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Yeah, you know Google/Microsoft/Apple/Amazon also has Irish offices just to ship out it's US profits as to side-step US taxes and frustrate lawmakers. Big companies are always going to look for the cheapest ways to maximize profits and they'll have an army of lawyers and accountants making sure that whatever they do is entirely legal.

Comment: Re:just like EE, ME, CE, finance...... (Score 1) 586

by guruevi (#47416063) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

I've worked for a company that made the machines that makes the burgers for McD. The reason burger flipping is so 'easy' (even though it still requires training to do it consistently and correct) is because some really smart engineers made it possible for them to do so.

The same is true with programming. It's really easy for a burger flipper to make a website (go to a hosting company and select the "Wordpress" option, 5 clicks and $15/mo later you have a really nice looking website). If you want to make adjustments to the size of the burger, you're back to the engineer.

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by guruevi (#47415977) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

How about instead of giving you a hammer, I give you a toolbox. That's what all of these 'tools' are, they're toolboxes. And unless you got training in the specific tools to use, you will probably and eventually get the job done... poorly. A craftsman will know which tools to use and when to use them.

There is no difference in programming. Everyone can program these days. There are plenty of languages that are easily understood. However when you can buy a toolbox at Home Depot for $300, everyone becomes a craftsman in their own mind.

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by guruevi (#47415931) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

I wonder if the writer has ever seen the monstrosities programmed in BASIC/VB, COBOL or HyperCard by the resident business manager. People in general have no clue about programming or mathematics. People in general, don't go for higher education. People in general have an IQ of about 100. People in general can't work with a computer when the outline of things changes or the buttons move around. And you want those people to program a math equation that requires 2 years of college math... and they need to place the buttons themselves?

Hell, take things "programmed" in Excel for that matter. I've seen people use 3 columns to do things which could've been written in 1 operation especially when it comes to adding percentages to a value (they'll calculate 4%, then add it's outcome to the source value to get a +4% and then hide the other 2 columns instead of just doing 104%). That will take them 2 hours to complete.

The Web is fine. Plenty of people understand HTML, even without much education. People UNDERSTAND that things within a document need to be described at some point. Plenty of people can even understand basic JavaScript, even without much education.

The reason the web and most of programming in general is so kludgy and broken in many places is because we've let those people that understand HTML and basic JavaScript make websites and entire applications. We have told business managers that they can describe their business in a common and easily understood language and the business manager did describe their business but then they've gotten in way over their head where they themselves can't even understand what they've done. And then those business managers moved on and started claiming they had programming experience and then they went to another company to make ever bigger monstrosities. And REAL programmers get a bad name because programming these days is so easy, anyone can do it.

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by guruevi (#47377211) Attached to: Goldman Sachs Demands Google Unsend One of Its E-mails

So what's your solution chief.

OTP encryption can't be broken. There are still encrypted WWII messages that aren't broken. The question is, how long will your sensitive information be sensitive. It is physically impossible for something to be perpetually valued (unlike what Disney wants you to believe, if Steamboat Willy loses it's copyright it is not going to break the box office, it is just a historical curiosity).

Within 100 years, Goldman Sachs probably won't be around anymore and all their clients will have died. What numbers are in that account today will be a historical curiosity, even if it were damning the entire company today, when it's broken they'll just put in a formal apology for crimes past. Even so, if it was created today, what bits do you think will be left over within 100 years?

Current encryption (256-1024 bit) with a good key is projected to be good enough for at least several hundred years even if we get to quantum computing between now and then. By then, it will be similar to reverse engineering the Enigma.

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by guruevi (#47377097) Attached to: Judge Frees "Cannibal Cop" Who Shared His Fantasies Online

I don't even know how they could arrest the guy. He had done nothing at that point, he had made no plans to do anything, no tools, according to his ex who installed spyware on his computer, he was supposedly writing on anonymous fetish sites.

And they were able to hold him for several months on this and he needed a psychiatrist to clear him? Ridiculous.

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But that's what I mean. However, C++ is slower than C, C is simpler to implement and virtually any platform has a C compiler but it doesn't do a lot of things out of the box. You choose the tool you need and best suited for the job. I can't program a PIC in JavaScript, but I can do a website.

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by guruevi (#47346425) Attached to: Fox Moves To Use Aereo Ruling Against Dish Streaming Service

Not exactly. Dish does the same that Aereo did - they allow customers to access their own DVR where they recorded information using their own antennae over the Internet. Aereo allowed customers to access their own DVR where they recorded information using their own antennae over the Internet.

Aereo rents out the antenna
Dish rents out the satellite dish
Aereo rents out the DVR
Dish rents out the DVR
Aereo allows access over the Internet
Dish allows access over the Internet

Dish pays broadcast rights to send things over their satellites to customers' antennae
Local TV stations pay broadcast rights to send things to customers' antennae

I don't see a difference.

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Once you start checking bounds and counting references and making strings safe and cleaning memory and garbage collection you're in the realm of ObjC, Java and other higher languages. They exist, they are available and can be used to implement any algorithm imaginable. Yet programmers still use C, Assembler and even PROM...

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