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Comment: No. (Score 1) 734

by hackus (#49194285) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should I Let My Kids Become American Citizens?

You get US citizenship for those kids and they will be in BIG TROUBLE.

Our country has been seized by the Global Elite during 2007 financial crisis and is headed for a GIGANTO crackup boom with relation to its currency.

To cover for that they are building a police state, albeit slowly but very persistently.

Keep any and ALL financial assets out of reach of this country as they are already telling most of the voting simpletons they are going to get free this, and free that and everything is free.

So we have a Health Care law that has thousands of sub sections to confiscate your assets, ALL OF YOUR ASSETS if you accept ANY PART of the so called free heath care plan for example.

The police are already executing people, it is a HUGE problem in Texas right now cops putting drugs in peoples cars in order to seize their homes for example.
(The last place you want to drive that nice sports car is in Texas my friend.)

Until we put pitch forks in the the hineys of the Oligarchs who run this place from Wall Street stay far far away from this place.

When the currency fails, or the war they are planning starts up to cover for 2007's thievery all hell is going to break loose.
(Like sending in troops to cause trouble next too a major Nuclear Power/Russia.)


Comment: Values to pass on. (Score 1) 698


We are born helpless, we require lots of attention.

When we die, the same happens.

Gradually you will become a child again. You will become bed ridden, infirm and for a brief while rely on others in the same way you did as a child.

Each path we take when we come and go, the stuff that makes it all worthwhile is at the end and beginning.

It makes the stuff in between bearable.

Comment: I prefer ASIAN women. (Score 1) 286

by hackus (#49108483) Attached to: An Evidence-Based Approach To Online Dating

Simply because:

1) They all have ON/OFF buttons. That comes in handy every once in a while.
2) If they get an attitude problem RESET fixes it.
3) Made in USA is good, Made in China is better.
4) They play some of the best music, videos (Especially Lord of the Rings) and you know, they love it!
5) They provide excellent feed back on my code. If it sucks they let me know.
6) Excellent life partner and teacher. It seems she knows everything.
7) Even when she gets old I can upgrade.

Yeah, Asian women. Love'em.

Comment: What a load of crap. (Score 0) 115

I highly doubt they had the resources to infiltrate all of these systems without key industry support.

You have to be an incredible moron to think these people are brilliant, they are not.

They have a huge checkbook and that is the only brilliance they need to get the cooperation they require from Seagate, Toshiba etc.

They do not need the entire company to conspire, only a handful will do, from the article I would say less than 10.

It is almost as stupid as believing Google protects your privacy because they use HTTPS on search queries.

Brilliant my ass

Comment: Issues in general. (Score 1) 176

by hackus (#48445493) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Practices For Starting and Running a Software Shop?

First, you my friend are going to have a mighty rough ride if you are thinking about competing against the new generation of software people coming down the pipe.

I do not know what advantage you think you have, but asking such basic and simple questions although not a crime, suggests you should not be the one owning the shop.

Hopefully you recognize that and put someone else in control because learning on the fly with investor money is a sure fire recipe for disaster. Unless you are funding the shop yourself.

The people I work with, never went to college. They are a new generation built upon Internet access. The are debt free. Free thinkers and horrifically skilled and on their second startup by the tender age of 23.

They are debt free, confident and not scared of failure.

More than a match for any CS program anywhere in the world. I would ask one of these young choppers to run the place.

That is if you can get enough respect from one of them by simply dangling your paper degrees in front of their faces to be the one they call boss.

Good luck, you are going to need it.

Comment: Nvidias destruction. (Score 1) 93

by hackus (#48445435) Attached to: Samsung Seeking To Block Nvidia Chips From US Market

Nothing would make me happier.

From an open source perspective Nvidia is far worse than Samsung with regards to hardware openness.

I mean, I have been very careful over the years to not buy phones, tablets, video cards that are associated with Nvidia in my private computing and professional computing experience.

I urge everyone here to do the same and put your dollars privately in those situations professional consulting can sway your customers opinion towards companies that have open hardware. Even companies who are not open fully, like AMD, but much more so than Nvidia.

Building a great operating system with source code requires open hardware.

