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Comment Re:Couple of Engineers (Score 1) 367

"You've never developed software in a large company, have you?"

Sorry - I've developed software in a considerable number of large companies including in Aviation.

"No one past a first level manager has much clue how the code works. Not even the grunts writing the code understand all the implications of the code"

That may well be the case, but a couple of grunts don't take it upon themselves to carry out what is essentially fraud without it coming from higher up the food chain,.

"And I can totally imagine that upper management never thought about the implications of each group on each other."

Then they have no business being in upper management.

Comment Re:Couple of Engineers (Score 1) 367

Anyone with a working brain knows thats a load of arse covering BS by a boss lined up against the wall. There is simply no way a "couple of engineers" could so radically fool the rest of their colleagues and alter the code without anyone noticing the changes. Not only that we're supposed to believe none of the test engineers noticed the major discrepancy in emissions pre-release and no one in the heirachy asked how such amazing emissions AND performane were being achieved? Pul-lease.

Comment Re:And continues... (Score 1) 213

"Furthermore, he rise of the answering machine tells us that the phone as a critical mode of communication is not all it was cracked up to be."

Sure. If you suffer from Aspergers. The rest of us however quite enjoy "synchronous direct speech" and I'd far sooner lose SMS and email than the actual phone functionality. If all I wanted was a computer I'd just carry around a wifi tablet.

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