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by guruevi (#47902531) Attached to: Indian Mars Mission Has Completed 95% of Its Journey Without a Hitch

Indians have a great standard of living... if you belong to the right caste. The problem with India's poverty is not wealth or politics, it's religious. Regardless, India has a better health care system than the US and better Internet connections.

Going to space brings about jobs and wealth. Going to war costs jobs and wealth. At least they've got their priorities straight.

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by guruevi (#47886613) Attached to: The State of ZFS On Linux

a) File systems are not OS agnostic, in servers it doesn't matter much
b) You're talking about internal RAID controllers, in a HA situation, you need external RAID controllers
c) Even with those internal RAID controllers, I've tested the LSI MegaRAID and ~1000IOPS is all I get out of it on regular spindles. The latest and greatest from LSI still gets stuck at ~200k IOPS with SSD's (~400k IOPS if you use some proprietary software) while individual SSD's get ~50k IOPS.

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by guruevi (#47880989) Attached to: The State of ZFS On Linux

The CPU and RAM overhead is relatively minimal. You can get away with very few resources, even after enabling compression.

I have a ZFS server ~5 years old right now, serving over 100 NFS and a handful of Samba/Netatalk connections simultaneously (home directories mounted on NFS, SMB and AFP for other mounts). There is a fairly steady 1000-2000 IOPS with spikes up to 100k IOPS, the machine has an uptime over 300 days, the CPU load (8 2.4GHz Xeon CPU's) hovers around 5-10% (100TB of data in 8 RAIDZ2 stripes of 8 disks (2 and 4TB), 800GB in SSD read cache, 120GB in mirrored SSD write cache, directly attached with SAS).

It will off course eat as much RAM as you will give it but for the amount you spend on a halfway decent SAS RAID controller, you can easily buy 100GB of RAM and a set of SSD's. You don't WANT a RAID controller. Regular SAS controllers with ZFS are so much faster; RAID controllers are limited by their on-board chips which are typically sub-GHz RISC (ARM, Intel, MIPS) processors - an external SAS RAID controller will cost you about $2-5000 extra and have a throughput of a few 100MBps and a few 100's of IOPS. In contrast, my setup (36 disks, 4 6G SAS channels) can give a whopping 20Gbps and 1M IOPS.

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I also think it was a feed routing issue with the CDN. First I get a Chinese feed, the feed halts, reloading sometimes it started over from the beginning, sometimes it didn't. Then later on the feed keeps getting interrupted and I get a test card with an Australian TV schedule.

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That's the whole point of ApplePay from what I gather. You scan the card once and then there is a challenge-response system that authenticates NFC payments. The numbers actually never enter or leave the device beyond the initial authentication.

What you are asking for is basically what they've done. The device-merchant connection gets a one-time code, your phone gets a public key to sign things with and the private stuff remains with the bank.

"Who cares if it doesn't do anything? It was made with our new Triple-Iso-Bifurcated-Krypton-Gate-MOS process ..."