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Submission + - Google car gets a ticket

slickwillie writes: for going too slow. A photo uploaded to Facebook by Zandr Milewski shows one of Googleâ(TM)s self-driving cars being pulled over by a Mountain View, California police officer.

Submission + - Russia reveals giant nuclear torpedo in state TV 'leak' (

schwit1 writes: Details of a new Russian submarine-launched nuclear torpedo have been shown on state-controlled TV, a secret the Kremlin said should never have been aired. Some observers, however, saw it as a deliberate leak.

The airing of the video on television channels under tight Kremlin control raised suspicions that it was done intentionally to scare the West at a time when its ties with Russia are at the lowest point since the Cold War.

Comment Re:tbh (Score 1) 144

I have a vehicle ('95, in Georgia) that requires an annual dyno test.

Finding a working inspection station for these is getting harder every year. I can't imaging telling a pack of people with recent cars to go find them. ('96 and later models don't have to do the dyno test here so they are getting pretty rare...)

Comment Re:GOOD! (Score 1) 216

Troll much?

Complete and utter bull. Even if you are perfectly punctual it is simply random whether you have been or will be shafted by some other person.

In my case it was some Kyesha chick in Mississippi who stuck my google voice number in the hat of bill collectors a few years after I had it.

Took years before those calls dried up. Explaining it is a bad/unrelated number is irrelevant. Blocking is irrelevant. Welcome to the world of only answering known numbers and all else to voice mail.

Comment Re:A comparison would be good (Score 1) 319

I suspect your situation is common (it matches me, down the the services mentioned...and yeah, what is up with SyFy being blocked....?) Catering to the cableTV cutters just makes sense. Even people that aren't interested in managing media systems and multiple services can go down the Roku et al. road and have a simpler, cheaper, and in some ways superior, experience to what the cable companies provide.

A failure will not appear until a unit has passed final inspection.