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Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 3, Insightful) 573

and those cops dont panic and murder 12 year olds with a bb gun. If you are a cop, suck it up and stop putting YOUR live above someone elses. you chose to pick a dangerous line of work, so act like you are a public servant.

Every time a cop even touches his gun he should be required to write a 20 page report as to exactly why and justify it or LOSE the privilege of carrying one. IF it was a licensed civilian citizen that would have killed that kid, you know they would have been in ass pounding prison.

Comment Re:relative wealth (Score 2) 499

Land. That is the limiting factor there. There will always be a demand for Sq Ft-age based on family size and location; especially for Urbanites. There's no getting around that unless you can built vertically on the cheap, move people into space, or cull the human population.

If going by the axiom of "What cannot go on forever, won't", than by that token, the Malthusianists win the argument.

Comment Re:So lock the port. (Score 1) 498

After a certain point, doesn't it take longer to charge from say 90% to 100% vs the 70% to 90%?. Perhaps these charging stations should only allow for 80% to 85% capacity before allowing another driver to use the plug. Or better yet, the driver has their home address coded in that will pre-calculate the amount needed to get home. So for example, if you only need 20% to get home, it will only charge up to 30% as a precaution before the plug is free for another driver. The owner can then charge the rest when he/she gets home.

Comment Re:Artificial superintelligence (Score 1) 259

Yes, at some point Super AI will supplant humanity's limitation and perform all discovery and innovation far beyond the reaches of our own capability. I would imagine a conversation between man and machine would go something like this..

Man: "Machine, can you innovate and modify our DNA to improve our species? We want to live longer, be stronger, and think smarter."
Machine: "Human, your request is limited by your physiology governed by the laws of physics. Shed your flesh and embrace the vessel of new construction based on electrons and photons."

Comment Re:No. It won't be (Score 1) 176

I had a 4 processor ARM workstastion with NT. it was the most unstable piece of shit ever made. Windows NT for ARM was so half assed it barely ran, but it had an advantage, it was mostly hacker proof and served as a gateway to our SCADA system back then. Virus proof, hacker proof for the most part as the only break in we had they kept trying to run X86 executables on it. after that we used a single direction ethernet cable to make it completely hacker proof. Yes, 100% hacker proof. the best hackers on the planet can not defeat the security of a unidirectional ethernet cable. (RX wires snipped, TX only and all data sent to the office systems was UDB broadcast.)

Comment Re:No. It won't be (Score 1) 176

And nobody will buy them. There is a buttload of cheap china windows 8 surface tablet clone out there that are cheap, and they run linux very well and easily. so nobody in their right mind would buy a arm based android tablet. you want to stick with something that is far morepower and power sippy like what all the current android tablets use.

Comment Re:We are screwed. (Score 2) 55

I'm not worried. New equipment will be stamped out and installed into existing towers. Nothing new here as that's how it always happens. If the laws of physics become an impediment, so be it; the limitation will set expectation and thus the industry will adapt. Meaning, don't expect 8k or 16k video formats streaming over cellular service anytime soon.

The new hotness will be voice over WiFi anyways. Xfinity (Comcast) already has a large WiFi router install base already, each one broadcast the same public SSID. The idea is that you can roam between areas with Xfinity and route all traffic through their network and not my cellular provider. In fact, I do that already with my familiar places I often visit. No need for a 6GB monthly plan. And unless you're a road-warrior, there's no need for you to have one either.

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