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Comment Uncharted Terrirtory... (Score 1) 507

Certainly is if they can convince enough people to pay Carbon Taxes to the World Bank to form their own bueracracy to seed a new governmental authority with its own Army and answers to no one.

But don't worry its too keep you all safe and to prevent that carbon dioxide (a known toxic gas that kills life on earth) from getting out of hand.

We need to remove all Carbon Dioxide from the planet to protect the future of humanity and Carbon Taxes will save the planet.

Comment Bizarre (Score 2) 464

You know I asked my grandfather about the weird banker deaths, Swartz's death and now this one this evening and he had a interesting response:

"During the purge in the 1930's lots of people went missing. Mainly individuals in societal roles that some in society are not happy with."

I replied: "But these people had families and nobody hated them they did interesting things and certainly were not criminals."

His response?

"Not criminal perhaps to you and me, but those in power have their own rule of law."

Comment Re: Needs an Update (Score 1) 456

I am not sure why you would pay less in taxes if government had access to those revenues accumulated in offshore accounts.

History refutes this argument. At the very least you would pay huge increases in the current taxes you pay now due to the fact government never has any spending controls.

I mean if it did it would not need the money in those offshore accounts in the first place.

Comment Climate Change (Score 2) 289

First of all:

1) Climate Change is a natural response to the Earth's ability to support life.To thwart the Earths ability to prevent or adapt either through increasing the surface area of the oceans as compared to land, or through geoengineering projects more than likely will destroy the biosphere.

Contrary to what these scientists will tell you, shining a heat lamp on a beaker filled with CO2, although a useful experiment, is not exactly the same as a 4 billion year old Biosphere, created through wholly unknown means and unknown processes.

So predicting a outcome through any purposeful change would be highly reckless and it is beyond our ability now, and more than likely a thousand years from now.

Yes, the earth really is that complicated I am afraid than that beaker of CO2.

So what can we do in the mean time?

2) One thing we CAN do is divorce ourselves gradually over time from the environment. We would do that by building structures in orbit in the future, but right now, we have all the tools to do something far more practical: Create and build archologies on the surface or underwater.

Since human beings are sort of picky about their environments anyway, to provide our own air, recycling and power systems to grow food in a closed loop from outside the environment is something which our current engineering systems can solve.

No need to experiment with the environment outside, and much more useful than carbon taxes which do absolutely nothing but make problems worse by removing the financial benefits of climate change for building real solutions like the above.

A great way to test this out would be to build an archology on the island and move everyone into it. Depending on what the culture produces or decides, they could allow the archology to float or stay fixed.

It would represent a really valuable experiment to see what the details we would need to solve to make that happen.

It would also produce and refine the timelines on some technology we desperately need like Thorium reactor technology and Hydroponic farming on large scales.

And of course most of the industrial automation of the systems would be a HUGE project to make a distro of LINUX to handle. :-)

Call it Archology LINUX. All the software you need to run a archology! :-)

Comment Re:Hating on Diesel (Score 1) 188

Yes, I wonder how much this politician gets to say this sort of stuff.

I don't believe anything that comes out of a American politicians mouth, and certainly not out of a British ass kissing Monarch cronies mouth.

I own a 2015 VW Jetta, and other than a software update to control the chemical infusion process of the diesel exhaust system, it does not belch black smoke, is not filthy in any way and continues to get excellent gas mileage.

Diesel's are a target because of their efficiency, lower cost production of fuel than petrol and those two things when combined spell cheaper operation costs, and a cleaner environmental impact.

Two things that continue to improve over time, which are proving to be the ire of environmentalists stuck in the 1980's.

Comment Re:CISCO (Score 1) 130

I understand alright.

Look at the original ARPA documents calling for a distributed non centralized architecture for the command and control of communications.

I also understand that CISCOs products are perfectly designed to be easily compromised on a small scale with gigantic affects.

The worse being the UCS manager. Who in there right mind would build a network where all you need is access to one box, and you can trash whole infrastructure.

These products coming out of companies, not just CISCO, are the darlings of future NSA black budget industrial espionage strikes.

They are not designed for your business.


Comment CISCO (Score 1) 130

How about stop making and delivering interdicted custom gear for the NSA/CIA?

I know, I have seen the equipment hooked into AT&Ts network.

It isn't a joke what is happening. In the end we all know why this spying is happening and it is not to make you safer.

It really is all about industrial espionage and taxes, all in pursuit of western bogeymen, they create.

As long as they keep the bogeymen well funded expect more countries shredding freedom and liberty, and all of those that died before us to have given their lives in vain.

I mean look at what they are doing, France wants to rewrite it constitution. For what? Why?

Comment Free money (Score 1) 1291

We already have such a system.
It is called the Federal Reserve Banking System.

It prints money and per the FOIA requests I have requested, it is done in secret to the owners.

So we don't need a new system we already have one.

However, instead of printing the money for the owners, whoever they are, you would print money for the general masses.

Good luck with that.

Comment Certifications Like Degrees (Score 1) 213

Are crap.

Every moment you spend on a exam memorizing crap that is already obsolete is worthless. The only reason to subjugate information in this way is to restrict access to opportunity and to fund a demoralizing education system which produces NO results.

Kiss my backside, I will not pay one red penny to a education system or certification system.

Leave the internet ALONE and let the information be available for people access freely.

Let people organize technology and efforts around those principles specified in the GPL.

Define a individuals self worth by what he or she contributes.

Shun degrees and certifications ALWAYS.

You do our young people a big service to their future and release them from this ridiculous restriction and judgement calls on that future with the current system we have that produces SLAVES, not indiiduals who are educated.

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