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Comment not new (Score 1) 291

A quick release valve on a pressure cylinder + a pipe and some kind of dart or other metal projectile can easily kill a human. Redneck home brews like this are not exactly new. People are just all excited because you can practically buy a 3D printer, download the mode, hit print, and you've got a gun. That's so much harder than basic pneumatic/plumbing knowledge...or the ability to follow directions on the internet with difficulty on par with baking cupcakes or building an ikea chair.

Comment why is this not a thing? (Score 1) 137

Can't someone build a $5 jammer and whoever is controlling a drone no longer can? There aren't many completely AI drones and they certainly don't cost under $1 million. That's easier than eagles and by definition a jammer for that frequency won't interfere with any electronics that the original transmitting controller for the drone would have.

Comment the other side of the story (Score 3) 204

On youtube, facebook, and comedy and meme sites the two are getting utterly destroyed. For example, one member said that one of the fine brothers' meth addict looking eyes couldn't be shown on youtube because Steve Buscemi has prior art. The real problem people see is first, they're "franchising" out something they don't own in the first place (a video format as opposed to their actual brand name) while secondly potentially preparing to sue everyone who reacts to viral videos in a similar way to their common format. Well guess what, anyone and everyone can make a "let's play" and it's a similar format because in the US you can't patent or trademark or copyright general presentation formats.

Comment maybe because it's not (Score 3, Insightful) 828

I hate Donal Trump but I also have a brain. Saying "some Mexicans crossing the border illegally are felons and rapists" is not racist, it's true and an actual political problem. What Democrats (and idiots) HEAR is "all Mexicans are rapists and felons." It's not like he's tweeting "white power" or something blatantly racist.

Comment She lives in pretend land (Score 1, Informative) 571

I swear, Clinton lives in her own little reality. Her husband was impeached. She was caught lying soooooo many times. People generally don't like and distrust her. She got caught in like a dozen scandals. Now she's in the middle of possible federal charges and she's running for president! In fact, she got endorsed by Planned Parenthood and even their turbo-liberal base started lashing out at her and them. On what planet does she think she's going to win the election? The fact that she's still running is incontrovertible proof of mental illness and I don't think that's a great qualification for president of the USA.

Hillary for Prison 2016!

Comment my experience (Score 1) 106

In my experience, on late model DDR3 and DDR4-based chipsets, the ME driver is unstable, does absolutely nothing, is now included in Windows Update so you can't ignore it unless you disable it. Some early model computers around 2009-ish will not boot if ME is turned off in the BIOS so why is there even an option in the BIOS to turn it off? NOBODY actually uses it for anything, even in most corporate IT environments. I also heard some computers can use it to turn on from a dead power off, allegedly. It's almost like Intel decided they had too much business and too much of an advantage over AMD and wanted to shot themselves in a foot a couple times.

Comment no it isn't (Score 2) 159

Does the credit card reside in the same country as their IP address? THE END.
In fact, take their credit card billing address and just use that for zone licensing and ignore their IP address. It's rather difficult to get a credit card with a billing address in a country you don't reside in and aren't a citizen of.

Comment counting is fun (Score 2) 258

This is what makes me think they're estimating the amount of matter in the universe incorrectly when it comes to the dark matter mathematical discrepancy. They can't even count our own planets correctly. I know the dark matter one is like 10:1 compared to visible light estimates but still, this really outlines how perpetually wrong astronomers are about everything.

Comment marketing (Score 0) 177

I love Amazon's marketing strategy of release info about drone delivery, pretend it was all a practical joke when people laugh at it, then actually try to do it. Calling your own idea crap and then lying about it then doing it anyway is definitely the right way to promote your service.

Comment why not run it on gravity? (Score 1) 103

So wind blows in one direction for the most part and they want to use kites to generate power? Kites blow in one direction too. It takes energy to pull them back. That's why you don't make an unlimited magical energy generator that uses the power of gravity. Gravity pulls in one direction so eventually you have to lift the item against gravity. The same basic principal happens with wind and kites.
So use that as a starting point and then look at the diagram of the ridiculously over-complicated kite system they somehow "invented" and compare it to a rotating wind turbine, one of the simplest machines ever created. I'll stick with the turbines, thanks.

Comment keep waiting (Score -1, Troll) 104

Not going anywhere for a while? Grab a snickers...and throw it into the large hadron collider because that will tell you more about "dark matter" than this experiment. It's a lot more likely that dark matter and dark energy are just math errors that don't take into account proper universe/space expansion and doesn't understand how gravity really works.

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