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Comment Laser's The Way To Go (Score 1) 173

Injkjet output has always looked like crap to me, and for a long time there I was printing so rarely that I'd buy an inkjet, print one crappy looking page with it and the next time I needed to print something the cartridges would be all dried out. Recently I had an uptick in stuff that needed printing, so I bought a Xerox color laser printer. It can do a color image on glossy paper quite nicely and its blacks are crisp and clear. I'm not printing out a ton of stuff, but so far it's proven perfect for my needs. The print-outs also won't bleed if they get a little water on them.

Funnily enough I was dreading setting it up on Linux, even though I'd specifically purchased a printer with PostScript capabilities. As it turns out, its Linux driver seems to work better than the windows one -- it's picked up different addresses from DHCP a couple of times now, and the Windows driver had some trouble finding it again. It just kept working on the Linux side. I mostly use it with LaTeX to print documents and envelopes (The LaTeX envelope style is awesome!) and some occasional pictures with the Gimp. I almost never actually print from Windows.

Comment Well That's Kind Of Their Thing (Score 1) 45

They offer, or at least offered, pretty decent incentives to file patents. Of course, the only guy I knew in the company who ever actually wrote one was the most useless software developer I'd ever met, and his patent was for some basically trivial file parsing we'd implemented with methods known since the 70's. So the quality might not always be there, but you can bet they'll make it up in volume!

Comment Re:They aren't revolutionizing shit. (Score 1) 378

Heh. Yeah. I can squeek a six quart crock pot of lentil soup (Lentils, Chicken, Canned Tomatoes, Onion, Garlic, Carrots and Potatoes) under $10. Half that if I leave out the chicken. A bit more if I also add bacon and my home-ground curry mix. I can get cumin for practically free at the moment, though. And that'll keep me fed the entire week. It's damn good, too, just not something I'm in the mood for in the middle of August.

Comment Clean! Atomic! Energy! (Score 1) 504

Doesn't Mitsubishi or someone make a pebble bed reactor you can fit on the back of a 18 wheeler for about $10 Million? Thought I read that somewhere. I would totally put a Mitsubishi reactor in my back yard if I could sell the excess electricity on the local grid. I'm sure the neighbors would have no objections to Clean! Atomic! Energy! and neither should Hillary. Reallly! It's just like fire! The handbook says so! All that hysterical handwaving is just hippies stuck in the 70's!

Comment Why Fight It? (Score 4, Insightful) 133

Just go somewhere that sucks less. The company you're working for (Doesn't matter which one, they're all the same) would butcher you for organs if they thought it would be profitable enough. I guarantee you their marketing guys are still trying to figure out how to put a positive spin on it. You don't owe them anything, and they don't owe you anything. They understand this quite well, and you need to do the same. If you don't enjoy the part of your relationship where you get to solve neat problems and write cool code, find a job where you do enjoy those things. Or at least one that gives you enough bread that you can swallow their shit sandwich.

Comment Kidnapping (Score 1) 123

The last company I worked for gave us all T-Shirts left over from the "Better Days" swag bin. Then HR told us all not to wear them. "You'll make yourself a target for kidnapping," they said. So on behalf of that company, which if you're the Chinese hacker who compromised my information, you'll know who it is, please don't kidnap their employees! With their culture of ineptitude and recent public stock offering, anyone who knew how to build a thing that we were working on had long since left the company! Literally the worst thing you could do for your country's program is kidnap one of their employees! You will set your program back by a least a decade! You'd be much better off targetting Google's employees for kidnapping! Thanks for your understanding!

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