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Comment Linux is a fragile house of cards (Score -1, Offtopic) 698

And its by ignorant design mostly

for example last night I removed the soduku game that came with my distro, thanks to its dependency tree and debian / ubuntu's package management removing this one stupid game took half of XFCE with it, and I was left with a command prompt

say what you want about windows, it doesnt fuck the entire system if I uninstall solitaire

Comment Re:What's wrong about "being an option"? (Score 1) 42

problem with a lot of these new DM's is that it is not just a look, its a complete change in how you use a computer

if that works for you great, if you don't want to deal with fucking around for a half hour cause some hipster asshat decided YOU cant put a icon on YOUR desktop then there's a whole slew of DM's that follow the windows 9x style of UI we have been having no isssue getting work done on for 21 years

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