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Comment Re:Samzenpus got hit in the head this morning (Score 1) 504

It's not what I think, it's what actually happened to over 20,000 plans in Florida alone. There is no discussion to be had about it.

Nor is it in anyway mark some sort of close-mindedness on my part, it being a simple statement of something that actually happened, with (stupid) people then going out and saying "it's my right to be scammed"....

Comment Re:Talking points? (Score 1) 504

No it wont create lots of unemployment. CBO estimate was 0 to 1million possibly lost jobs; they cant pin it down because there is STILL no definitive link between MW increases and unemployment. and then there's the 19+ million people lifted out of poverty, and all the buying power and economic growth that comes with that. there is no valid economic reason that requires an economy to have people working for so little that they would be starving in the streets if not for public assistance. none.

And no, kicking out the undocumented immigrants wouldn't shore up the economy. (just like most everything else you've posted, youre wrong on this too)

it would actually cause a pretty large shrinkage in the economy triggering another recession. they contribute some 80 billion to the economy and nearly 10 billion to state and local taxes yearly. roughly 10% of the current social security trust fund, some 300 billion dollars, has been contributed by them, money they can never get back themselves due to their status. kick them all out? no. make them citizens.

Comment Re:Talking points? (Score 1) 504

not even that fringe.
the majority of americans support his positions.
the only things in the way are a) American stupidity regarding the word "socialist" and b) the media's refusal to acknowledge him, treating him like a minor candidate even as he grows in stature (he's a bigger threat to Hillary than any GOP candidate)

Comment Re:Let the market decide. (Score 1) 504

the city itself probably "saves" a lot on its balance sheet.

what people miss though is all the hidden costs, like the guy who now lost his house, or now has a huge debt load from a lien against it, all of which sucks strength out of the local economy and leaves the local citizens worse off. which is why ultimately it doesn't work, contrary to the supporters of it, even if it gives the appearance of doing so; the decay is rot is hidden, and people are left worse off as a whole by this idiotic tendency to privatize essential services.

Comment Re:Why solar? (Score 1) 504

they only suck at picking winners if you haven't been paying attention.
which you havent.

the DOE's loan program picked winners at a rate 3x higher than private industry does, and the loan program has actually turned a profit for the government.
it's failure rate is at 3% right now. private investors and venture capitalists are considered successful with a ~30% success rate. the governments program is rocking a 97% success rate.

they cant pick em?

and as for using pure market Darwinism, lets not forget that one of the functions of government is to help push or guide developments. there is more to energy generation than just the market dynamics at stake. the government, being by of and for the people, has a VERY vested interest in preserving the peoples health and their home (the planet), and as such it has a very vested interest in expanding things like solar and reducing the number of dead dinosaurs that we burn.

Comment Re:Why solar? (Score 1) 504


In Oklahoma alone the industry got 600 million dollars in tax breaks and credits, this year alone.
coincidentally, our state budget had a gaping hole of ~600 million dollars....which they filled by cutting education, roadwork, and other stuff.
(naturally, no one dared talk about not giving them that great big tax break)

And this happens country wide to the tune of several billion dollars a year.

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