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Comment Re:Coca Cola (Score 1) 570

I gave up that regular Coke years ago for Diet Coke, after a particularly bad tasting case of cans. I actually kind of like the aspartame flavor. Then I gave that up for gold Coke (caffeine-free diet), which is pretty good to have every now and then, without the headaches three days later to punish me for not drinking it for too long.

I still don't get what it is with Coke Zero, though. I had a chance to try some recently, and it tasted pretty bad.

Comment Re:Versions have been marketing bullshit for decad (Score 1) 86

I think Firefox and Chrome, which are mostly on a quarterly release schedule, should have year-dot-quarter version numbers. But I don't have anything against the Gecko version numbering (which is what current FF version numbers correspond to). But no matter what you do, someone will have borked up browser version checking that will break when you change your version numbering to something that seems more sensible.

As for the Windows version naming, the funny part was how they were ready to call it Windows 9 until they realized just how much stuff (including Java, for fuck's sake!) did if (substr(version, 0, 9) == "Windows 9") to lazily check for Windows 95 and Windows 98 in a single comparison.

Comment Re:Moon as a gas station (Score 1) 194

You don't have to "slow down" to get to an orbital "gas station". You have to reach orbital speed on the way to escape velocity anyhow, so there is no delta-V penalty. This lets you use multiple launches to put up the stuff you need to get to Mars into LEO and dock with them on the way out. As a bonus, the unmanned launches don't have to limit themselves to 3-gee acceleration. But mostly the point of this is if you don't have a big enough (or efficient enough) rocket to push it all up in one launch.

It's the moon that's the problem, because it's another gravity well that you have to go into and back out of, requiring a double delta-V penalty unless there's something on the moon that you can take up with you to make it worth the energy. The only good reason to use the moon for this purpose is more pork spending. Really, the moon is too boring a place to land humans on again, at least until we've explored it a lot more with unmanned rovers.

Comment Re:Moon as a gas station (Score 1) 194

Pedantry time. The reason we have no way to use 3He is because we don't even have basic nuclear fusion working (which is not strictly a US problem, there are Europeans working on it too), and 3He is not the easiest stuff to fuse. It's at least a second-generation fusion fuel, so it likely won't be useful until at least 2075-2100.

Comment Re:MultiFinder had a workaround for Excel 1.x (Score 1) 119

The problem was that Excel 1.0 was written using a bytecode virtual machine that for some really stupid reason used 8086-style segment/offset pointers referring to absolute host memory addresses... on a system with 32-bit registers and linear addressing space. It was a really big WTF.

I seem to also recall that either Excel 1.0 for Mac or Word 1.0 for Mac was the first to have the key shortcut Command-W = close window. Millions of people have been accidentally quitting apps when trying to close windows ever since. (Back in the day I preferred Command-K for that function.)

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