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Comment Re:Wait a mintue (Score 1, Interesting) 218

Firefox used to be multiprocess, in the sense that if you started a new instance a new process would start. But they then heard about threading and decided it must be the solution to everything so now when you kick off a new firefox instance (on linux anyway) when one is already running it checks for some shared memory, and if its there hands over to the current firefox process which kicks off a new thread then the process you started dies. A very complex, inefficient and security poor method of doing things. But probably looked good on some former firefox devs CVs.

Comment Re:More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 1) 599

Came here to say this.

Where I live, roads with no lines results in lots of idiots driving down the center of the road, and parked cars half sticking out into the road. Any traffic in the opposing direction turns into a game of chicken, with the loser pulling half off the road & stopping until the winner passes.

I guess that after a while, in high traffic areas, traffic would turn into India's chaotic jumble of cars weaving all over the place.

Do not want.

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