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Comment: Re:All software is full of bugs (Score 4, Funny) 78

But we don't do that. We never do that. As developers, we hide our head in the sand until we absolutely can no longer ignore then problem, and then we say "Whoops! My bad!" As consumers we assume that professionally published software should be reasonably free of bugs or exploitable code. And people start being held accountable by law for their shitty software, the status quo will never change.

I was demonstrating to a shitty software developer the other day how all his input sanitizing routines were in the javascript front end to his web application and anyone bypassing the javascript could essentially have their way with the back-end database, and he told me "Oh you're making a back-end API call, no one will ever do that!" No one except the guy who's hacking your fucking system, jackass. People like that make me want to sign on as Linus' personal dick-puncher. Whenever someone writes some shitty software that pisses Linus off, I will find that person and I will PUNCH THEM IN THE DICK. Because I swear to god, that's what it's going to take. Congress is going to have to WRITE A LAW allowing me to HUNT PEOPLE DOWN and PUNCH THEM IN THE DICK over the SHITTY SOFTWARE they write. And when that day comes, with God as my witness, I will PITCH A TENT outside MICROSOFT HEADQUARTERS, and that will be the LAST TENT EVER PITCHED at MICROSOFT HEADQUARTERS!

Comment: Its the banks stupid. (Score 1) 333

by hackus (#47547335) Attached to: Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine

First of all, someone doesn't like what is going on in the Far East.

They don't like the Oil pipelines selling oil not in dollars.

They don't like the elected leaders so they over throw them, and the whole thing is so corrupt, they don't even try and hide the fact anymore and use communications wide out in the open for people to record and play back of their corruption.

I am suppose to believe, that a country which beat Napoleon, Hitler and has state of the art military gear easily matching anything the United States or the West has, can't figure out what a passenger airliner looks like and decides to blow it up for some sort of secret gain?

Of course, while all of this is going on it is I am sure JUST A COINCIDENCE, that the make and model of the airliner shot down is the exact same kind of air plane, from the same place one of the same make and model, freakin same country of origin and even the SAME FREAKING AIRPORT, matches the one that disappeared a few months ago "somewhere over the pacific".

In case you people haven't figured this out yet, this is about the dollar. As in, since 2007 the corruption is so EPIC in our banking industry, they are robbing anything that is not nailed down to cover the loses of this looting since, well, nobody was prosecuted.

So, the same crooks keep robbing the financial system, over and over and over and over. As a result the debts get bigger and bigger and bigger.

They basically need to loot Iran, and Syria since they already looted Iraq and want that gas and oil next to Russia.

Even Biden's kid was installed to insure the Oil stays in the family so to speak. Yeah, I can just see how happy a Ukraine citizen is going to be when it is so obvious our government is looting their country for Oil and Gas, going so far as to put kids of our crony government/Federal Reserve reps in charge to insure the looting goes according to plan.

All of it is funded by the Federal Reserve and its crony Wall Street puppet banks.

You know, Russia isn't a goat herding outback country like Iran. You fuck with these people and you are going to wake up with a few cities missing.

Russia will not bend its knee to Napolean, Hitler and especially not a bunch of fucking banker wank jobs from New York.

Comment: Re:Linux, a miracle (Score 1, Flamebait) 503

by hackus (#47544767) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken"

The reason why LINUX is as good as it is, because people who are involved with LINUX are passionate about great software. The reason why LINUX attracts people who are passionate about good software and world class engineering is because you can actually do something about these sorts of errors.

With proprietary software like Windows, that passion is crushed because you can never ever fix these sorts of things, without going to jail in the f*cking fascist corporate state.

Tolerance is lower, because YOU as a software developer have EPIC amounts of control over the software stack. You are suppose to test these things before deployment. On Windows or some other piece of shit operating system with no source code this sort of thing is tolerated much more frequently because you do not have that level of control and more importantly: Defects in proprietary software are thought of as a REVENUE STREAM, not as a PIECE OF SHIT SOFTWARE.


Hence Windows shit, vs LINUX EPIC engineering.

That EPIC engineering runs the fastest machines, the largest computers, the smallest computers do you know why?


I figure Windows shit owes me like 5 years of sleep as a IT Monkey going on 25 years in the industry. I always think, why didn't someone yell at the guy like LINUS who wrote this shit, to fix it?

Keep yelling LINUS!!

