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Comment: Re:Comfortable, were we? (Score 1) 106

by Mr. Slippery (#47787177) Attached to: Japanese Publishers Lash Out At Amazon's Policies

Bwahaha you slackjawed imbecile, you realise you've just described the actual outcomes of everything marxist?

Bwa-ha-ha you slack-jawed imbecile, you realize there are more possible ways to structure an economy than capitalist so-called "free markets", and Marxism-degraded-into-Stalinism-or-Maoism, right?

On maybe, like most Americans brought up on a century of Red Scares, you don't.

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by jafac (#47785817) Attached to: Astronomers Find What May Be the Closest Exoplanet So Far

Okay, but for example:
I am pretty overweight, but I'm in pretty good physical condition. I currently weigh 180 lbs. On this planet, I would weigh 315 lbs. That's like carrying 135 lbs of extra weight. If I'm backpacking, I carry anywhere from 25-35 lbs total, and I can "go" all day like that. I get pretty wiped out, but it's something I can adjust to, over time. I've hiked at 70 lbs, carrying equipment for other "less capable" people. That's really about my limit. This seriously cuts my hike range from about 15 miles in a day (max, really humping hard) to about 5-7. After a day like that, I'm fucking beat. And that is where I can take this pack off, and set up camp, cook, eat, sleep. I could pack 135 lbs, but I wouldn't get far, and I'd probably hurt myself trying.

When I train, I train with a pack that starts at about 10 lbs, and I ramp up over a few weeks to 40 lbs. And that is gradual enough, to avoid injuries, while building-up strength. And this increases my capacity and performance, but this takes weeks. (and as I get older, it gets much harder).

I see absolutely no way in hell I'm going to deal with an extra 135 lbs of weight, 24-hours a day. I'm not going to "build-skeletal tissue" or strengthen my body's structure. What will happen, physiologically, is I'll "survive" (minimally) maybe a day. My joints will get beat all to hell. I will be too sore to move for another few days of immobility. If I stayed on the surface, it's pretty likely I'd not recover.

I think that a "1.25 g" planet might be survivable for short periods. And this level MIGHT be enough for "physical toughness" to develop (over time), given a proper training/rest regimen, proper nutrition, and medical assistance with things like testosterone, HGH, and whatever other "black-magic" stuff that the pro athletes are taking.

I'd also tip my hat to probably the top-10% of the genetic bell-curve; those individuals who have rare, natural gifts of athletic ability, and while they are in their prime years of life, to MAYBE be able to adjust long-term to 1.5 g.

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by Mr. Slippery (#47784249) Attached to: Why Women Have No Time For Wikipedia

The argument is that a concerted push to end sexism *just for women* is itself sexist.

Yes, it is. But for any given instance of sexism against women, some making a push to end it will be motivated only to end sexism against women, and some will be motivated to end all sexism. Thus one cannot determine merely from participation in, or advocacy for, a specific attempt to end an instance of misogynist sexism, whether one is merely misandrist or is truly in favor of equality.

Comment: Re:Gender imbalance is self selected (Score 1) 514

by Mr. Slippery (#47784195) Attached to: Why Women Have No Time For Wikipedia

How many women fly fish? Not many. Guess how much sexism there is keeping women from fly fishing? Zero.

You post about how it's important to provide evidence for a hypothesis, then spit out a hypothesis about sexism with zero evidence for it. That's so remarkably thick-headed I have to think that maybe you're engaged in some sort of meta-troll? If not, then let me point out that a minute with the search engine of your choice can help prevent you saying stupid things:

Angling and Sexism


Wanton Sexism in Fly Fishing (What is Going On?)

Bait Shop Sexism

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by Mr. Slippery (#47784041) Attached to: Why Women Have No Time For Wikipedia

Why not let women do what they want instead of trying to force them in to places that aren't necessarily their thing?

I see no "force" here. I see no objectification here. You are using hotbutton keywords that have no relevance.

If a certain group of people don't feel invited to your thing, it's entirely appropriate to re-write your invitation. If your infrastructure isn't supportive of a certain demographic, it's entirely appropriate to remediate that.

OTOH, if (at TFA suggests) you've got a demographic that's socialized to avoid conflict, and you've got a project that inherently involves conflict between different POV, you've got a problem.

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by jafac (#47781517) Attached to: Mozilla Rolls Out Sponsored Tiles To Firefox Nightly's New Tab Page

No - this is exactly what happened with Television.

We had 3 broadcast channels which were ad-supported.

then we had the option to purchase around 20 channels.

Then, all of those channels which we PAID for with cable, became ad-infes.... ad-supported. And you had to pay EXTRA for more ad-free channels.
Then many of those extra channels also became ad-infested.

Then we got the internet, and the option to pay for ad-free TV. Then motherfucking HULU comes along, and rams ads down your throat for content you paid for.

They don't "get" it: people want a way to escape the fucking ads.

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by jafac (#47780643) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine

There was no "understanding that we would come to their aid". The deal was: they get rid of their nukes, and Russia promises not to invade. Has nothing to do with the US, but it's a very stupid move on Russia's part. Ukraine will be the first and last nation that voluntarily disarms. I suspect many of these other countries who are flirting with nukes, will be encouraged, now, to obtain them.

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by jafac (#47769001) Attached to: How Red Hat Can Recapture Developer Interest

Very important for certain customers:
RH has a Common Criteria certificate. So, it's basically the ONLY Linux you can run in an IA environment. The other option is Windows. I don't even know if Solaris is there, still. I've seen customers migrate entire Ubuntu networks to Red Hat, to meet this set of requirements.

This means revenue for Red Hat, and this drives them to work towards being a one-stop-shop for IA Enterprise systems.

With other environments leaning towards HIPPA and other sets of security regulations, the fact that Canonical doesn't really play in this space means that Red Hat is pushing in this direction.

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by Mr. Slippery (#47756277) Attached to: Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

According to the market...

...which is a completely irrelevant way to measure quality of tech. The success or failure of a company has more to do with its ability to manipulate markets than with the quality of its products. MS got its market dominance by making a deal with IBM, not by creating a great product. Apple got its market dominance by cultivating an image, not by creating a great product.

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I really don't understand why people hate targeted ads so much. Sure they might miss the mark.

I care about the covert surveillance which enables targeted ads.

I care about powerful corporate and political interests attempting to manipulate my decisions. That's nothing less than mind control, black magic.

The ads themselves? Adblock Plus removes them from my sight anyway.

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by jafac (#47731749) Attached to: It's Easy To Hack Traffic Lights

Not only is it that the guys making big bucks making decisions are horribly undereducated: they won't pay for security because that would cut into THEIR compensation (to have to pay competent engineering staff). So not only are they undereducated, they have a conflict of interest that promotes horrible engineering practices.

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