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Comment It's pretty obvious what happened to them (Score 4, Insightful) 220

The company forced them to train their replacements, who are non-citizens brought in to the do the same job cheaper because the utility is run by people who apparently feel it's fine to sell out their own countrymen to make a buck.

I don't know what's so mysterious about this. It is what it is. The only question is what are you going to do about it?

I have a really simple solution. Abolish corporate taxes in their current form and replace them with a head count tax. Every US citizen is, say, $1000/year. Every legal immigrant is $2500. Every foreign national abroad, including contract workers on outsourced work, gets a fee of $5,000. If at any time, more than 25% of your work is either performed by subsidiaries or outsourcing firms based overseas that has a sales or some other nexus into the US, you pay FICA on your global workforce including contracted employees.

So carrot and stick. A big, incredibly sweet looking carrot and a stick that has nails driven into it because we want to make the choice obvious.

Comment And you're being exceptionally ignorant... (Score 1) 668

You realise you're literally saying that SJWs are worse than Hitler, the archetypal fascist. IOW you're being exceptionally silly.

You realize that you are demonstrating an absolute lack of historic knowledge and understanding of the word "literally" as you are using it.

Because Hitler was not a real Fascist because his party was the National Socialist German Worker's Party, not a party based on the doctrines of the Italian Fascists or their peers in Austria.

As a matter of fact, I do believe that if SJWs got their way, most Americans would find being ruled Mussolini to be preferable to them because Mussolini was closer to Ron Paul than the average SJW in his need to micromanage every aspect of life in Italy.

Comment And the next time you see a Code of Conduct (Score 5, Insightful) 668

Remember that the identical arguments made for safe spaces on college campuses are being used against FOSS communities. They have every intention of setting themselves up to be the arbiters of what can be said and done, even outside of campus or a FOSS project. Calling these people Fascists is an insult to real Fascists because they've never been as petty and domineering in the minutia as SJWs.

Comment Surprisingly rational (Score 3, Interesting) 442

They get a free and presumably effective tool to enforce the law and the fines go to pay the company that provides them the tool.

The flip side of this tool is also that the company can provide analytics to seniors in the political system on how the police are using their tool, and they won't get the tool dropped. Why? Because the agency knows that Podunk Jurisdiction ain't going to pay huge licensing fees in this economy to replace the system with a competitor's tool because the company responded to a request from the Attorney General or the legislature on how the police were using their product. It's a captive audience.

Comment Umbrella policies (Score 1) 293

Because of two factors:

1. Pedestrians won't modify their behavior in any meaningfully large numbers.
2. Cars will still miscalculate and get into accidents. At least early on, a few of this will probably end up being W...T...F... sized accidents involving bad programming and human error in human-driven vehicles.

WRT #1, people jaywalk all the time. I frequently see people just jump out and expect a car to instantly stop for them. Well, what happens if the self-driven car either doesn't detect them or doesn't do so in time? Can you imagine all of the faux populist outrage?

Comment It's a lack of perspective (Score 1) 214

Why is it that every arrangement between two people that even remotely has the possibility of money changing hands must be a viable way to support a spouse and two children?

Even the majority of the ghettos and Appalachia enjoy a standard of living that, by historic standards, is not poor. The average poor person in the industrialized world is considered a victim primarily because they don't have opportunities for leisure and middle class goods and services, not because they are living on the razor's edge.

Bring a peasant from any continent circa 1500 to our poor communities and they would probably have to be pulled off of the first person who insisted that there was any level of parity between their experience of poverty. Even the average monarch would be awed at how the poor have emergency room access to medicine that not even the richest men of his time could afford.

Comment It's not an obvious misspelling (Score 1) 315

Even if that were the case, it's still outrageous that teachers apparently feel they are required to report obvious spelling errors and that the police feel they are worth investigating. At any point someone could have said "this is stupid, it's clearly a mistake, let's not waste time and money or cause unnecessary grief for this family", but no one had the guts. This is what happens when you create a climate of fear, where if some kid decides to go to Syria because J1hadi2011 told him to his teachers get blamed for not spotting it.

