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Comment Re:Unhelpful Whining (Score 1) 194

There's historically marginalized people everywhere, if you go back far enough in time everyone was and everyone has. Those "natives" oppressed other natives at some point (unless you believe in that wholesome native tribe - Comanches, Tibetans, Hawaiians - they weren't very nice to their neighbors) so do those ancestors get to claim the land? If you do keep giving people what is 'rightfully' theirs by going back further and further, then you get into situations like Africa where tribal wars and slavery have been marginalizing the country for centuries, long before a white man ever put a flag in the ground.

To give people like American "Indians", Hawaiians a pittance because someone feels bad about their ancestors' actions is marginalizing them even further. To say they were 'wholesome', peaceful or somehow better than anyone else is racist, it's taking away their humanity, there was good and evil as well in their history, to ignore it is just hiding their rich history of wars, peace, settlement, nomadic life, trade and treaties.

Is it "their" land (as in they own it currently and it was in the process of being taken by the government)? No? If they want it back, they should conquer it and deal with the consequences of trying to stake claim to another nation's property.

Comment Re:Pooh-Pooh all you want. This is great news! (Score 1) 227

Can you pay Windows sysadmins minimum wage? Wherever I look, I don't see 120k/year difference in wages (I assume a full time sysadmin would have to handle at least 10, if not 100 servers). And a sysadmin that just knows Windows is a bad sysadmin, I would never hire someone that is a one trick pony.

Comment Re: Port Design (Score 1) 129

Sorry, I got my EE degree in a non-English language and haven't used it much in my US career.

How does a wire cause a reverse voltage (-5V on Pin 1) when all it gets is +5V?
Pin 1 VCC (+5 V, red wire)
Pin 4 Ground (black wire)

We're talking about the wires (pin 1 and 4) carrying the voltages being reversed right? The data wires should be on optocouplers or some form of transformer.

The simplest protection against miswiring a voltage source or preventing reverse current from flowing (eg. in PV panels) is a diode in series with the voltage source. It should be a bit more complex (probably a FET), but if you have an EE degree, you get the idea. When the 5V goes on the ground wire there should be some current flowing, enough (diode + resistor across the wire for the simplest of diagrams) to shut down the controller (however it wants to control that, polyfuse is just an idea, the USB design was after my time).

Comment Re: Not my experience at all. (Score 1) 108

Back then all the hardware was roughly the same speed. You couldn't saturate your disk bus with a simple tar because your CPU and memory had latencies measured in 100ns-ms, your disk could catch up. Disks are still roughly the same speed as they were 10 years ago. Also, js and html have become bigger and more of it can be found on random websites. I remember a time when you would optimize websites to fit all text, graphics and code under 50-100kb (~1-2s load time). jQuery alone is that size now and we sometimes load several libraries in a page. Our network is faster but our disk isn't. There is also a lot more graphics and bells and whistles, we are back to the 90s with the flashing under construction and dancing skeletons but now it's in code.

Comment Re: Port Design (Score 1) 129

The device should prevent this. USB has to negotiate higher currents so high currents shouldn't be present in the first place. Second, short circuits and overcurrents should be handled by the host as well as reverse wiring by the device. In the device it's easy: 1 diode short circuits a reverse polarity situation causing an overcurrent >500mA on the host which switches it's polyfuse.

Comment Re: Great way to get sued! (Score 1) 119

The argument could be made that the website was a pop-under and shared silently entire torrents. Loading a torrent is willful, you have to click and download and click again and have programs installed. Now, anyone with JavaScript enabled can be a torrent hoster or Tor exit node, *why yes your honor, anyone visiting these porn sites is being sued*

Comment Re: Solution! (Score 1) 391

The fingerprint reader is part of the encryption stack, it's built in chip does things so your average law enforcement agency can't just intercept or fake a true/false signal.

A counterfeit key reader is a security risk and when the encryption keys rotate (the software update or time triggers) it's built in keys won't match.

Comment Re:Electronic Engineer Here (Score 1) 220

a) That's a problem with closed source software, not your OS or your video card. Commercial software producers are not going to support older stuff forever because it isn't profitable but they also don't let you tinker with it or compile it on an older platform. But the point is that the old stuff should still work and not slow down your computer over time. I haven't used Flash in at least a decade for that precise reason but for simple animations it seems like keeping an older version of Flash or getting Gnash may be a solution.

b) Most (good) OS'es aren't vulnerable either. Linux is just coming out of their first LTS, Ubuntu had a few LTS versions and they're all still secure and stable and equally fast on that 80486 as it was 10 years ago. Antivirus is completely and utterly unnecessary for non-Windows OS (and no, market share has nothing to do with it anymore) as are standalone firewalls if your machine is well-managed. Firewalls do nothing against application-based attacks, only close ports that shouldn't be open in the first place or OS'es that somehow don't let you control the ports that are open.

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