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Comment: interesting (Score 0) 104

by slashmydots (#46778875) Attached to: RCMP Arrest Canadian Teen For Heartbleed Exploit
So you do something stupid like that in the US or Canada or England or any other civilized area and you get caught in like a day. Do it in Russia or Indonesia or Turkey or Israel (mega malware hotbeds) and you might get caught somewhere between 2 years and never. Where is the UN on this one? OHHHHH THAT'S RIGHT it's all old people who don't know a thing about technology. That explains the problem.

Comment: bribed, unfair, stupid crap (Score 1) 91

Just fight it out with paintball guns or a poker match. Or run through the Wipeout tracks. Or Super Smash brothers. Or Dance Dance Revolution best of 3 dance-off. All this behind the scenes, cloak and dagger, pretend-fair bullshit is getting old. If there's a cap or randomization, some dreamy idiot with some dumb invention wins and doesn't make good use of it. If it's unlimited, the customers end up paying AT&T or whatever for 10 years the 1 trillion dollars or whatever the hell they bid. It's all just passed straight to the customer. If the government runs it, it's a shitstorm.

Comment: the real truth (Score 4, Insightful) 320

I don't like the homeless because I met a bunch of them. They sincerely are lazy, unmotivated, and/or drug addicts. There's a temp agency in town where if you show up sober in the morning, you work. The end. If something is preventing you from doing that, it's probably your fault. So that's why I dislike and don't empathize with the homeless. I'm CIO of one company and the rest of the day run a computer repair shop just to make ends meet. I typically work 12 hour days. One of my homeless friends...well, he spends all day playing Magic the Gathering at a hobby shop, hanging out at various locations, bumming rides off people, and stays at the homeless shelter. When we told him to get a job at a temp agency for even just a week, he said he doesn't do that kind of work because he doesn't like it. He's also convinced he's unhireable because he's homeless but it's a cover for being lazy. THAT right there is the homeless. So take your Go Pro and shove it up your ass.

Comment: I guess they were wrong (Score 3, Insightful) 146

by slashmydots (#46776515) Attached to: Vintage 1960s Era Film Shows IRS Defending Its Use of Computers
If you're about to say they were correct, hold on a minute. Without the aide of computers, the tax laws wouldn't be this complicated. No human could ever interpret and correctly follow tax law as it sits right now. So all these computers caused it to grow completely insane and waste small business owner's time.

Comment: I hate SC2 (Score 1) 102

by slashmydots (#46766595) Attached to: Your <em>StarCraft II</em> Potential Peaked At Age 24
I used to be one of the best players, by sheer coincidence when I was exactly 23, but now I can't stand the game. Here's my summary of SC2. You're super intelligent and have the best strategy. The only thing getting in the way of you doing it is how quickly you can click the mouse and scroll and issue keyboard combinations. That's SO ANNOYING! The game might as well just be called "click the button" and see who can click the button faster. I prefer Realtime Strategy games that focus on strategy in realtime but not that ridiculously realtime. Otherwise it feels like stressful work. Oh and everyone you play against is an arrogant asshole, in case you were wondering what the player culture is like.

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