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Comment Re:five years for 10 viewings? (Score 1) 314

Whenever a controversial law is proposed, and its supporters, when confronted with an egregious abuse it would permit, use a phrase along the lines of 'Perhaps in theory, but the law would never be applied in that way' - they're LYING. They intend to use the law that way as early and as often as possible.

Comment Re:I'll make you a deal (Score 1) 1073

or you could just have an opening that explains the context and meaning of the word nigger in the time and place the book takes place in. You could boldly confront the issues of slavery and racisim and teach children something important about their history and the history of the human race...

Or the teacher could, you know, teach that to the class.

Comment Re:Now only if they had thought of this 30 years a (Score 1) 436

...We really need a better option for places where walking doesn't work for whatever reason.

Walking? The school systems here bus kids to the school that's ONE BLOCK away. And they stop at every single driveway on a block where a kid lives.

Because... you know... "Why don't you have a seat over there..."

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