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Comment: I have an idea (Score 2, Interesting) 634

"subjecting it to slow and calculated torture"
STOP LETTING PEOPLE RETIRE AT 55 WITH FULL BENEFITS! It's not a sustainable economic model you arrogant, self-absorbed ass!!!! He makes the democrats in California look smart by comparison. Greece is like a tax and spend nightmare cycle but without the tax part. I'm starting to think the citizens are the laziest, most needlessly entitled people in the world. The government programs and benefits and pay are absolutely mental! Seriously, look them up on Wikipedia. They're absurd!

Comment: what? (Score 2) 54

by slashmydots (#49763897) Attached to: Universe's Dark Ages May Not Be Invisible After All
Can someone explain "high-energy photons." The way I understand physics if you add energy to something it moves faster. Photons travel at one speed. The only other option is for them to appear to add mass to themselves when energy is applied. Photons don't have mass apparently. So what are the properties of a high energy photon and how is the energy not expressed as speed?

Comment: Quite the opposite (Score 1) 62

100% of galaxies have supermassive black holes near them. Quasars form based on mass and age. Galaxies near each other should be around the same age. I don't see the problem here. So four galaxies around the same age had nearly the same mass by sheer random probability and they all turned into quasars at the same time because they're all the same age formation-wise.
"We looked at 1% of the universe and didn't see something like this so it must be impossible" is not valid science. That's right up there with "the Earth looks flat so it must be flat."

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