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Comment Re:What's up with the system logging me out at ran (Score 1) 1832

Maybe you have some cookies blocked? I've never had to log back in on any browser after the first time.

The multiple 3LDs is because back in the old days (early 2Ks?) it was the trendy way to sort site content by category, and made it possible to have a slightly different "skin" for each category. I'm not sure it's bad enough to bother getting rid of it though.

Comment Re:Can we get an explanation on who gets mod point (Score 1) 1832

I only see 5 and 15 these days, never 10. I don't know why. I'll usually get 5 once, then 15 multiple times, each a week or two apart, then nothing for a couple of months.

Back when was still being updated with the current /. code (hey whipslash, want to bring that back?), I remember that there was something called "tokens", which accumulated as you did "good" things. I think one of the things was to read a lot of articles, but I can see how posting is useful too. Get enough tokens and you'll get mod points. Don't use up all your mod points within the 3-day window and you are likely to get mod points again soon.

Comment Re:Suggestions. (Score 1) 1832

Says the AC. Nope, AC default at 0 has been a day-one foundation of the /. moderation score system for multiple reasons. As the other guy said, "stand behind your comment". Also, we don't need "lazy ACs" who are posting AC simply because they can't be bothered to log in, and part of the reason for the 0 score is to encourage people to create an account.

Moderation score is not a popularity contest. It is to give an indication of the quality of the post. Moderation done by users is done based on the content of the post, but the source of the post is also important. A post where the user is willing to attach his name to it is inherently of higher quality than an AC post.

Whatever you do, don't ignore how the karma system works, or why we can no longer see our karma scores. The basic idea is as you get moderated up, you get a KP to record that you made a useful post. Likewise, when you get moderated down, you lose a KP because you made a bad post. If you post AC, there is nobody to change the karma points of, which is one reason why AC posts are inherently of lower quality.

If your karma goes negative, you default to 0 instead of 1, and if it goes really negative (like -10, which I think is the low cap), you start at -1. You can redeem yourself by making only good posts after that. Eventually, someone with mod points will see your good post at 0 or -1, mod you up, and you will become less negative.

If your karma goes above a certain level (I think it's +10), you can select to start at 2, which is sort of like modding yourself up. However this is really only supposed to be appropriate if you have something worth that extra point and technically it is not unreasonable to get an Overrated mod when you just leave it turned on. Karma caps at 50, and because seeing the actual number made "karma whoring" too easy, the actual number was hidden. "Gamification" just encourages bad posts, and a visible karma score was unintended gamification. (This also why increasing the maximum post mod past 5 is a bad idea, it just encourages gamification.)

Suggestion: make that +1 (post at score 2) checkbox visible when you make a post (and update its default checked state when a post is submitted). Back in the real old days of /. when we didn't have inline posting, it was always on the message posting page (I think). I just gave up years ago and left it turned off because it was too inconvenient to change for a single post.

Comment Re:Metamoderation (Score 1) 1832

I stopped when it became "here's a random post, +/-". What does that mean, + "I agree" / - "I don't", or + "I think its good post" / - "I think it's a bad post"? The metamoderation FAQ still mentioned the agree/disagree buttons for YEARS. Bring back old-school metamoderation!

Comment Re:Fix mobile (Score 1) 1832

While the mobile site may not be perfect, being forced to use it simply because of user agent strings is a problem. If you are using a tablet with a large enough screen, you should have the option of using the regular site. Mobile web browsers are a lot better now than they were ten years ago.

Comment Filter by article submitter (Score 1) 1832

Allow us to filter by article submitter name. Old timers will surely remember the name "John Katz". Fortunately for our sanity, he always posted as an editor, and we were able to filter articles by the editor who posted them. (I can't find that filter option any more though.) Really, I'm only half joking, but it would be nice if we could do something about the clutter of all the articles by the usual suspects, like mdsolar, theodp, StartsWithABang, etc. I would be happy enough if you could set a config option to a list of names, and it folded the front page view of the article to just the title bar and who was the submitter. (People with no account can go stuff themselves, by the way. "Lazy ACs" are not good for /.)

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