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Comment Re:Could someone ELI5 how Macbooks retain value? (Score 1) 433

yes that is true, though I have never owned a mac laptop and have had plenty of laptops without the display flexing. its interesting because the only ones I seem to recall having that problem are the absolute cheapest available, which is saying this yougo has thin panels, buy a Bentley

Comment Re:Already running a $50 phone. (Score 1) 141

dunno about the nokia but for fucks sake the market is flooded with android 4 50$ smart phones direct out of china that when you include the darn near slave labor probally only cost them 10-15$ to produce and another 5 per unit to cover development cost over the life of the production run.

and half of them are made by ZTE which is carried by all USA celphone brands including the disposable prepaid phone as official devices, paid in full up front, the 50$ smart phone is 5 years old, out there and making a profit

though 5 years ago is 5 years ahead of where google is currently with everything getting new web 2.0 interfaces that don't function, outside of android, which made the rest of the company go full blown retard

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