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Comment Re:Keep mouth shut. Get another job. (Score 1) 128

Most companies are engaged in criminal behavior at some point in some form. Whether it be ducking the IRS on technicalities or shorting their HIPAA/PCI/... compliance, it is almost impossible to be engaged in business in the US and not run afoul of some sort of idiotic law or regularity and there are always the asshats that will point them out and hold their ground. Those asshats are unemployable once they get their 15 minutes of fame.

Comment Re:Can it boot without a blob yet? (Score 1) 54

I'm pretty sure it can. EFI/BIOS is relatively 'known' and open source implementations are available. If you don't care about microinstruction fixes which get loaded later in boot (but I think they are not considered binary blobs), you could probably get a working computer with a little bit of effort.

Comment Re:don't believe his lies (Score 1) 163

The way the chips works, it isn't really that simple. The PIN unlocks a larger cryptographic hash. If you enter 10 wrong pins, the chip deletes it's "memory" of this hash.

The crypto-chip and the key verification are one unit, any form of tampering (opening the device, removing the chip/power etc) could probably trigger a wipe as well. I think the only way of doing it (if there are no tamper controls), would be to use perhaps an electron microscope and remove layer by layer of the chip until you can read out the actual memory bit by bit. That is something a nation-state can do for very high profile cases (when stealing a president's phone for example) but it's cost prohibitive for anything else or to do it en masse. And as soon as such an attack gets used, chip makers would probably find ways to get around that as well.

Comment Re:Read the article, people (Score 1) 246

If both were drunk, aren't they both guilty of sexual misconduct? Legally, they would both be rapists; when you give someone the "privilege" of being accountable for their own actions, these things go away pretty quickly.

Either way, it's not up to other researchers/scientists to investigate this kind of crap, go to the police and/or sue if you think you were raped.

Comment Re:And the announcement will be (Score 4, Funny) 114

For an announcement, yes. But this was an announcement for an announcement, like a trailer, so the reveal is probably bigger. And no spoilers please. Clearly the NSF and DOE want the VIP's at LIGO in LA, WA and MIT want to keep the PC on the QT, 'cause if it leaks to CNN and MSNBC the UK and EU might cut the GWIC budget PDQ for AIGO and GEO and the VC's would go MIA. And then we'd all be put on KP.

Comment Re: BREIN are complicit (Score 3, Interesting) 91

BREIN is a government-sponsored shake down.

They have collected on music royalties, even for songs that never signed onto a label or labels connected to them but never pay out.

It is quite literally a single man organization (1 office) that produced some anti piracy ads and manages to spend millions of euros per year.

Comment Re:Unhelpful Whining (Score 1) 277

There's historically marginalized people everywhere, if you go back far enough in time everyone was and everyone has. Those "natives" oppressed other natives at some point (unless you believe in that wholesome native tribe - Comanches, Tibetans, Hawaiians - they weren't very nice to their neighbors) so do those ancestors get to claim the land? If you do keep giving people what is 'rightfully' theirs by going back further and further, then you get into situations like Africa where tribal wars and slavery have been marginalizing the country for centuries, long before a white man ever put a flag in the ground.

To give people like American "Indians", Hawaiians a pittance because someone feels bad about their ancestors' actions is marginalizing them even further. To say they were 'wholesome', peaceful or somehow better than anyone else is racist, it's taking away their humanity, there was good and evil as well in their history, to ignore it is just hiding their rich history of wars, peace, settlement, nomadic life, trade and treaties.

Is it "their" land (as in they own it currently and it was in the process of being taken by the government)? No? If they want it back, they should conquer it and deal with the consequences of trying to stake claim to another nation's property.

Comment Re:Pooh-Pooh all you want. This is great news! (Score 1) 246

Can you pay Windows sysadmins minimum wage? Wherever I look, I don't see 120k/year difference in wages (I assume a full time sysadmin would have to handle at least 10, if not 100 servers). And a sysadmin that just knows Windows is a bad sysadmin, I would never hire someone that is a one trick pony.

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