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Comment The real reason (Score 1) 592

I will likely be downvoted, even though what I write is absolutely true.

Revolution was predicted at least 6 years ago, a result of public land policy changes made 50 years ago and yet nobody talks about it. In fact, if anybody brings it up, they are immediately dismissed as radical, or simply silly.

Starving people are dramatically more likely to revolt than well fed people. Somehow, mentioning this ridiculously obvious fact is universally dismissed.

Comment Re:I Bet This Article Will Do As Much Damage... (Score 1) 108

If the author hasn't been played in any way, then the damage is still done: the scammers just got a great idea they'll no doubt literally capitalize on.

If you think that anybody who's written or executed ransomware hasn't already thought about ransoming medical devices, you have an astonishingly low opinion of others. Just how smart do you think you are?

Anybody who's spent the time necessary to write ransomware and attempt to profit from it has had more than enough time to consider the all reasonable possibilities, even if it took somebody as *brilliant* as you 5 minutes to come up with this idea. This isn't some global super-conspiracy; this is as brilliant as banging chips off a rock with another rock.

Comment Re:Let me get this right. (Score 1) 151

Well, kinda, but not entirely that simple. I've probably re-bought more computer games than console games, really.

I play my Atari and Nintendo (original NES, and SuperNintendo) games on my PC in emulation.

My original computer games were for the Mac OS 6 through 9, none of which are compatible with my curent MacBook running OS X, so I either don't get to play them anymore, or I re-purchased them for PC. GOG.com makes this relatively inexpensive, and honestly it's easier and cheaper (in terms of time) to re-buy rather than try to do the hacks.

I do still have a PS2 (maybe 15 years old) with a few games that I only play every few years, and my "new" console is a PS3 that's about 7. Even that doesn't get much use as a gaming box since the first kid was born 4 years ago. I don't have any duplicates here, but I do have a few that run in a series across consoles. For instance, Dynasty Warriors 4 for the PS2, and Dynasty Warriors 6 for the PS3.

Comment Re:Too many self-absorbed people (Score 1) 119

Well, isn't that kind the entire point of social media? Taking every aspect of your life and broadcasting as if it was some earth-shattering news?

Is it? I would have said the merit of social media was the ability to share selected items with a particular audience that mostly can't be there in person. But probably I'm doing it wrong.

Comment Re:yes, but directory traversal and buffer dos, so (Score 1) 74

HOWEVER, -all- of the "download.php" scripts I've ever looked at have at least two of the same three vulnerabilities.

1) Protection from directory transversal is harder than it looks,

2) fopen_url, and

3) memory depletion from failing to disable the output buffer before reading and writing chunks of the file.

I'm a PHP dev, and the first two are relatively straightforward to prevent. EG: Check that basename($file) == realpath(Basename($file)) kind of stuff. But #3 is interesting to me; how would the following cause any problem?

$fp = fopen($hugefile, 'r');
while ($line = fgets($fp, 1024))
      echo $line;

In this case, the buffered output will be spooled to Apache/end user as it fills. Or did you mean OOM errors from trying to load a 2 GB file into RAM?

Comment Re:I miss pgsql (Score 1, Insightful) 83

... and the replication systems are typically not worth much more than a dime, sadly.

We have a pretty beefy set up; 4x 16 Core Xeon DB servers with 128 GB of RAM each and Enterprise SSDs, serving hundreds of instances of like-schema databases, one per (organizational) customer, serving an aggregate peak of about 1,000 queries/second in a mixed read/write load.

And we've never been able to get replication to work reliably, ever. In every case we've ever tried, we've seen a net reduction in reliability. Every single time. Not that we've stopped trying, it has just never reached "just works" territory.

Replication is PG's Achilles's heel.

Comment Mike vs. Joel (Score 1) 83

I hope this succeeds, but honestly I like Mike Nelson more than Joel. I'd be more inclined to help kickstart one from Mike.

I really like what Mike, Kevin, and Bill have going on with Rifftrax.com. One just needs to beware that some riffs are done by people other than them, and imho aren't nearly as entertaining.

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