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That's what I've found, too. I have more luck just seeing if someone will work with a team well, rather than look at their degree status. I'd take a kid with a high school diploma and a few open source projects out on github if I think he'll work on my team well. Unfortunately those are just the sort of people HR usually filters out.

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by Greyfox (#48158321) Attached to: How Nigeria Stopped Ebola
Yeah. Between vials of smallpox showing up and their handling of ebola, I've gotten the impression that the CDC are a bunch of inept fools. Probably a bunch of cronies appointed in various administrations. You know when a bad time is to discover the people running your organization that's supposed to deal with infectious diseases in your country are a bunch of inept fools? When a disease that's so far killed 70% of the people who've contracted it enters your country. So far we've been very arrogant in our handling of this disease. We've thought we could do it better than some poor-ass country in Africa, we've thought that with the advanced medical technology at our disposal surely it won't kill nearly as many people, we've thought that the improved sanitation available here would help contain the spread, and we've been wrong on all counts so far. It'd be nice if we could start treating this disease with the respect it obviously deserves before 70% of everyone dies from it.

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by Greyfox (#48155157) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Handling Patented IP In a Job Interview?
Yeah! I mean think about it! If you're a patent troll, are you going to get more business by sitting back and hoping someone invents the thing you patented, or are you going to get more business by sending out an army of coders to make SURE something you've patented gets invented? Ah it's such a brilliant idea I should go get a business process patent for it!

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by Greyfox (#48145089) Attached to: Fighting the Culture of 'Worse Is Better'
I've written a linked list library in C at pretty much every company I've ever worked for. Yes, you could spend a few weeks re-implementing the STL, and all the unit tests you'd need to make sure it's functioning properly, and do that again on your next project. And again on your next project. Or your language could just supply those relatively uninteresting components and you could spend your development time on something you haven't done before.

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