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Comment: Re:Should be used as precedent for sentencing Snow (Score 1) 93

by dywolf (#49546391) Attached to: Gen. Petraeus To Be Sentenced To Two Years Probation and Fine

oh shut up.

the point of his actions were to reveal the NSAs actions to the public, so that the public knew about the shady/illegal snennigans the NSA and government were engaging in.

unlike Petraeus who's motivation in leaking was apparently to get into his biographer's pants.

and my lil joke was simply pointing out which one the government believes to be the bigger sin
(and since you're a little dense apparently, that would be "telling the public")

Comment: Re:Spot on (Score 4, Insightful) 676

by dywolf (#49539279) Attached to: Except For Millennials, Most Americans Dislike Snowden

I get told all the time by fellow vets and Marines, who theoretically swore the same oath I did, that torture and indefinite detainment are absolutely ok and not violations of the Constitution. I get called a bleeding heart liberal for thinking those things matter.

The only upside to this thoroughly depressing situation, is I then get to say "oh, so wanting to hold to my oath, and actually follow the Constitution is what makes me a liberal? then what defines conservatism?"

the apoplectic fits that follow are always entertaining.

Comment: Re:Darwin by proxy (Score 1) 605

by dywolf (#49539157) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California

1) Yes it does, that's how herd immunity works.
2) You're an idiot who doesn't understand risk, or what double blind is even useful for. Probably why you keep trotting it out as your goto science "proof" or lack thereof in areas where it's not applicable.
3) Guardicil is not deadly, sorry to burst your myth bubble.
4) Enough stupid in one run on sentence to stock the GOP for years.

No, you are not informed, and no, you don't the risks. If you did or if you were you wouldn't say the stupid things you say.

So...lets see. Things Archangel claims to know about but doesn't:
-How to get or not get cancer
-global warming
-basic science

Comment: Re:Big brave man picking on the weak (Score 1) 254

by dywolf (#49539067) Attached to: Wellness App Author Lied About Cancer Diagnosis

Oh shut up.

It's not illegal to wear clothing articles normally associated with the military. If appropriate marking (chiefly service tapes if talking about combat utlities) are removed, it is completely legal to wear. And it's not stolen valor to get a few bucks on the side of the road by wearing a utility blouse you picked up in a surplus store.

Probably half the people in the building I work in, which is on a military base, will periodically wear either the bottoms or the tops of utility uniforms on a regular basis, including the newer digital MARPATs. Heck, at a lot of surplus stores I've been to they have the fabric material available on rollers, to buy as much as you need/want. I can't tell you if it's got the little "hidden" EGA's on it like the official MARPAT uniform items, I never looked that close. But one older gent around wears a pair of trousers he made himself from that fabric (cause I don't recall seeing any with a 50inch waist when I was in). Whatever. Big deal.

Unless a dude is walking around with a MOH, or other medals/ribbons he didn't earn, bragging about being shot or a hero he never was, or running for office claiming something he wasn't, you aren't going to convince someone stole any valor by panhandling on the road.

(And your Kerry comments only prove how out of touch with reality you are. )

Comment: Re:Big brave man picking on the weak (Score 3) 254

by dywolf (#49538951) Attached to: Wellness App Author Lied About Cancer Diagnosis

Personally I hate those videos.
And I am a Marine.

Some may be legit, catching a guy getting preferential status fraudulently.
But far too many are just overzealous-I'm-special-types chasing homeless people.

its one thing for a guy to commit actual fraud, such as the guy Rep. Duckworth chewed out in front of a congressional committee for claiming "disabled veteran" status to get preferential bidding on government contracts, when he had never served a day in life.

it's completely another to harass homeless folks (and even not so homeless folks) panhandling on the side of the road in clothes they got from a surplus store or clothing charity.

Comment: Re:This is not good... (Score 2) 254

by dywolf (#49538733) Attached to: Wellness App Author Lied About Cancer Diagnosis

the vast majority of lung cancer is people who smoked. the rest are usually found or believed to be caused by long term exposure to cigarette smoke, or other pollutants. only a tiny tiny fraction (2%) is thought to develop a cancer of the lungs without any adverse environmental inputs being the chief factor. it is one of the few cancers that is largely preventable through behavior/avoidance.

Comment: Re:...and adults too. (Score 3, Informative) 605

by dywolf (#49535659) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California

Know how I know you don't have a clue what you're talking about?
Besides the obviously ignorant use of the word "commie" that is.

California, that liberal hellhole, only had a budget mess because after a shortfall became apparent (caued by the recession), the minority GOP in the state legislature filibustered any tax increases. The only things they allowed through were spending cuts. But as we've seen repeatedly in places like Kansas and Europe, spending cuts to safety net programs in the middle of a recession only make matters WORSE not better.

By the way, their budget is balanced now, thanks largely to finally tax increases through after kicking out a bunch of republicans from the legislature (which itself only occurred because redistricting was finally taken away from the legislature and put in the hands of an independent citizen commission who undid a lot of gerrymandering.).

As for water:
1) they can't control the weather. So when they only get 5% of the usual snowpack this year, even lower than last years 20% (1inch of water, vs 4inches in 2014), there's not much they can do.
2) the water rights are controlled by farm interests which rural conservative folks and big businesses, who hold a lot of sway in the legislature....not exactly your "commie".

Oh wait, you did know California is actually a purple state right? And its rural populace, as well as a fair number of its tech moguls, would make the folks in Texas blush with how conservative they are? No, you probably didn't know that.

After all, you think they cant do anything right, even though they have the largest economy in the country as the same time as having one of the best safety nets for low income and minority citizens in the nation, and buoyed their populace through the recession better than most states. Heck, you probably don't even know that one reason for Texas's success is it -also- has decent (as far as Red controlled Purple states go) safety nets for folks.

Bugger off loon.

Comment: Re:No cuts are ever possible (Score 2) 195

by dywolf (#49535497) Attached to: House Bill Slashes Research Critical To Cybersecurity

the same Air Force who gave us the F4 Phantom, which was without a doubt one of the worst aircraft ever built

And that's all it takes to show you have no clue what you're talking about,
and your entire comment is neither insightful nor informative.

For starters, the F4 came from the Navy, who wanted a twin engine high speed all weather missile-boat interceptor/fighter to replace the Demon in the early 50's. In fact it's original name for the project was "Super Demon". And its physical origins in the Demon design are quite evident.

And it was never billed as the everything plane for every service.
The Marines bought in once its ground attack potential was realized.
The Air Force didn't buy in until the F4C model.

Over 5100 Phantoms were built, making the most produced US aircraft since World War II.
By the time of Vietnam it made up the bulk of the fighter assets across the entire US military.
It didn't leave US service until 1996.

It also served in the militaries of 11 other nations.
Germany only recently retired its last Phantoms in June 2013.
Turkey only pulled its Phantoms from service this year (2015).
Greece, Egypt, Iran, and Japan are STILL flying Phantoms.
In fact, Iran is actively using Phantoms in to bomb ISIS.

That's hardly sounds like an unsuccessful or "world's worst airplane".

"Stupidity, like virtue, is its own reward" -- William E. Davidsen