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Comment: you know what I'd like to see? (Score 2) 127 127

I'd like to see a cross index of precision dexterity, reflex speed, mental-only math, complex problem solving, traditional IQ problem solving style questions, memory ability, some sort of empathic test, and reading comprehension to get an overall rating of the brain's abilities. For example, I may have been taught really well in math and look like I'm smart because of it but that's training and practice. I can speed read but there's a trick to it and you don't really have to be smart to do it; it just makes you look smart. But it is a proven fact that most olympic athletes have higher than normal IQ's. I've noticed that intelligent people are immensely better at knife throwing than unintelligent people, I guess because their brain simply works faster. So why don't IQ tests have dexterity and reflex tests?

Comment: another crap article (Score 1) 297 297

Oh good, another pissed off writer talking out his ass and mixing up corporate drives with personal level drives. Anyone who puts HGST's garbage above Seagate clearly has their statistics messed up. We don't know the conditions the drives operated in. How old were the power supplies? Was there vibration in just one rack? Was the whole place operating at 90F?
I love how they say "BackBlaze’s experience with the 2TB Seagate drives was flawless." Really? Because over 1000 people on newegg say they're crap no matter who you get them from. Oh wait, that's the non-commercial drives that we all ACTUALLY USE in our desktops.

If you're interested, here's the truth:

Comment: good advice (Score 1) 268 268

I'm not big into donating money without heavy research and that's annoying. Like who knew the Red Cross was wasteful and mismanaged bullshit, EVERYONE knew that United Way is bullshit and their CEO was stealing money and they funnel money to political bribes and lobbying, and it turns out Compassion International is practically flawless but has bad rumors spread about them. That's A LOT of research time.

I tend to find out what a small, local-ish organization needs and then get them precisely that. Like if they need cleaning supplies or computers or toner and paper, I get them that. Then it's practically impossible to misuse. Money can go anywhere.

Comment: Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 121 121

Loading drivers in a similar manner as hibernation pre-boot is a horrible idea considering drivers are how viruses bypass the UAC most of the time. The order in which it turns off hardware devices is misleading and dangerous on all Windows 8 laptops. The whole EUFI thing is BS. UAC basically doesn't even work at all on a basic level and they haven't fixed it since Vista. So really the kernel isn't anything special aside form performance modifications.

Comment: I have an idea (Score 2, Insightful) 121 121

Here, let me run MS for a second.
- Fire everyone responsible for Windows 8's design
- Fire anyone who thinks charging for products over time is a good idea
- Fire anyone responsible for UEFI and attempt to press criminal and civil charges against them for it
- Fire all H1B workers and hire Americans or green card citizens
- Fire anyone who thinks releasing a new mega-update to Windows every year is a good idea and strongly suggest they go work for Apple
- Fire anyone who thought touchscreens would take off as a primary input method for laptops because they're too stupid to be a functional human being let alone do their job

Problem solved!

Comment: time for guns (Score 1) 219 219

Try that shit in the US where I have multiple concealed weapons. They try jumping me on the street because they didn't like my Facebook post, they're taking bullets to the head. I'm fairly certain guns are practically banned in most of India and this is probably why. They want only the rich and corrupt in power to have guns.

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