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Comment Re: Likely misdemeanor mishandling of classified i (Score 1) 428 428

Hillary sent an email to every state department employee telling them not to do exactly what she herself was doing, conduct official state department business on private email services... This is the same Hillary that now pleads ignorance of that very policy.

Comment Re: Running the numbers... (Score 1) 560 560

Please: a) identify the 'subsidy' you feel the oil industry should lose, and b) explain why the oil industry is to be singled out and denied a tax benefit every other company in every other industry is entitled to.

The so-called 'subsidies' the oil companies enjoy are things like 'research tax credits, depreciating capital investments, etc.

Comment Running the numbers... (Score 1) 560 560

So she eats to install 1/2 a billion solar panels at a cost of $60 Billion over ten years... Let's see, that makes each panel cost $120. No, that's the cost of the subsidy, $120/panel... Including all government waste, fraud and abuse - seems like a very low number.

And let me see, where is that $60 billion going to come from? Oh yes, by rolling back 'tax breaks' on oil companies, which will - anybody want to guess? Yes! Raise the cost of gasoline!

I sure hope all those poor and lower-income folks that can't afford even the subsidized solar panels don't mind paying more at the pump so that middle-class suburbanites can pay less for their solar panels...

Comment A few simple points (Score 1) 428 428

No previous Secretary of State exclusively used a private email server for all electronic communication - several had emails intended for them sent to their official email accounts on government email servers and forwarded to their private email accounts.

The Republican Party (under Bush'43) set up a private server to handle emails relating to Republican Party business with the intention of keeping party business off federal servers as required by law. Some republicans mistakenly discussed official work on the private email server, but that was the rare exception, as borne out when the 22 million emails were turned over to investigators.

Which brings us to the last point - the Republicans 'lost' 22 million emails... Briefly. Ultimately all 22 million emails were turned over to investigators and ultimately proved what was widely known - Bush administration fired political appointees that serve at the pleasure of the President, for political reasons, and the discussions of those political decisions were found on the...wait for it... Private Republican email server, set up so politicians could discuss political things (like firing political appointees for political reasons) and NOT run afoul of federal regulations requiring that political discussions be kept off government email servers.

Comment Re: Likely misdemeanor mishandling of classified i (Score 1) 428 428

People sent her messages that years later - a small percentage of which became classified.
At the time they were sent TO her, they were not.

How does that work? How does information 'become' classified after the fact? And, if that is a possibility, doesn't her exclusive use of a non-government email server for ALL emails open her up to the possibility that classified info was sent to her private server?

Comment Re: If Colin Powell had run for President ... (Score 1) 428 428

Colin Powell, like many others in government, had official email FORWRDED to a private email account- every email he got passed thru and was retained on federal servers. Hillary cut out the middle man and had all email directly sent to her own private server - emails that originate outside the U.S. Government email servers and were sent to her private server were never recorded by federal email servers.

Putin, Assad, Quaddafi, etc all could send her emails and the entire conversation would not be recorded/archived by federal systems.

Why would she do that? Maybe in case one of her 'donors' slipped up and mentioned the favor they wanted from her in an email?

Comment Re: Likely misdemeanor mishandling of classified i (Score 1) 428 428

despite some 22 million emails disappearing and the use of a private email server to conduct official duties.

The GOP set up a private server for party (political) business - don't think the Democrats have their own 'private' email server for democrat party business? Here's a hint, under federal law, neither party can use government resources for political activities - like when Al Gore called Chinese donors from the VP office 'because it was easier' or when Alan Greyson held a interview about his Senate race in his Representative's office.

The 22 million 'disappeared' emails were subsequently found - you somehow forgot to mention that.

And as noted above, the email server the GOP installed was for PARTY work, NOT official gov't work - unfortunately *some* small percentage of the emails on the party server wound up including some official gov't work. It's called human error, and those 'disappeared' emails were eventually submitted to investigators.

Comment Re: Likely misdemeanor mishandling of classified i (Score 2) 428 428

And then they were found...

Oh, and the 'private' email server was so that Republicans could conduct party (political) business OFF the federal servers. Hillary had a private server to keep all her OFFICIAL emails off government servers - by design - remember the 'gosh, I only did it so I would only have to carry one device' claim?

Comment Re: He has a talent for understatement (Score 1) 305 305

Basically, perpetual war gives the tax dollars of every American citizen and business directly to the war corporations. They already get a lot, but they wouldn't mind more, like all.

And who makes the munitions bought for the war? American workers - and they tend to be good-paying jobs.

Who shares in the profits from the munitions sales? American investors - large and small, including pension plans and many other retirement funds.

Who gets paid to deploy those munitions? American soldiers - but not nearly enough for the risks they take.

The vast majority of the money 'wasted' on wars never leaves the U.S. Economy, and if we want to rip a page from the Democrat's playbook, every dollar spent on munitions/war materiel generates several times more economic activity, just like dollars spent on welfare, SNAP, unemployment, etc.

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