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Comment: Re:Absurd application rights are to blame (Score 1) 251

by JCSoRocks (#30074442) Attached to: <em>Mafia Wars</em> CEO Brags About Scamming Users
Wow, there are games that require you to have a certain number of friends? That explains a lot... I kept wondering why people that I didn't even know - friends of friends - persisted in attempting to friend me. What an idiotic system. I can't believe facebook allows that crap... wait, yes I can, they don't care.

Comment: Re:Why do the states text then? (Score 2, Informative) 408

by JCSoRocks (#29593805) Attached to: Federal Summit Eyes Crackdown On Texting While Driving
Receiving a text is very different than sending one. I'll read a text or a brief email while I'm driving. It's not much different from looking down at your stereo. Actually composing a text requires that you focus both on what you want to say and hitting the proper buttons to say it.

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