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Comment Re: The treaty says no such thing. (Score 1) 211

So you'd have to find objects that provide: oil/kerosene (a fuel), liquid oxygen and/or hydrogen (a catalyst) and your precious metal all in close proximity near earth, find multi-billion dollar investors to mine stuff we can easily find on earth.

Alternatively you could just make a bunch of those metal things impact earth and mine it from there (businesses of your proposed magnitude wouldn't care much about environmental or people issues such as wiping a small country off the map).

Comment Re:University Fees (Score 2, Interesting) 219

In the US any of these programs would be considered racist since they require you to qualify in high school. It's also being paid for by insane income (averaging 55%) and sales taxes (averaging 20% for regular goods and up to 150% for fuel). The EU model is great for poor people but those that emerge victorious from the poor house after lots of effort and pain (eg. yours truly) will still want to immigrate to the US so as not to piss away their hard earned money into hollowed out funds (they've all been used up to pay for other things and all of them are deeply in debt).

Comment Re:Real bad news (Score 1) 386

My iPhone lasts 3 days with moderate e-mail and web surfing use, occasional text and phone calls. I'm sure if you're on the phone all day, it would last only a day but that has been true since the inception of the cell phone. I remember the old bricks that weighed close to a kg, the Nokia's, the SonyEricsson's, the Motorola's lasted only a few days with moderate use (and very tiny screens). You can still buy a 'dumb phone' or 'feature phones' with modern battery technology and those might last a few days to a week with moderate use but then we're also giving up all the features of a modern smart phone.

Comment Re:converter (Score 1) 386

No, they dropped it long after 100MB ZIP drives and CDR's became available and nobody was using the floppy anymore except for device drivers. Kind of like the CD these days. You got to understand that Apple never got stuck with a decades-old Basic Input/Output System that requires (to this day) 8088 Real Mode in the CPU, VGA support in your graphics card and a Floppy to boot the system or heck, drivers in the OS.

Comment So? (Score 1) 12

This is more of a browser issue that allows content to be loaded from domains not in the original request. A lot of malware can be prevented that way. If you really need to use 3rd party content, let your domain http server proxy the request (and cache it), that way you also prevent content being loaded you didn't intend to load. It also will reduce load times on your pages as there is no overhead on a million dns requests and different servers being involved.

Comment Re: Private companies don't do exploration of fron (Score 1) 370

Still the cost of platinum per pound is about $1500. The cost to put anything in space is ~$10k/lbs without even returning anything. Say that you need at least 2000lbs of mining material and people going up and down on a regular basis (and you whittle the cost down to a cool $1M/launch) to mine 500lbs of platinum, your .5M worth of platinum would have to cost 1M before profits. In addition, if you sold at market prices hoping to improve your profits in the future by technological advances you would pressure the market cost of platinum due to excess availability so your platinum would be as worthless as gold or silver and cost you a pretty penny.

Comment Re: Cost of access is key. (Score 1) 370

The question is why. Unless our survival is threatened there is no impetus for us to go out there. Even if fuel costs were subsidized, the cost of mining asteroids wouldn't be profitable, the risks alone of encountering the energy and debris of your average space rock. It's far more profitable to mine out our existing trash heaps for resources than doing it in space and even searching our scraps isn't profitable yet over mining it straight out of the crust. By the time we've depleted the local resources to rival costs of space mining, it will be well beyond the time to escape this rock and then survival (aka governments) will be the main driver for space, not private profits.

Comment Re: Someday electric cars may be the norm (Score 1) 480

What's limiting right now is car manufacturers failing to provide a product because electric is inherently less costly to produce and maintain than ICE vehicles thus margins are going to be a lot smaller.

There is also no governmental support to come up with an open standard for charging across existing and upcoming brands or mandate gas stations to install a single charger per dozen or so pumps.

Tesla is making top-end, well supported cars (ala Ferrari/Rolls Royce) for the price of an average outfitted luxury brand (Mercedes/Lexus/Cadillac) and they're getting better/cheaper daily. You can't tell me GM/Toyota or the dozen or so other manufacturers' engineers are intellectually incapable of producing something better/cheaper on existing frames in the last decade or don't have the cash if they had to steal Tesla employees to do so.

Comment Re: Nope. (Score 1) 130

Settlements are approved by judges and stand in stead of a final judgment. It's a judgment without the expensive judicial process. Therefore it stands that the transfer was ordered and legal unless a higher court decided otherwise in appeals and I think the time for appeal has long passed. This might not be the case in another jurisdiction (Germany vs USA) and that is the interesting part about international agreements.

Comment Re: Yes, becaue women are bundles of unbridled emo (Score 4, Informative) 291

They already get paid more than men on an absolute level. The statistic used in unfair wages arguments is the estimated lifetime income which tends to be lower for women because they tend to stay home with kids while dad goes to work.

If you hire someone and explicitly pay them less based on gender, you're a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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