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Comment Free money (Score 1) 1291

We already have such a system.
It is called the Federal Reserve Banking System.

It prints money and per the FOIA requests I have requested, it is done in secret to the owners.

So we don't need a new system we already have one.

However, instead of printing the money for the owners, whoever they are, you would print money for the general masses.

Good luck with that.

Comment Certifications Like Degrees (Score 1) 213

Are crap.

Every moment you spend on a exam memorizing crap that is already obsolete is worthless. The only reason to subjugate information in this way is to restrict access to opportunity and to fund a demoralizing education system which produces NO results.

Kiss my backside, I will not pay one red penny to a education system or certification system.

Leave the internet ALONE and let the information be available for people access freely.

Let people organize technology and efforts around those principles specified in the GPL.

Define a individuals self worth by what he or she contributes.

Shun degrees and certifications ALWAYS.

You do our young people a big service to their future and release them from this ridiculous restriction and judgement calls on that future with the current system we have that produces SLAVES, not indiiduals who are educated.

Comment Greek Bailout (Score 1) 485

What I find fascinating is that:

1) The sums are gigantic and no way could the Greek People incur that sort of debt.
2) Most if not all of the Bailout money goes to Germany's and EU's banks. while 5% of the total bailout will be used to capitalize EU banks in Greece.
3) Greece is forced to sell most of its assets, including such things as islands, airports and public historical monuments to private EU bankers.

Finally, how the Greek PM royally screwed the Greek people. Since most of the assets will be stolen by the bankers, there is no possible way the economy will ever recover under those conditions to pay any of the money back ever.

So it would seem the end game for these little dealings is the countries natural resources and assets.

The EU bankers (Troika) could care less about the paper, they want the assets.

It is fascinating to watch a people completely sell themselves into slavery and subjugation.

Grab the popcorn this is going to get really good about a year from now when te average guy on the street finally figures it out.

Comment Asylum Request (Score 0) 146

Besides the fact Assange already knows it would be suicide to go to France, I am left wondering what was he thinking?

Every banker from the west wants this guy dead, lead alone the politicians.

Until the banking industry is destroyed, preferably and the power structures are rebuilt around honest banking, this guy better not step foot out of that Embassy if he knows whats good for him.

Comment I want one for Xmas. (Score 1) 250

Dear Santa Claus,

      I have been exceptionally good this year so I think I deserve a wife for Xmas that like computers that:

    1) Like BIG DATA problems.
    2) Doesn't do Windows but loves little Penguin OS's.
    3) Like to write C and JAVA. (No DOT Net please...this women should be respectable.)

PS: Please include instructions for the wife as I hear they do other things, not related to programming. Thank you.

Comment Bankers (Score 3, Insightful) 546

The only people I am afraid of are the western bankers who faced with a declining empire because of their lawlessness, refuse to except their loss of power and wealth and decide if they can't continue to have all of this wealth and power and all od the lawlessnes and mischief you read about in the free news on the internet.

They will destroy it.

Those are the people you should be afraid of.

Comment Cashless Society=Government Excuses to Steal (Score 1) 294

with far greater control might I add.

Technology is a great idea, but not using it to centralize currency manipulation by the government to seize and loot peoples assets is even better.

Yes, a cashless society would offer certain benefits, but it would prove to be far too tempting a target by governments and criminals.

Centralization of power is always a bad idea. Decentralized everything, from countries, to militaries to commerce.

The name of the game is to minimize risk, from psychopaths who are invariably attracted to power in government jobs.

With decentralization, no way could they organize stuff like the looting they did in 2007 by the banks of some 17 trillion dollars of American tax payer money to gve to all of their banker buddies/friends.

Comment Circumstances surrounding his capture (Score 1) 649

Among other things, changed so many times, quite frankly any narrative the governmental prosecutors would present already has me biased.

They on purpose, shot the guy in the throat after capture.

If this is a dangerous man, why would you not aim for the head?

Why would you shoot the guy in the throat?

Then there is the whole Russian government involvement which I won't get into as you can track that little rabbit hole anywhere on the internet, which leads all the way back to an American military, private company involved in lots of terrorist bombings and CIA nonsense in just about every field of operation currently ongoing in the middle east right now.

