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by Quirkz (#48091887) Attached to: Fuel Efficiency Numbers Overstate MPG More For Cars With Small Engines

Absolutely. I know I consistently get 330 miles until "I should fill up" and 350 until practically empty. I did see some wild swings during the vacation that I still don't understand, of 30 gallons or more. Not sure if there were differences in pump hardware or the automatic cutoff, or what was going on. In Oregon in particular, where the attendants pump for you, I felt like some of my fill ups weren't quite full, and then I'd be running on fumes at 320 miles all of a sudden.

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by Quirkz (#48091653) Attached to: Fuel Efficiency Numbers Overstate MPG More For Cars With Small Engines

It's rarely an issue even in the states, but having recently driven across Utah and Idaho, there were times when I did have to pay close attention to the gauges. (Also that crazy strip of touristy Oregon coast where even with a town of 20k and a bazillion tourists, the nearest gas station was 20 miles away, but let's not dwell on that.)

The thing is, my car (a 2010 model) still doesn't actually tell me how many gallons are in the tank. I've just got a readout with a dozen or so dots that slowly disappear as they're consumed. Even worse, it's most definitely not a linear chart. I can go close to 200 miles on the top half of the readout, but only get 150, tops, on the bottom half, and even with consistent, level, highway driving I'll see some dots last for 50 miles and then the next dot down last for maybe 20.

If I get to the very bottom of the tank the car does finally tell me "x miles to empty" - a handy-useless warning that if I'm doing it right I'll never actually see. (Oregon coast notwithstanding. Twice.)

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The SxS assembly backups have a vital role, and they don't actually use as much disk space as you think, due to hard linking ---
Windows Explorer gives you an impression that more disk space is consumed by this folder than actually is.

That's nice to hear, because that folder often displays as upwards of 15GB, often as much as everything else in the OS combined, at least on the servers I'm looking at. Confusing, though, if that's not really what it's taking up.

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I majored in physics, but at a very liberal-arts-focused school. So, I guess I've got both. I think it's served me well in the field: I've built web sites, been in tech support, run my own indie MMO, done a lot of random programming, and I'm currently a server admin.

Believe it or not, the most helpful classes may have been art history. Journalism and philosophy didn't hurt, especially Symbolic Logic, which was a philosophy class.

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