Comment: I'll informed public... (Score 2) 219

by hackus (#48295071) Attached to: Is Public Debate of Trade Agreements Against the Public Interest?

If a ill informed public votes for a bad law, then that is not so bad.

If a single person decides the fate of millions, that is very bad because being informed has nothing to do with the overall well being of a Republic.

We have a small number of people in Europe, USA and Asia creating lots of problems.

Let me be the first to say they are VERY informed about what they are doing, and very well educated.

These enemies of humanity are working very hard to bring about the destruction of the human race with their greed, lust for power and absolutely blood thirsty rule.

The issue as I see it is to deconstruct or decentralized control of societies. As these blood thirsty people plan the next disaster or take advantage of natural ones to destroy our lives with fiat rule by decree, or executive orders or whatever, we simply prevent large structures of political blocks from forming.

We can start by preventing banks from becoming too large, because they are, well..enable the construction of these large blocks of control in the first place.

Ever since banks in the USA for example became a monopoly things have been going down hill fast.

There funding of mischief is ever increasing through out the world.

Comment: Re:the ones to blame are the 350.org, etc (Score 1) 695

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but the energy industry, as well as the financial industry are the primary benefactors to both primary parties in the USA.

so this is not a neo con, tea party issue.

In fact, as it has been pointed out in pedantic style here on Slashdot and non mainstream media outlets, we live in a oligarchy.

NOT a republic, democratic state as so many idiots continue to believe in.

Comment: CO2 levels (Score 1) 695

Plants simply absorb most of it, as they done so for BILLIONS OF YEARS THROUGH FAR WORSE EPISODES IN EARTH HISTORY.

I am all for growing trees and increasing the density of the natural Biosphere to combat this problem. Make every city block free space required to grow food plants of any kind appropriate, for example.

Make the primary color of all cities green, instead of concrete. Very simple to do, and free food for everyone.

If city workers can plant and water trees they can do the same with food crops.

I am not for carbon credits, AL Gore nonsense and incorrect or bad science.

I am ESPECIALLY AGAINST modifying the atmosphere. You want to try that? Take a crappy 2000 plus year old tech rocket ride to Mars and take your industrial education complex fellow PhDs with you.

Good luck, and do not call us, we will call you.

Comment: Yeah...I got some ideas... (Score 1) 352

by hackus (#48165805) Attached to: White House Wants Ideas For "Bootstrapping a Solar System Civilization"

1) Destroy instutionalized education and rebuild it with features like Oh, I don't know...how about not penalizing people who think differently and degrees based on contribution to society and not paper exams?

2) How about not destroying our economic base by giving bankers hundreds of trillions in benefits for raping society and well, maybe using that money to build something we need...like a new propulsion tech not based on Newtonian Physics?

I would be willing to bet with 17 trillion dollars that the Bankers go we could probably do something interesting....like open the entire resource base of the solar system to a growing humanity with lots of problems.

Comment: I will tolerate man for 120 years. (Score 1) 75

by hackus (#47899097) Attached to: Medical Milestone: Scientists Reset Human Stem Cells

There is a reason why we die.

It is the very fact, human beings are essentially evil if left to their own devices.

The worst possible outcome is human beings living longer for no other reason except to continue our evil ways.

Something has to change, and it isn't found in simply changing our DNA.

Comment: Re:Smart People (Score 0) 161

by hackus (#47843271) Attached to: Getting Into College the Old Fashioned Way: With Money

George Boole was told he wasn't a man of quality, and his ideas were not correct by ALL of the leading academic institutions IN THE WORLD.

That is just one example, and there are many more.

How idiots like you in institutionalized learning centers manage to get away with REWRITING HISTORY OF THE COMPUTING FIELD by posting that sort of horse shit really pisses me off.

Yeah, go right ahead. Burn through 250K in cash, places like harvard and stanford computer science programs and get taught by narrow minded people who share that marvelous history of telling people like George Boole his ideas are not worth anything. "Because you are not a man of quality."

It is a fine tradition carried on till this day by all major Universities around the world.

If you are a University Degree'ed PhD reading this I have a message from George B. :


You will have a head crash on your private pack.