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Comment Re:Err, we do (Score 1) 96

Well I'm damn sure it wasn't a high speed train where they're not only testing the entire train systems including emergency systems, but signalling, catenary and track too. Good like automating the testing for all that genius.

Comment Err, we do (Score 1) 96

At least in europe on numerous metro systems. Welcome to the 21st century USA!

However you can't expect automated systems to test themselves. You'll still need humans in the test loop somewhere. Plus for the sort of speeds the TGV gets up to I imagine most people would still prefer someone to be up front if even all he does is to feed the dog that bites him if he touches the controls.

Comment Wouldn't a PS3 emulator make more sense? (Score 4, Interesting) 150

I'm sure a PS2 emulator has novelty value but I'm not sure many people will really be that interested. Wouldn't a PS3 emulator make more sense given a lot of PS4 owners may still have a PS3 to play PS3 games and might prefer one console to do both? Or is the PS4 simply not powerful enough to do it?

Comment Re:This is the mystics point of view ... (Score 1) 90

"because it's our consciousness that makes us distinctly human vis-a-vis the (rest of) the animal or plant kingdom."

Err , I think its been pretty well demonstrated numerous times that all animals have conciousness in varying degrees. If you think humans are special in that regard then I'm afraid you're wrong. What makes us special is our opposable thumb and our intelligence , but thats not the same as conciousness.

Comment Re:Volvo says it will be liable for any accidents (Score 1) 154

"So will the CEO do hard time if there is a felony car accident?"

I think we know the answer to that - liability will be strictly limited to the company and there will be so many get-out clauses in the purchasing contract that they'll never be succesfully charged with anything short of a major failure of the vehicle.

Also I suspect "its cars cause" doesn't include the time when the car isn't driving itself - ie just after its detected an unavoidable accident and hands over to the human!

Comment Re:Eagerly looking forward to this technology (Score 1) 154

"However, once self driving cars are a reality, I will certainly consider buying one."

Why , can't you drive? If you're such a poor driver please stay away from autonomous cars too and continue taking public transport, because if the car needs you to take over suddenly your fellow motorists won't want you having a panic in the middle of the highway.

Comment Who needs new plants? (Score 0) 109

We could just harness all the politicians hot air thats been produced about this over the last 15 years.

I'm really beginning to believe that technically pig ignorant people should not be in politics. It seems to me that they Just Dont Get that we're have hardly any spare capacity and closing another load of stations without any new ones to immediately replace them is only going to make things worse especially if we have another cold winter.

FFS , if they can't even formulate and carry out a sensibly policy for building basic infrastructure what fecking chance do we have if there's a real emergency?

Comment Re: Real smart fella (sarcasm) (Score 3, Insightful) 518

"Modern ethics understands that the means are what's important - not the ends."

Then modern ethics - read "liberal" values - are full of shit. The means might be important but the end is far more so unless its trivia like a kids egg and spoon race. The whole "he played fair but lost, what a good chap" ethos fails miserably in war if by playing fair you and your whole family end up dead.

"Violence has only one place - in response to unprovoked aggression"

So you think terrorists should be allowed to commit an act before they're captured or killed then?

"An eye for an eye' will leave the whole world blind."

Spare us the hackneyed Ghandi quotes. He sure as hell was no Plato, never mind Aristotle.

Comment Re:ROI on a space program is amazing (Score 1) 378

" challenge you to find ANY public spending "down here on earth" with that kind of economic and technological return to society that a space program demonstrably has"

Ok , perhaps down here on earth was the wrong phrase to use. There are better things to be spending space research money on that yet another orbiting can. A new form of space propulsion would be a start. Perhaps its not physically possible but some blue sky research with a decent budget would be a good place to start. Even our most advance ion engines still consist of chucking stuff backwards to go forwards. There must be a better way.

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