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Comment: Re:Wrong (Score 1) 486

by Quirkz (#49743211) Attached to: The Brainteaser Elon Musk Asks New SpaceX Engineers

Think about it some more. There is a place near the south pole where the effective circumference of the earth at that latitude is exactly one mile. So if you started one mile north of that spot you could go south, make the circle, and head north, and be back in the same place.

Then, as the GP says, there's an infinite number, because there's also a spot where the effective circumference is half a mile, a third mile, a quarter mile, etc., where you're just doing more laps around the same ring when you head west, before heading north.

Comment: Not sure (Score 3, Interesting) 360

by Quirkz (#49692681) Attached to: What Happens To Our Musical Taste As We Age?

I realize this analysis is about "popular" music, so this may not entirely fit. But last year I listened to one of those Great Courses sets on "How to Listen to and Understand Great Music" and really changed what I've been listening to, which now includes quite a bit of concert music (baroque, classical, etc.) that I never really appreciated before. Am I an outlier that I'm picking up something new just as I turn 40, or does this not count because it's not pop music, and old fogies are supposed to drift into listening to this ancient stuff anyway?

I'd say I've also picked up a lot of new material recently because of Pandora, but I'll admit most of that is older music, where it's a genre/style I liked, but I somehow missed some of the artists from that era who are similar to ones I already liked.

Comment: Re:But... (Score 1) 244

While I'm dumbfounded by repeated arguments that there can't be any business model other than "selling a hammer" I also don't agree that 70 years is a reasonable span for royalties. A decade or two? Sure. That's a pretty good span for getting your money back from a creation. But by the time a work of art has spanned a generation, let alone two or three, it really ought to be open to the public to make use of it. Without getting too specific about where to draw the line, it seems to me like a decent rule of thumb that if something existed before you were born, by the time you're a fully grown adult it ought to be available for use in your own art without continuing to pay royalties.

Comment: Re:Same in the UK (Score 1) 190

by Quirkz (#49642627) Attached to: No Justice For Victims of Identity Theft

That runs slightly counter to an experience I had, which was similar but not quite the same. Someone opened an eBay account using my name and address and a fake credit card, but it wasn't my card. They bought just a couple of things, totaling less than $200. I've had collection agencies contact me a couple of times about it on behalf of eBay, who was clearly looking to recoup that relatively small loss. Not sure if they've got different policies in England as opposed to the US, or what else might have caused them to pursue my case but not yours.

Comment: Re:39/100 is the new passing grade. (Score 1) 174

This always surprises me. I know how contentious the physical sciences are, and from what I understand the soft sciences are even worse. I'd expect lots of people with differing opinions would be out to refute studies contradicting their assumptions. Maybe the flow of income makes this less possible?

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