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Comment Re: If that's how Pokemon Int'l treats its fans... (Score 1) 194

Doesn't matter money is exchanged for a promotional event using other people's IP

Doesn't matter how you feel, that's pretty cut n dry in the eyes of the law and if you don't actively protect your IP when something real happens you loose basis of compliant

Comment state of healthcare (Score 3, Insightful) 232

a hillbilly making minimum wage can look up a car part out of tens of millions in about 3 seconds, with 3-4 questions, using a green screen terminal connected via dialup

your nurse sister has a binder

I don't think the number of codes is the problem

Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 280

downloads at 10 meg is still faster than prime, problem is after waiting on said software to show up and it taking forever to install there's another 25 gigs worth of updates ugh

I have 50Mb/s internet, but only cause it would actually cost more to go down a teir thanks to double plays and special promotions and blah blah blah, but I spent many years on 1.5 or 3 then eventually 10 and outside of HUGE downloads and keeping the video buffer full its mostly wasted pipe..

course that's what the ISP's want, that way they can sell you a large number and hope that most of you are not going to use it, cause in reality if everyone in your area started a download at once the whole system would drop to sub ISDN speeds

The life of a repo man is always intense.