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Comment: they're handling this incorrectly (Score 1) 183 183

The proper way to handle such ridiculous legal nonsense is to simply ignore it. Refuse to collect anything and pretend the law wasn't passed. Then make Chicago do all the legal work to form a case proving they actually need to comply with the law. That's cheaper, easier, and more likely to work than immediately lawyering up and fighting it.

Comment: Re:THIS is why I don't vacation in Liberia anymore (Score 2) 11 11

If I want to go on a vacation I go down the street to Arby's then back to my house to play video games and watch marathons or things on Netflix. Why do people even travel? "Ohhh I just have to see the sights!" It's called Google images. I've never had to get a passport to use Google images nor did I ever get mugged, get pickpocketed, have my luggage lost or stolen by customs, caught a disease, had drugs stuffed into my luggage, gotten stuck by grounded planes, had my hotel bombed, been kidnapped, etc. Fuck other counties.

Comment: Are they really this stupid? (Score 1) 11 11

"He medical community is speculating that a cluster of infectious carriers somehow survived longer than was previously believed possible, or that there is a previously unknown means of transmission."
I have a crazy idea that apparently the group of "medical experts" haven't considered. Maybe someone who was infected traveled to Liberia from somewhere else. You know, instead of some sort of magical disease-resistant silent carrier bypassing the normal incubation period. Seriously, they didn't think maybe that happened?

Comment: in case you're wondering... (Score 1) 242 242

"Not too long ago I had a similar experience when applying for a job online (ironically for an entry-level IT position)"
That would likely be Tek Systems Inc he's referring to. You know, one of the largest IT staffing company in the US. They did precisely that to me as well. I changed my password immediately to one I don't use elsewhere.

Comment: you know what I'd like to see? (Score 2) 127 127

I'd like to see a cross index of precision dexterity, reflex speed, mental-only math, complex problem solving, traditional IQ problem solving style questions, memory ability, some sort of empathic test, and reading comprehension to get an overall rating of the brain's abilities. For example, I may have been taught really well in math and look like I'm smart because of it but that's training and practice. I can speed read but there's a trick to it and you don't really have to be smart to do it; it just makes you look smart. But it is a proven fact that most olympic athletes have higher than normal IQ's. I've noticed that intelligent people are immensely better at knife throwing than unintelligent people, I guess because their brain simply works faster. So why don't IQ tests have dexterity and reflex tests?

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