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Comment and yet we're living in Star Trek already (Score 1) 378

To travel faster than you, you need to bend space so you're traveling through less of it but effectively moving further when you unbend it. We have proven as scientific fact that space can be bent and we know what particle does it. Plus we have a proof of concept model of FTL travel in that space is expanding so at the edge of the universe, objects are effectively becoming more distant from us at a rate faster than the speed of light. All that is established fact and this idiot thinks we'll never build the equivalent of a warp drive? We're probably less than 100 years out from it!

Comment ipads don't belong in the real world (Score 0) 366

It's almost like ipads are a stupid, portable toy for rich morons and they don't belong in the real world like for example a workplace. My merchant services vendor massively screwed up my application a few years ago because that dumbass was using an ipad as well. It's almost like tablets are an inferior way to typing data into a computer system or something.

Comment faster than light (Score 1) 152

"and then the other — even if it's across the Universe — is immediately known"
Well I guess that's settled then. A year or two ago I posted that scientists potentially thought that quantum changes could occur faster than light because nothing is "traveling" it's merely updating to current reality in real time. People replied like crazy and downvoted me to oblivion. Well I guess we found out who was right after all, didn't we? In fact I recall a story about NASA wanting to test this onboard the ISS. I think that rocket carrying it exploded but still.

Comment It's a miracle (Score 1) 369

Considering he did nothing to stop Wall Street nonsense, did nothing successful to help the environment, and started/escalated more wars than he ended, I thought for sure he'd continue not being a democrat and let the keystone pipeline pass. So far he's done basically nothing other than controversial social issues. I think he's our first troll president.

And on the seventh day, He exited from append mode.