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Comment: Re: Waiting for the killer app ... (Score 1) 389

by MikeBabcock (#49534053) Attached to: Why the Journey To IPv6 Is Still the Road Less Traveled

The vast majority of IPv6 addresses being assigned aren't routable anyway -- do you really think those random local addresses you gave on your LAN at home can be globally routed from anywhere? Sure, if you get an assignment from your ISP, but do you really want your home alarm system, clock radio and fridge globally routable in the first place?

Comment: Re:Not really happy (Score 1) 171

by MikeBabcock (#49092541) Attached to: HTTP/2 Finalized

I appreciate your insights, but your assumption that this has something to do with being 'good for Google' is hogwash -- they already had SPDY and HTTP/2 doesn't implement everything SPDY has. I see Google being a good citizen here and joining the new standard instead of continuing to push their own protocol they obviously preferred.

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