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Why are owning a domain and running a business from that domain considered the same? What if I own a domain and lease it out? Why should I have my personal details made public for a business which I do not own?

Who is to oversee this whole thing? Most likely, a bureaucracy that is incapable of handling the tsunami of complaints it will receive. The scammers, who presumably this proposal is intended to protect us from, will just fill in fake whois information as they always have and hide behind that, while all of the legitimate users will be hurt by all of the unintended consequences. And, without a doubt, all of the people at ICANN involved in making the proposal will profit, and none of them will be harmed.

Comment: Re:Transcript of a recent meeting at Dice HQ (Score 2) 116 116

Did this same change also include eliminating the option to post discussion items on submissions? For those of us that go there, sometimes there is useful stuff added in the discussion portion of a submission by other people who have read about the topic.

+ - But are they getting rid of Vine Reviews?->

An anonymous reader writes: Amazon recently announced that they are overhauling their review system. As previously covered on slashdot, many of the reviews from Vine Reviewers are a joke. Ever since reading that article, then the reviews on the book linked to in the article, then following the removal and then reinsertion of the poor reviews, along with Amazon's treating the slashdotted book as if it had been the target of bury brigade, rather than determining whether the reviewers had simply caught the attention of a community that actually understood what the book was about and attempted to alert Amazon customers to the issue, I've started paying close attention to products that have Vine Reviews, and I have to say that this component is possibly the worst of any review system.

A recent example that I came across is Amazon Vine Reviewer cortezhill. I saw a 5-star book review that was nothing but content quoted from the book, followed by "--- excerpt from book's Introduction." I only had to browse to page 4 of the user's reviews to find a review that was not a glowing 5-star review of an item. This is simply the stupidest part of any review system I have ever heard of: send people free stuff and receive positive reviews. Isn't this what review apparatus is supposed to protect against? Amazon's keeping it provides complete transparency on their objective.

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+ - Game Of Thrones Finale Breaks Bit Torrent Record->

An anonymous reader writes: Ars Technica reports that the recent season finale of HBO's Game of Thrones broke a Bit Torrent record of more than 258,000 file sharers. Many people expected that HBO's new one streaming services HBO Go and HBO Now would reduce the amount of piracy, given the show's record as one of the most heavily pirated TV shows of all time. To the contrary, this year's file sharing of the show broke last year's numbers.
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+ - Security Oversights and Complacency Set the Stage for Killers' Escape writes: The NY Times reports that although no single lapse or mistake in security enabled two killers to break out of the Clinton Correctional Facility two weeks ago, it is now clear that an array of oversights, years in the making, set the stage for the prison break and for the ensuing manhunt. According to the Times, a sense of complacency had taken hold that in some ways might have been understandable. There had not been an escape from the 170-year-old prison in decades, and officials say no one had ever broken out of the maximum-security section. “As the months go by, years go by, things get less strict,” says Keith Provost. Unlike many prisons and jails across the country, there are no video cameras on the cellblocks at the Clinton facility that might have detected suspicious activity and although prison rules forbid putting sheets across cell bars to obstruct viewing, in practice, officers say, inmates frequently were allowed to hang sheets for lengthy periods. Officials ssay there is a good chance that the two men had been at work on their plan for weeks, maybe months. Night after night, the authorities have come to believe, the two men stuffed their beds with crude dummies, slipped out of holes they had cut in the back of their cells and climbed down five stories using the piping along the walls. They then set to work inside the tunnels under the prison, spending hours preparing their path of escape before returning to their cells unobserved.

Prisoners have 24 hours a day to find breaks in the system. says Pennsylvania Corrections Secretary John Wetzel adding that it could be a loose chain link or peeling paint around vents that could give the prisoners what they need to develop a escape plan. According to Wetzel, when people are sentenced to a life in prison, they have all the time in the world to come up with escape plans. "If you have life to plan it out, you can wait for your opportunity."

Comment: Have canaries (Score 5, Insightful) 135 135

I was selling trade show exhibits in Silicon Valley during the .com bust and I can tell you that the first department to cut their budget in an organization is marketing. We knew we were in a recession/local depression long before anyone else.

Companies whose revenue comes primarily from venture capital may have certain requirements for promotion, as some investors want to see promotion for promotion's sake, vs. requiring an actual ROI on promotion efforts. Network out to some of your non-tech co-workers and vendors in the marketing arena. When they start to see a lot of companies holding back on hiring new positions, reducing trade show attendance and other marketing expenses, evaluate your current options. It may be that you have an opportunity to seek safety in a lower paying, but far more secure position in your current firm or a different firm. Management is often very insecure.

I can tell you that the nearly instantaneous elimination in the number of commuters in 2000/2001 here was mind-blowing. I knew if a prospect was worth pursuing by the evaluating the size of a building and how empty it's parking lot was. This all happens much faster than most people realize, so having a canary to tell you what is about to come is very important. It may be that you are in a very secure company, but they decided to purchase some large asset or make some other large investment that offsetting the cost due to reduced revenue requires those positions and even whole departments considered secure to be temporarily eliminated.

Companies whose primary revenue comes from advertising will see some of the largest reductions in revenue. Stay away from them unless they are incredibly well established and you have a seriously critical position.

+ - Newly discovered species of frog looks a lot like Kermit->

walterbyrd writes: The newly discovered frog species Hyalinobatrachium dianae, with its bright green skin, protruding eyes, and oblong pupils, bears a striking resemblance to famous Muppet Kermit the Frog.H. dianae is a type of glass frog, which are known for translucent skin that makes their organs visible, and it was discovered in the Talamanca mountain range of Costa Rica.
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+ - White House office to delete its FOIA regulations->

An anonymous reader writes: The White House is removing a federal regulation that subjects its Office of Administration to the Freedom of Information Act, making official a policy under Presidents Bush and Obama to reject requests for records to that office.

The White House said the cleanup of FOIA regulations is consistent with court rulings that hold that the office is not subject to the transparency law.

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+ - Researchers find same RSA encryption key used 28,000 times-> 1 1

angry tapir writes: While scanning the Internet to see how many servers and devices are still vulnerable to the "FREAK" flaw, researchers with Royal Holloway of the University of London discovered large numbers were accepting 512-bit RSA keys — and large numbers of devices using the same public keys. In one egregious example, 28,394 routers running a SSL VPN module all use the same 512-bit public RSA key.
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+ - Demand for Linux Skills Rising This Year-> 2 2

Nerval's Lobster writes: This year is shaping up as a really good one for Linux, at least on the jobs front. According to a new report (PDF) from The Linux Foundation and Dice, nearly all surveyed hiring managers want to recruit Linux professionals within the next six months, with 44 percent of them indicating they’re more likely to hire a candidate with Linux certification over one who does not. Forty-two percent of hiring managers say that experience in OpenStack and CloudStack will have a major impact on their hiring decisions, while 23 percent report security is a sought-after area of expertise and 19 percent are looking for Linux-skilled people with Software-Defined Networking skills. Ninety-seven percent of hiring managers report they will bring on Linux talent relative to other skills areas in the next six months.
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