Terraced and terrorist don't sound that much alike, unless you pronounce them kinda like George W. Bush, perhaps. Now here's the thing you're missing. What if the kid's father really is a terrorist and the kid is scared out of his mind about what his dad and friends are up to? At 10, any school kid should know what the word "terrorist" looks on paper and sounds like when spoken if they live in the English-speaking world. It's right up there with the word "pedophile" with only deaf people who've been living in caves their whole lives having an excuse to say "what does that word mean?"

Comment How I would do it (Score 1) 140

If they seem more of a hobbyist, I would give them a VB.NET cookbook and a copy of the express IDE. The reason why is that VB.NET will hold their hand and that will lead to one of two outcomes if they're the type that is at least warm to the field: either they'll get sick of that hand holding and want something better or they'll realize it's just a tool for them. In the latter case, don't worry. They may go into a field where programming is a supporting skill, but not something they need to be good at on a serious level to succeed.

If they seem a lot more serious, I'd choose Groovy. WHT, you're probably thinking. Groovy? Here's why:

1. Groovy has many of the advantages of Python and Ruby in terms of rapid feedback and coding cycle.
2. Groovy can effortlessly move between a simple scripting language and a full Java replacement.
3. Groovy has a mature tool chain in IntelliJ, Gradle and Maven for serious work later.
4. Groovy occupies a really interesting niche that makes learning Java, JavaScript and Ruby later really, really fast for a beginner.

Comment I think he underestimates us (Score 2) 235

Humanity will be quite capable of exterminating itself in space as well. What is needed is a spiritual and religious revival where men actually fear the eternal consequences of their actions again. Religion will be what saves us from this because only religion can provide the eternal carrot and stick necessary to not only make most people behave, but incentivize them to regulate with civility those who won't in ways that endanger the public.

Comment Some dreams don't count (Score 5, Insightful) 317

"I want them to go as far as their dreams may take them. And, unfortunately because of long historic discrimination in the areas of gender, we can't be assured of that."

A lot of women also want to be able to be stay at home moms, supported by a husband on a single income. The effect of driving down wages in our field means it's that much harder for any woman married to a man in our field to have that option. What our economic policies mean for a lot of women in general is that should they want to give up their career, they can't, because cheap labor is more important than economic flexibility.

Comment And now for something really controversial (Score 3, Interesting) 133

It is believed that modern society in the West developed by the upper-middle and upper classes' excess kids effectively outbreeding the lower classes over hundreds of years, resulting in gains in health, IQ and longer time preferences. That's a fusion of nature and nurture reinforcing one another.

What have we done for the last 2 generations? We've inverted it with the more intelligent having fewer and fewer kids. Now we have an economy where getting a good job increasingly depends on biological factors that are not being selected for in our reproductive habits as they once were, resulting in the virtuous cycle of the previous centuries becoming a vicious feedback cycle.

Comment Not revenge, just their old pattern (Score 4, Insightful) 547

I guess this is how the long term "revenge" for the crusades will happen.

Between the death of Mohammed and the time of the First Crusade, the following happened:

1. The Caliphate invaded and destroyed the Persian Empire. [Much conversion by the sword of Zoroastrians]
2. The Caliphate took control of over 50% of the Byzantine Empire. [Mass conversion by the sword of Christians]
3. The Caliphate conquered the Iberian peninsula and attempted to conquer the Merovingian Empire in modern day France.
4. All throughout that period and well into the Renaissance, Muslim pirates and raiders took huge numbers of slaves from Southern Europe and coastal territories as far as Iceland.

So no, not revenge. Just a series of efforts by the Muslim world to expand rather violently.

And after that period we have the annexation of much of Eastern Europe, Lepanto, Vienna, need I go on? Anyone who goes "oh noes, teh Crusades" about anyone other than the poor Orthodox Greeks is an ignoramus.

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