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Comment: Re:"Leak". Yeah. Sure. (Score 0) 339

"Undue priviledges"?

Perhaps you should read up on the reasons for the rebate instead whining about it.

Anyway, the EU seems perfectly happy to subsidise basket case economies like greece , italy and spain not to mention the waste of space eastern european countries that contribute fuck all apart from their citizens who just move to the west and undercut the local wage rates, so whats the problem?

The EU as a political entity is a joke based upon nothing but a fear of a previous generation about another european war. Sadly a lot of people in the EU are so blinded by the propaganda they just don't see it.

Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 1) 339

"The economy of the UK isn't that strong."

Compared to what? We've got the 2nd largest european economy after germany (we overtook france recently) and one of the highest employment rates in europe, so I'd be interested to hear what your definition of "strong" is.

The EU is nothing but a bunch of 2nd & 3rd rate countries sucking off the teet of germany and in the end when germany finally can't afford it any more its all going to end in tears. The sooner we (the UK) get out of this farcical club run by unelected useless politicians who weren't good enough to get a job in their own governments the better.

Comment: Re:Facebook isn't free (Score 1) 145

They're not stealing anything. Cookies always have been a tracking method so you can't complain when someone uses them to track you. Don't want to be tracked? Delete them.

I'm really beginning to believe there should be the equivalent of a drivers license for using the internet. That way we'd keep all the whining idiots away from it.

Comment: Re:Please let the big car companies die. (Score 3, Interesting) 284

by Viol8 (#49717391) Attached to: The Auto Industry May Mimic the 1980s PC Industry

Big companies can innovate too - look at IBM Research. Just because the results arn't on sale on Amazon or in your local high street doesn't mean they don't exist. In fact for some innovations ONLY a big company has the money to do the blue sky research. Big Pharma - whatever you make think of them - being the prime example.

Comment: You thought this was for our benefit? (Score 2) 118

Wake up. Very few people care about smart TVs - they just want a TV Essentially something they can plug other boxes into and can also receive OTA broadcasts. I don't remember anyone clamouring for all this half baked UI "experience" shit and 3rd rate "apps" being squeezed into TVs but manufacturers seem to think we want it and because there are hardly any "dumb" TVs around anymore we can only buy smart TVs so the manufacturers claim its what we want. Circular reasoning , much?

I have yet to see any problem, however complicated, which, when you looked at it in the right way, did not become still more complicated. -- Poul Anderson