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Comment: Re:I guess he crossed the wrong people (Score 1) 237

by guruevi (#49498459) Attached to: Columbia University Doctors Ask For Dr. Mehmet Oz's Dismissal

Care to add any facts to that statement? So-called "organic" produce requires a shit-ton more chemicals than the 'regular' or GMO plants. GMO plants require the least amount of chemicals by simply altering their genes. The plants are not producing any synthetic pesticides. We've been GMO-ing our crops for the last 10,000 years, lately we're doing it on a bit more advanced level than your average farmer to understand and suddenly it's "witchcraft"?

Comment: Re:Microkernal Boner (Score 1) 212

by Guy Harris (#49495017) Attached to: GNU Hurd 0.6 Released

These days you don't see the same hype around microkernals that you did back then

No, but they are still in use. HURD, FreeBSD, OS X, and iOS all use the Mach microkernel to some extent.

For FreeBSD, presumably you mean "FreeBSD is based on 4.4-Lite, and 4.4BSD picked up the virtual memory system from Mach", rather than "FreeBSD uses the Mach messaging code", which it doesn't. So it doesn't use any of the microkernelish parts of Mach.

(Not that OS X or iOS make much traditionally-microkernelish use of them, either.)

Comment: Re:WHAT? (Score 5, Insightful) 309

So you're saying that a dead 2 year old, who had already had half her brain removed and the other half was seriously damaged, and dunking that in liquid nitrogen with the hope that someday a new body could be built for her and she'd be perfectly normal again ... is a con?

Oh ... ya ... it is ...

I don't know how the fuck anyone falls for it. Really... Why would they think that even if their bodies were preserved that long, and the technology was invented to create what's missing, and repair all the damage done by the freezing process, that anyone would spend the 14 bazillion New Earth credits (or whatever currency there is in futureland) to bring some old fucker back?

In her case, the could have just saved a DNA sample. The story is clear about the condition her brain was in. Half was gone. The other half critically damaged.

I'd have to think that it would be questionable in futureland to resurrect a 20th century person, even if they were in pristine condition. Say 21 years old with much above average intelligence, who was taught everything that there is to know, with no medical issues, no trauma. Just frozen as-is without cellular damage. Why would anyone opt to wake them up? Just to ask "Hey, so what was life like in the 20th century?"

The whole cryogenics "industry" is a huge con.

If these people are religious in the least, they'd have to believe that the soul was trapped in that frozen body until it was awakened. If it wasn't, there would be no reason to reincarnate them. What if they picked the wrong part to freeze? Like, if the soul was really in the liver, or maybe in the spinal cord between C1 and C3. Oops, sorry, we cut that part off.

And if they aren't religious in the least, why bother? So they can wake up as a curiosity in the future? "Hi Cro-Magnon. Fire hot. We have spoken languages you don't understand. And try to wrap your mind around these three seashells. No more poison ivy toilet paper for you. No, don't hit females with a club to make them your mate/slave."

Comment: Re: Students + Anonimity (Score 2) 231

by guruevi (#49490789) Attached to: Can Online Reporting System Help Prevent Sexual Assaults On Campus?

False accusations of rape is present in ~80% of disputed divorce cases. It's so bad, some lawyers are having the clauses in form paperwork. Demonstrably false accusations are around 10-20% of all investigated rape cases. If females wouldn't use rape accusations as a tool, real victims would have a much better chance.

Comment: Re:Microkernal Boner (Score 2) 212

by Guy Harris (#49490707) Attached to: GNU Hurd 0.6 Released

That explains why Windows NT and OS X never got anywhere, considering that one was based on Mach and the other actually uses Mach.

Now, in Windows NT and OS X all the modules ran in the same address space. But they didn't call each other directly. They used the same generic messaging API that modules would from user space, there's just wasn't less overhead in passing the messages. But those examples are ancient history.

Not sure what "modules" you're referring to, but if you're referring to "modules" such as network protocols and file systems in OS X, they most definitely are called directly from the system call layer. Go take a look at the kern , net , and vfs directories of XNU, as well as the netinet directory of XNU and the source to the FAT file system kernel module for examples of code that plugs into the BSD-flavored socket layer and VFS mechanism.

As for the drivers they sit atop, those are called by Boring Old Procedure Calls (and method calls, given that IOKit uses a restricted flavor of C++), not by Mach message passing.

As far as I know, network protocols, file systems, and network and storage device drivers work similarly in NT.

