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Comment: Re:Does chrome still require a root privs sandbox? (Score 1) 113

by Viol8 (#47772595) Attached to: Chromium 37 Launches With Major Security Fixes, 64-bit Windows Support

The OS doesn't need protection if the browser is running with normal user privs. If the OS is windows it might need extra help, I wouldn't know, but linux does not and I have no interest in googles feeble reasons for requiring root privs. A user app that requires root privs is not going on my systems. Period.

Comment: Re:Is this the missing "dark matter"? (Score 1) 85

"Now dont discuss this subject any more unless you learn at least a few basic things."

You should follow your own advice. Most brown dwarves are glowing away nicely in infrared. If there were triillions of them they'd be lighting up the sky in that band. They arn't, so unless something has cooled them all down to absolute zero (yeah, right), they don't exist. Back to school for you.

Comment: Deflect blame? (Score 3, Informative) 210

by Viol8 (#47737425) Attached to: Oregon Sues Oracle For "Abysmal" Healthcare Website

"from Cover Oregon and the governor for their failures to manage a complex IT project."

Err, excuse me - if Oracle are the contractor its up to THEM to manage the fecking project. Why the hell should the governor be hands on with this? Do they think he's also down at every roadworks checking the spades?

Usually when you hire a big company like Oracle you give them the requirements, pay them money and they're supposed to deliver the goods, so Oracle whining that they apparently weren't given good enough management is pathetic.

I wonder what are the odds they used some cheap indian labour who can just about switch on a computer much less deliver a working program. Sorry if some people find that racist, but indian coders in my experience are universally bloody useless.

Comment: Re:Sounds like the future (Score 2) 276

by Viol8 (#47714999) Attached to: Helsinki Aims To Obviate Private Cars

"Younger generations in general don't identify themselves with their car like older generations did."

Its nothing to do with identity, its simply because they can't afford to run them.

"get you there while you enjoy the morning news, reading, etc"

yeah yeah blah blah. There's something that already lets you do that - its called public transport.

"For those that really like to have their hands on the wheel and to own CDs"

When you actually learn to drive sonny you might understand the attraction. In the meantime have fun waiting in the rain for the bus.

Comment: Fixed a "loophole"? (Score 1) 64

by Viol8 (#47649543) Attached to: China Smartphone Maker Xiaomi Apologizes For Unauthorized Data Access

Thats not a fucking loophole - a program doesn't accidentaly download and store phone numbers , it has to be programmed to do it - thats deliberate data stealing. Now we get the usual meaningless corporate humble apology routine which they hope will placate everyone until next time they get caught. Pathetic.

Comment: "and designed to fly near transonic speed" (Score 1) 44

by Viol8 (#47592631) Attached to: Perlan II Project Aims To Fly a Glider To the Edge of Space

Err , how exactly do they plan on getting to those speeds? Sure , you could get to those speeds in a dive but to do a dive you've got to get up that high in the first place which requires already going at those speeds. Catch 22. And the air currents sure as hell won't be strong enough to do it so unless they plan on having an SR-71 tow them up there I don't see this happening.

Comment: Oh boo hoo (Score 2) 120

by Viol8 (#47583675) Attached to: Hotel Chain Plans Phone-Based Check-in and Room Access

It was the same for everyone in their 20s. What do you expect , a $100K pay packet the minute you leave university? I'm in my 40s now but I spent most of my 20s working in dead end IT jobs and saving up until I could put down a deposit for a mortgage.

Seems all the millenial generation does is whinge about how tough there life is. Get over yourselves FFS!

Comment: Re:Good Thing (Score 1) 195

by Viol8 (#47583571) Attached to: Inside BitFury's 20 Megawatt Bitcoin Mine

"I'm sure you spend 24/7 of your wakened time working on the betterment of humanity, such as curing cancer, resource capture and use (energy), materials science, space mining and other such industries."

What a pathetic argument. You might as well say that only people who work in child abuse should find it distasteful. Get back under your bridge you pathetic troll.

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