Comment: Is There A Lot More Activity (Score 1) 144

by Greyfox (#47538323) Attached to: Soccer Superstar Plays With Very Low Brain Activity
Is there a lot more activity somewhere else in his nervous system? Perhaps we distribute the processing load as we learn the moves. IIRC I've read a couple of papers that suggest that more processing than we realize takes place in our retinas when we do object recognition. I'd guess if you measured the brain activity of someone who's been driving for a couple of decades while they're driving, you'll find a lot less brain activity than someone who's just started. Maybe that's why the newbie has so much trouble with it -- it's an activity that requires a lot of reflexive movement and the newbie hasn't learned those yet. I've noticed that when I get in a car where the controls are a bit different, my eyes don't know where to go to gather the information that I need right now and I actually have to think about it. Could be a symptom of that...

Comment: Justice Liberty and Freedom (Score 1) 63

by hackus (#47504957) Attached to: Rupert Murdoch's Quest To Buy Time Warner: Not Done Yet

Mention any in the presence of Murdoch and his ilk will get you classified as a terrorist and likely SWAT'ed.

Well, either that or you could be driving your car and inexplicably jit a tree ay a very VERY high speed and wonder, "That is odd, where did that tree come from?"

Comment: Data sent to airlines (Score 5, Interesting) 216

The Travelocity guy avoided telling the whole story. They do provide relevant information, but if the government has the PNR with all the remarks in it, then it likely came from Travelocity or Sabre.

Travel agencies and 3rd-party web sites, such as Travelocity. put all this encoded stuff into the remarks section of the PNR, it's all that "H-" stuff. When the PNR is sent to the airline, NONE of the remarks are transmitted. The airline doesn't receive your IP address, for example. Seat numbers, phone and contact information are transmitted in Special Service Request (SSR) and/or Other Service Information (OSI) fields. One major exception is that Travelocity and AA share the same PNR when booking AA.

Now, the airlines have to send a whole bunch of data about you to the TSA to get clearance for you to board. Look up Secure Flight / APIS / AQQ and you can learn a little bit about it.


Comment: Re:How did they launch from the moon? (Score 1) 210

by Waffle Iron (#47494905) Attached to: Apollo 11 Moon Landing Turns 45

I've never understood how they were able to launch from the moon back towards Earth. Launching from the Earth requires massive infrastructure and huge rockets. Yes, the moon's gravity well is shallower, but still significant.

It's because the fundamental equation that relates a rocket's performance and the mass fuel it requires to orbital velocities is exponential. This makes it work out so that any chemical rocket leaving earth has to have the vast majority of its weight as fuel, where as a rocket leaving the moon only about half of its weight as fuel.

What's more, the entire lunar module and its fuel supply is dead weight as far as the earth launch is concerned, which makes the earth rocket and its fuel multiple all the bigger. Then there's the issue of bringing along enough fuel to slow down the craft into lunar orbit, and escaping lunar orbit back to earth. The lunar lander didn't need to handle any of that, either.

Comment: Re:complex application example (Score 1) 161

by Greyfox (#47494759) Attached to: Linux Needs Resource Management For Complex Workloads
Could you put multiple network cards on your scheduler machine, put the workers on different subnets and randomly dole out the jobs between those subnets? Seems like you'd be less likely to drop UDP packets that way, I'm pretty sure I ran across a utility (lsipc or something) that would list IPC resources, including shared memory. I seem to recall that the segments also show up in /proc somewhere. It's been a while since I've looked at it.

Not being able to ack important message packets seems like a design flaw.

Even though we have a LOT more hardware now than we did back in the day, you still can't BFI your way through a lot of the big data applications that companies are starting to try to get into. In the past, the company would just throw more hardware at a poorly designed application and that would "solve" the problem. I once saw a team throw 48 gigabytes of RAM at a leaky Java program, and schedule weekly restarts for the goddamn thing. But it's a lot easier to hit hard walls with big data, to the point where you absolutely can't throw more hardware at the problem.

Comment: If slashdot had a TV channel... (Score 3, Insightful) 127

by Dr. Spork (#47490353) Attached to: Dungeons & Dragons' Influence and Legacy
They would be wise to get a celebrity D&D campaign. Just imagine an evening with Cory Doctorow, Stephen Colbert, George R. R. Martin, Matt Groening etc, all sitting around a table, trying to lawyer rules and hold off a raid of hobgoblins! That would be a "reality" show that I could watch!

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