade at a time is all they can handle.

Comment Linux Most of the time (Score 1) 1880

About two years ago I switched to using Kubuntu most of the time. I still dual boot on both the desktop and notebook, but a majority of the time is spent on the Linux side.

I wouldn't have enough money to buy licenses for all the old boxes we have in the house, but with Linux they are all up and running, and each kid has their own Linux computer.

My hardware is too old to play the latest and greatest games, and with lack of free time, I like to fire up Civilization 4 for the occasional gaming bug. get Civ 4 to work under WINE, and I'd ditch Windows all together.

Libreoffice is good enough for me, and I like the feature that can print straight to pdf.

My Creative Zen is recognized under Kubuntu, and so is our ancient laser printer.

The kids computers run Linux (this month's flavor is Lubuntu) and they love it.

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