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Comment Re:title (Score 5, Insightful) 295

"It's not all pointless. The nutjobs need to be dealt with"

Sorry, but the 2nd Iraq "war" was utterly pointless. It cost lives and money for what - to remove one psychopath under bogus pretenses who at least held the region together, and allow him to be replaced with 10s of thousands of psychopaths who have created anarchy in the whole region and europe. Way to go USA!

Comment Re:That'll work well with automated vehicles.. (Score 1) 530

"Plenty of driving has a net-negative effect on society,"

A miniscule proportion of it. The vast majority of it is essential - at least for the person concerned.

" so by your economic argument we should be slowing down and reducing traffic even more."

Err no. That would be your argument, not mine pal.

Comment That'll work well with automated vehicles.. (Score 3, Insightful) 530

...when they finally go big time, given that the white lines currently are used to guide them on multi lane roads.

It seems similar to what i believe they did in the netherlands where they removed any distinction between the road and the pedestrian areas which apparently slowed down traffic. However what ALL these schemes forget is that 99% of people are not driving for the fun of it - they're doing it for a reason and the more you slow them down the slower society will run at the end of the day. So what you say? Well you won't be saying that if your doctor is 30 mins late because of traffic calming or the police/amulance/fire took longer to reach a call despite the blue lights because of the backed up traffic they had to squeeze through.

Comment Re:Mars is impossible (Score 3, Interesting) 310

Seems to me most of the people people of the "well you just do this" persuation have never even put together an Ikea chair, never mind a building. They don't seem to have a clue of the effort involved. The ONLY way it could be done is to send equipment, fuel, food & water there via autonomous lander for years prior to any humans landing possibly with (as yet not technically possible) some sort of building robots that can construct shelters and then hope the stuff is still ok when the humans eventually get there.

Comment Re:Betting on how long it is until he is in the US (Score 0) 327

"Sweden is just a front for law enforcement in the USA."

Hey yankee, when you've actually travelled more than 10 miles from where you were born and have a clue about life outside your tin foil lined basement and hick town, then maybe get back to us with some slightly less ignorant opinions.

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