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Comment Re:How will the congressman from Amazon vote? (Score 1) 93

(note that this is access tax, not tax on sales over the internet)

It would depend what the tax was for.
If the tax was similar to that levied on phone lines to help fund the rural build out, then it is completely reasonable.
if the tax is one meant (or abused) to prevent or discriminate access, then not so much.

Comment Re:Compare prediction to reality [Re:Cool!] (Score 1) 428

the four possibilities are:
a) true positive: we detected it AND its a real result
b) false positive: we detected it, but it's because of some yet unnoticed flaw
c) true negative: we failed to detect it, and it's because it doesn't exist
d) false negative: we failed to detect it, but it's because our detector is insufficient to the task

They're fairly sure its A and not B, but further looking will help refine the uncertainty.
but even if they failed to detect it (c or d) wouldn't be useless. again, with engineering and scientific analysis they can reasonably rule out D (or say we need something bigger to rule out b and d), and then at that point if C is the result, we've still learned something (something that means a whole host of new questions...)

but the point is, if you never look in the first place you have no change of finding anything out at all, so you must look.
and even b and d results would still tell us something about the nature of what we were looking for.

so no, it was never useless.

Open Source

DjangoCon 2016 To Be Held In Philadelphia In July ( 19

New submitter FlipperPA writes: It has just been announced that the 2016 vintage of DjangoCon US will be held in Philadelphia at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania from July 17th through 22nd. DjangoCon US is a 6-day international community conference for the community by the community, held each year in North America, about the Django web framework. From its humble beginnings in a newsroom in Lawrence, KS, Django now powers some of the better known web sites on the planet, including The Washington Post, Mozilla, Instagram, Disqus, and Pinterest. Considered by many to be the "batteries included" web framework for Python, Django continues to attract new developers across the globe.

Comment Re:Keyless ignition (Score 1) 564

I actually pushed a lady's car into a gas station yesterday on way home from work for that exact reason.

she was I a PT Cruiser, and the engine just started revving and trying to go, overpowering her brakes even she said..
luckily, she did have the presence of mind to shift into neutral until she could stop, and then shut off the engine.
she even demonstrated for me, and sure enough, soon as she started the car the throttle went to max.

she had stopped about 100' from an intersection, and there was a gas station just other side on corner, so pushed her across so at least she could get out, get a drink, whatever, safely rather than in the street (and of course, no longer blocking street too).

but now these electronic accelerators are common now (my car has one too, much as I'd prefer it didn't), and I hope they're teaching kids learning to drive what to do if one fails like that. older folks like the one yesterday though, they often don't know that they even have them, and what to do if it happens. like said, she was lucky she did; barreling into that major intersection would have been pretty bad.

Comment Re:Emergency Brake? (Score 1) 564

I think rather its because theyre making computer controlled auto transmissions better by having the computer optimize for efficiency over power.

for the longest time a well driven stick was more efficient than an auto...if you drove for economy. if you drove for burning rubber off the start, well, then you killed your own economy.

Comment Re:Emergency Brake? (Score 1) 564

so what do you do if you suddenly lose brake fluid pressure while traveling downhill on something like I-29 between Nashville and Chatanooga, as happened to me once?

that's what that brake handle is for.
its a physical link.
it will slow the car (unless you foolishly keep your foot on the gas).
and if you yank on it really hard, it will throw the car into a skid (but don't do that!)

it is an emergency brake.
its also a parking brake.
it can serve both functions.

Comment Re:So what should we do? (Score 1) 564

needed a rental while car was in the shop.
did usual thing where pick the smallest thing possible online, and as usual, it was out of stock by time got there, so get free upgrade.
turned out, they were out of everything but trucks.
ended up with a 2015 Ram Big Horn for price of tiny Kia.

at first I couldn't even find the gear shift.
nothing on the steering column.
nothing in the middle of the floor.

then I saw it.
a small rotary knob on the dash below the radio.

now sure, there's been various simplified and electronic and hybrid transmissions for awhile (like my Hyundai, with the subsection on the side for manual gear selection). but that really threw me, and now I knew what my grandfather must have felt like when he first encounted a hybrid transmission ("it cant be a manual clutch without a clutch pedal").

anyway. nice truck...but I still cant say I was impressed by the gear shift.
not a fan.

but at least it was bigger and far away from the air control knobs...that could have gotten interesting.

(not a gear head; if I misstated any terms, sue me. the meaning should be clear)

Comment Re:...and in other news: (Score 1) 203

oh look, ignorance modded insightful by ignorant mods.

its like when people say "but what about white history month" ... completely oblivious to the fact that the entire point is that white history month is better known as "the other 11 months of the year".

ie, more of the same "im against political correctness because I want to be a bigoted prick"


Twitter Launches Trust and Safety Council To Help Put End To Trolling ( 203

An anonymous reader writes: Twitter has announced a new trust and safety council to stamp out bullying and trolling on the microblogging site. The Twitter Trust & Safety Council will initially be formed of around 40 bodies, including the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, ICT Watch, NetSafe, and Samaritans. These organisations, along with safety experts, academics and security researchers, will work to ensure a safe and secure platform for users to express themselves freely and safely. The Council's main focus will be to protect minors, encourage 'greater compassion and empathy on the internet,' and promote efforts in media literacy and digital citizenship. Community groups will also participate to help prevent online 'abuse, harassment, and bullying,' as well as mental health problems and suicide.

Comment Re:If it's "settled", it ISN'T "science" (Score 1) 554

the people who say the things you just said are the ones who don't truly understand science.

if I have a giant mountain of proof for A on one hand, then before I will replace A with B, B needs to come up with an even bigger mountain of proof.

is it possible that we will at some point overturn evolution, gravity,global warming, or any other long held theories?

is it at all likely?

its 'possible' in the sense that winning the powerball is possible.
its an extremely low probability event, and it it only gets lower the more we dig into these topics.

are they 100% settled?
no. but they are 99.999999% settled.

there is no serious evidence against these theories, every new bit of research instead only serves to further cement them.
which I why they are "settled" and no one seriously questions them other than cranks and those who don't actually understand science.

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