Finally what purpose could it serve to kill the kid? How is that going to solve terrorism?

I see lots of small children and young adults like this kid and they normally do not want to blow up and kill people unless a government or society somewhere conditions them to do so.

Comment Masculinity or Stupidity? (Score 1) 950

After watching a few of my friends go absolutely nuclear and destroy themselves at the hands of the court systems and treacherous women who just want a fetus and a monthly payment per month, I alone have emrged unscathed.

Funny, when was in High School, nobody even knew I existed. Now that I super computers for a living (basically industrial computing plants), and make a decent salary, I am all of a sudden "noticed" by lots of women and I am 48 years old.

Women who are just dying to latch onto someone and get that monthly payment going. I am not much too look at externally, so when a 34 year old chic wants me to date her someone is wrong.

Even after I say "I am very flattered but I do not have the time at the moment for a movie, bar, eat out....etc.".

What is surprising is some of these women won't let up.

Apparently the new sexy is anyone with a steady decent job, and monthly pay check!

But I watched my friends in their 30's get racked over the coals by women who drained them dry of cash, material possessions and even took the damn dog. Nothing will slap that little head between the legs into reality is a phone call from your pal at 2:30am in the morning sobbing on the phone she cheated on him, and said she is going to divorce him and take everything.

She didn't take everything, he did get the old dumper he drove to work everyday because the judge through the Expedition would be safer for her and the kids!!!!



Besides, turn on a little porn at night, helps me sleep better. BONUS: No bitch telling me I can't go to sleep afterwards.

This chic has an ON and OFF button, thank goodness.

Who in their right mind, would be stupid enough to get married in American society today?

If I do get married it is no going to be in the States THAT IS FOR SURE.

Comment No. (Score 1) 734

You get US citizenship for those kids and they will be in BIG TROUBLE.

Our country has been seized by the Global Elite during 2007 financial crisis and is headed for a GIGANTO crackup boom with relation to its currency.

To cover for that they are building a police state, albeit slowly but very persistently.

Keep any and ALL financial assets out of reach of this country as they are already telling most of the voting simpletons they are going to get free this, and free that and everything is free.

So we have a Health Care law that has thousands of sub sections to confiscate your assets, ALL OF YOUR ASSETS if you accept ANY PART of the so called free heath care plan for example.

The police are already executing people, it is a HUGE problem in Texas right now cops putting drugs in peoples cars in order to seize their homes for example.
(The last place you want to drive that nice sports car is in Texas my friend.)

Until we put pitch forks in the the hineys of the Oligarchs who run this place from Wall Street stay far far away from this place.

When the currency fails, or the war they are planning starts up to cover for 2007's thievery all hell is going to break loose.
(Like sending in troops to cause trouble next too a major Nuclear Power/Russia.)


Comment Values to pass on. (Score 1) 698


We are born helpless, we require lots of attention.

When we die, the same happens.

Gradually you will become a child again. You will become bed ridden, infirm and for a brief while rely on others in the same way you did as a child.

Each path we take when we come and go, the stuff that makes it all worthwhile is at the end and beginning.

It makes the stuff in between bearable.

Comment I prefer ASIAN women. (Score 1) 286

Simply because:

1) They all have ON/OFF buttons. That comes in handy every once in a while.
2) If they get an attitude problem RESET fixes it.
3) Made in USA is good, Made in China is better.
4) They play some of the best music, videos (Especially Lord of the Rings) and you know, they love it!
5) They provide excellent feed back on my code. If it sucks they let me know.
6) Excellent life partner and teacher. It seems she knows everything.
7) Even when she gets old I can upgrade.

Yeah, Asian women. Love'em.

Comment What a load of crap. (Score 0) 115

I highly doubt they had the resources to infiltrate all of these systems without key industry support.

You have to be an incredible moron to think these people are brilliant, they are not.

They have a huge checkbook and that is the only brilliance they need to get the cooperation they require from Seagate, Toshiba etc.

They do not need the entire company to conspire, only a handful will do, from the article I would say less than 10.

It is almost as stupid as believing Google protects your privacy because they use HTTPS on search queries.

Brilliant my ass

Last yeer I kudn't spel Engineer. Now I are won.