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Comment Re:Let me get this right. (Score 1) 151

Well, kinda, but not entirely that simple. I've probably re-bought more computer games than console games, really.

I play my Atari and Nintendo (original NES, and SuperNintendo) games on my PC in emulation.

My original computer games were for the Mac OS 6 through 9, none of which are compatible with my curent MacBook running OS X, so I either don't get to play them anymore, or I re-purchased them for PC. makes this relatively inexpensive, and honestly it's easier and cheaper (in terms of time) to re-buy rather than try to do the hacks.

I do still have a PS2 (maybe 15 years old) with a few games that I only play every few years, and my "new" console is a PS3 that's about 7. Even that doesn't get much use as a gaming box since the first kid was born 4 years ago. I don't have any duplicates here, but I do have a few that run in a series across consoles. For instance, Dynasty Warriors 4 for the PS2, and Dynasty Warriors 6 for the PS3.

Comment Re:Too many self-absorbed people (Score 1) 119

Well, isn't that kind the entire point of social media? Taking every aspect of your life and broadcasting as if it was some earth-shattering news?

Is it? I would have said the merit of social media was the ability to share selected items with a particular audience that mostly can't be there in person. But probably I'm doing it wrong.

Comment Re:Dr. Spear? (Score 1) 321

A quote from my most recent novel: "Wort rotated through a series of pole arms, including a halberd, bec-de-corbin, glaive, guisarme, glaive-guisarme, bill, and guisarme-o-nine-glaives, before settling on an HFAP.*"

* Huge Friggin' Axe on a Pole

And a related footnote about the THWACK rating: "To Hit With A Club or Knife, a system in decreasing 2% increments of the chances of making contact in combat. It’s not the only calculation in town, with the others being THWAP (To Hit With A Polearm), SLICE (Sword-Like Items Contact Estimation), and WHOMP (War Hammer Or Mace, by Priest)"

Comment Re:I have no debt and a hefty savings account (Score 1) 386

Shady indeed. Missing a single payment (due to a bank clerk error, not mine) and Chase upped my interest rate from almost nothing to 30%...which is evidently illegal in NY, if this site is accurate and yet they do it anyway.

I paid the fee for missing a payment and closed the account so for me impact was limited but for people caught in the trap 30% is, to say the least, abusive.

More than a decade something like that happened to me. I can remember the agent on the other end rebutting one of my points with the statement, "I am unaware of any applicable usury laws in the state of Colorado." That's when I knew I was in trouble.

Later I found out the rate spike hadn't been solely due to one late payment, but also due to a student loan that was supposed to be in deferral but messed up my credit rating before the paperwork cleared. Amazingly, once it did clear up, I was able to successfully argue with the credit card company that they had not properly informed me of the reasons for the rate hike. I not only got them to lower the rate back from 30%+ to something closer to 12%, but also got them to refund several months worth of inappropriate interest. Honestly, I'm still amazed I got that through the system. They gave me a ton of runaround and were repeatedly late following up on things (once even blaming a multi-week delay on a snow storm in North Dakota, as if snowstorms up there in midwinter were somehow an unusual thing). It took a ton of patience and documentation and pushing them.

Comment Re:I gave a negaive Amazon review once (Score 1) 92

Hm. Amazon certainly has plenty of negative reviews out there. Pretty weird that yours was flagged. I think I wrote one that wasn't just negative, but even included the phrase "this atrocity of a game" and they still let it through. Of all my reviews, it's the one voted most helpful, even. Maybe it got pulled in exchange for the replacement?

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