Comment: Re:Decent (Score 5, Insightful) 468

According to other articles, it will cost them an average of $19k for 30 employees, so $570k. And not well publicized is he is going to spread it over 3 years. So $200k year one, $400k year 2, and so on. The $930k pay cut is immediate. The company is completely owned by the two brothers, and makes $2M in profits per year, which presumably they reinvest or take out in bonuses. The absolute WORST way to get money out of your own company is salary. I would be shocked if the tax advantages of changing disbursement methods dont outweigh the $190k first year costs, while raising profitability on paper, and making you the darling of the media and the White House (they're cozy with Obama already). If their goal was to sell the company, this would be a pretty good way to pump up the profit margin and P/E ratio before cashing out, and a little media blitz helps too.

Good for them! Gaming the system to make a buck and help their employees at the same time. But this is not sheer altruism at work.

Comment: Re:Larger landing area (Score 2) 340

So you're saying it wasn't hyper quantum sticktation of the flux attitude gimble during the multiphasic delay sequence?

Damn, I should write science fiction. Or maybe I could work for the media. Both string scientific sounding words that mean absolutely nothing. :)

Comment: Re:Larger landing area (Score 1) 340

I'm thinking they need to figure out a better way rather than landing it vertical. Maybe when they get it that close, they could do some sort of net capture, rather than hoping it will stay upright. It would solve some of the more delicate problems. That could create all kinds of new problems though.

Comment: Re:Reminder: (Score 1) 293

by guruevi (#49478833) Attached to: Denver TSA Screeners Manipulated System In Order To Grope Men's Genitals

The thing is the 'government' knew about 9/11 well before the attack as well. They might have gotten a little trigger-happy afterwards but actually acting upon their information has never been the strong point. There have been terrorist attacks since 9/11, in every case the people executing the plans were on some type of watch list or intelligence had advance warning of an impending attack. TSA/NSA/... has not been very effective regardless of the measures they've taken.

Comment: Re:Male sexual assualt is real (Score 1) 293

by guruevi (#49478775) Attached to: Denver TSA Screeners Manipulated System In Order To Grope Men's Genitals

The thing is that males are expected to 'take it', even 'like it' or expected to respond positively to it. Sexual harassment against males happens more often than you think, males simply don't perceive it as such or given their biological proclivities, like the attention.

I move within circles that have heightened my sensitivity towards the subject so I recognize it and I often get comments from females such as cashiers, servers and other complete strangers that when their male counterparts would say something similar, they would've gotten dirty looks, reprimanded or fired before they even finished their comment. Most males these days (unless drunk) will reign themselves in or won't say anything (although comments amongst males are still common).

Comment: Re:misquote (Score 2) 117

by Teancum (#49475823) Attached to: SpaceX Dragon Launches Successfully, But No Rocket Recovery

SpaceX happens to have another barge for the Vandenberg launches. It still is a big deal in terms of landing in a desert, as you have the option of either trying to fly laterally to Mexico (with some international arms control problems with ITAR) or overfly Los Angeles and/or San Diego with that rocket.

Vandenberg happens to be located at a point where California sort of turns off to the east, and is used for polar orbits explicitly because there is a whole lot of nothing except for ocean between Santa Barbara County and Antarctica. Try to look at a map sometime and answer this question: Which city is further west: Los Angeles or Reno?

There is a landing pad being constructed both at KSC (in Florida) as well as at Vandenberg. Right now both NASA and more significantly the USAF (for Vandenberg especially) are waiting to see the results of landing on the barge first before formal approval for landing at the pads is going to be authorized.

It should be pointed out too that SpaceX does have a landing pad with several dozen square miles of desert to work in at Spaceport America in New Mexico. There was some construction work going on there at least in the recent past, and so far as I know the tests to be conducted there haven't been canceled although most of the current effort seems to be work on the revenue flights like this CRS-6 flight rather than the proposed test flights in New Mexico that were to be suborbital flights mainly going up really high and then coming back to the Earth with possibly a flight over White Sands (which is adjacent to Spaceport America and is both restricted airspace and ground access due to it being a military base). Flight clearance at that location is such that they can go much higher there than they can at their Texas test facility.

As long the launches are at KSC or Vandenberg, however, the recovery at the moment will simply need to be at sea. Physics also plays a part as other than returning to the original launch site, down range from either launch site is simply ocean as far as you can go in the general flight path.

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