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Comment Increase productivity?? (Score 1, Insightful) 424

I don't think so. A small increase in creativity for a short period of time maybe. Though quite possibly it makes you *think* you're being more productive, just like people who take concaine *think* they're being incredibly interesting when they chat, whereas usually the complete opposite is the case.

Comment Re:Not quite right (Score 1) 182

Twice as much is still FAR less than what a diesel produces. Besides which , NOx is far more of a problem than particulates wrt health.

"Instead, the soot is burned in the trap... and turns into PM2.5"

So burning carbon gives carbon does it? ITYF almost all of it disappears as CO2.

Comment Re:Err, petrol is currently cheaper that diesel (Score 2) 182

"it's the more dangerous kind of soot that you can't see"

Diesels also release invisible soot - PM 2.5, far more so than petrol engines.

"but breathing gasoline does more damage to your lungs."

Maybe so, but the total released by a petrol driven car will be far less than the soot and NO2 released by a diesel going the same distance.

Comment Electric motors have max torque at zero rpm (Score 1) 182

So your argument is rubbish. ALL modern locomotives have electric traction motors whether powered by an onboard diesel engine or from overhead wires. Ok, in some cases thats due to it being simpler and more reliable than having a mechanical drivetrain from the engine to the wheels, but the point is those electric motors can start an X thousand ton train so they won't have much problem with a 30 ton truck.

Comment Err, petrol is currently cheaper that diesel (Score 4, Informative) 182

In the UK anyway.

And diesel IS a filthy fuel. Even most new cars don't meet the limits set outside the test lab and once the car is 2nd or 3rd hand and isn't being maintained properly or if its a van thats been thrashed all its life it'll start belching black shit out of its exhaust on acceleration (which is barely tested in the MOT). I see these vehicles every day on the road.

Comment Not quite right (Score 1) 182

Gasoline engines are prohibited at a lot of industrial sites not because of the exhaust but because the fuel itself - unlike diesel - its highly volatile and highly flammable. So not only can it poison in a confined space, its also highly likely to cause an explosion if there's a spark.

"Diesel produce larger particles which are easier to filter."

Wrong. As well as large soot particles it produces particles 2.5 um in size which are almost impossible to filter and need to be burned away.

Comment Spy software on hard drives? (Score 1) 357

Unless they can somehow embed binaries for ALL OS's as well as Windows and for different types of CPU (ARM for example) and find a way to launch and run the software behind the OS's or hypervisors back, then I won't be putting my tin foil hat on anytime soon. If it works by the HD somehow injecting hooks into any binary launched I reckon it'll be spotted pretty quickly.

Comment Re:Err, we do (Score 1) 96

Well I'm damn sure it wasn't a high speed train where they're not only testing the entire train systems including emergency systems, but signalling, catenary and track too. Good like automating the testing for all that genius.

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