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Comment Re: Litigious Much (Score 1) 743

Just curious here, if I'm reading your screed properly, all Christians that consider themselves 'good christians' must believe all the stories in the bible, and since you can point them out as false, then all Christians are ignorant fools for believing what's in the bible - is that about it?

Then tell me, where does that leave people like President Obama, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi?

Remember, President Obama attended Rev. Wright's church for over 20 years, had him officiate his wedding, baptize his children AND dedicated at least one of his two autobiographies to Rev. Wright. Rep. Pelosi said her favorite word is 'The Word' and speaks of her swap catholic faith every two years when she is up for re-election.

Are they both ignorant fools to be openly mocked?

Comment Re: Why is this news? (Score 1) 162

Because paternity leave is a very rare thing in the US. You may live in Europe where this being news sounds like nonsense, which more Americans need to realize. Less than 15% of US employers offer paternity leave,

And what percentage of the workforce is employed by that 15% of employers? For example, the US Gov't would count as ONE employer, yet they employ some 4 million workers...

and that is almost entirely exclusive to white collar professions.

There are very few 'blue collar' jobs in America, our manufacturing base having migrated to all those other countries with lower labor costs (not Sweden, Norway, England, France, Germany, etc.).

Paternity leave tends to be about two weeks here, as opposed to months in more progressive European countries.

You know, a worker could SAVE a portion of their income during the pregnancy to cover living expenses when they take advantage of the federal program know as the Family Leave Act - why must your employer provide healthcare, paternity leave, and retirement planning? Are US Citizens incapable of taking care of their own needs?

If you can't afford to put some money aside during your pregnancy, how are you going to be able to provide for the added expenses when the child is born?

Comment Re: Why is this news? (Score 1) 162

I got my ass handed to me for missing half a day for the unanticipated and rather sudden onset labor of my firstborn, so.... certainly not all of us.

Really? My boss never has a problem when I just don't show up for work for half a day... Perhaps you should have called the boss while your partner was in labor, or were you heavily invested in reminding her to 'breathe'?

Comment Re: Why is this news? (Score 1) 162

conservatives are hellbent on babies being born. But after they're born, they don't give a shit about them anymore.

They are also 'hellbent' on personal responsibility and avoiding unwanted pregnancies, last I checked.

You may see a moral equivalence between 'contraception' and 'abortion', other's don't - some folks (like your parents) think of that developing fetus in the girl you slept with as their future grandchild, not a 'mistake'...

Comment Re: Must be nice to be at a wealthy company (Score 2) 162

The math in 'every other developed country' is the same as here - offering these types of benefits increase labor costs and and reduces employment opportunities.

How many months of paid paternity leave do Foxconn workers in China get?

How much free health care do Mexican factory workers get?

When an Indian woman that works in a sweat shop sewing together t-shirts gets pregnant, how much paid time off does she get?

Comment Re: Must be nice to be at a wealthy company (Score 1) 162

The economy is just a little messed up in Venezula last I looked... Maybe you should re-think that as a positive example.

Oh, and don't confuse the government 'offering' paternal time off with government 'forcing employers' to offer paternal time off. Politicians like to take credit for forcing employers to offer benefits at the employer's expense.

In some cases countries do offer 'unemployment'-type paternity benefits that amount to a fraction of the workers normal pay.

Comment If Mark Zuckerberg were a normal person... (Score 1) 162

No word on why the child will only get 50% of that time â" maybe that's what the gains chart suggested as a good tradeoff â" or if expectant parents who apply to send their children to Zuckerberg's new Primary School, which aims to "help children from underserved communities reach their full potential," will be expected to make a similar commitment.

If Mark Zuckerberg were a regular person, I could see taking only half the time offered initially, reserving the right to take the additional time if the need arises I. The remaining first ten months of the baby's first year...

Being Mark Zuckerberg (and not a "normal person") I imagine he could choose to take as much time off as often as he likes, that he's taking two months of is probably as much his way of trying to encourage employees to take advantage of the program as it is to give his own child the best outcome for these vitally important first months.

Comment Re: In other words... (Score 1) 387

Come on, you can't stretch stock that far.

Yes, you can. They don't start with a 4 cylinder eco engine...

There wastage eat scene in "Days of Thunder" where Robert Duvallwalks around a 'stock' car and lists the various modifications he was going to make to get the car ready - my favorite was to increase the size of the fuel line to hold an additional extra gallon or two of fuel to extend the range of the car...

Comment Re: Good to know (Score 1, Troll) 369

Guys in fishing boats dropped thermometers to a random depth under the water surface and recorded their temperatures as accurately as they cared to (maybe to the closest half a degree?) whenever they chose to.

What you have a problem accepting conclusions based on an ever-changing measurement methodology/technology?

Comment All the way back to... (Score 0) 369

October 2015 was the hottest month in that entire database, which goes back to 1891.

Gosh, the warmest month in 124 years - that's like saying last Thursday was the warmest day in the last 4 months - so what? Add in the fact that our techniques for gathering surface temperatures were based on random samples taken by fishing boats four months ago and have steadily improved to currently being measured with satellites circling the globe for the last few weeks of my recorded history of temperatures.

NB it got pretty flipping hot prior to 1891, hotter than it was in October, 2015.

Comment Tiny sample size, evolving measurement methodology (Score 1, Troll) 369

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that all the measurements are accurate, and that our data from 1880 is as accurate as today's data - it isn't, but let's just say that.

We have data that goes back about 135 years - how long has man been on the planet? The most 'conservative' estimates I've heard, which are resoundingly mocked by many here is around 10,000 years, which would put our sample size at about 1.35%. If man has been rolling around the planet longer than that (and we know he has), the sample size becomes even smaller.

So October 2016 was the warmest in the past 135 years... So what? If you're going to argue that a single anomalous weather event neither proves nor disproves 'climate change', how can you infer anything from data for one month out of 135 years, when the devices used to collect the data have improved in accuracy and scope over the sample period? (How did they average surface temperatures across the seas - they didn't have a global network of weather satellites for the first half of the sample period.)

Comment I think one CPU per screen is overkill... (Score 1) 197

I think one CPU per screen is overkill, unless each is going to be it's own discrete Display. A single PC with a bunch of high-end/multi-port display cards would enable you to have a fully-customizable display, rather than 50-60 discrete desktops.

For single cup per display purposes, you could throw a bunch of the Infocus Kangaroo PCs at the problem.

Or, if you really feel you have to throw 50-60 Raspberry Pis at this problem, consider hiring someone to make you a card cage that can hold dozens of RPis in a 2-3U rack chassis, a 20-30 amp 5V power supply shouldn't be that hard to find. (Something similar was done with DEC multias, small, single board Alpha-based computers years ago - difference is, the multia PCB didn't have connectors soldered to every side of the board.

Comment Re: No screen? (Score 1) 224

Not that much less - add a case, power supply, 32 gig sad card, wifi/Bluetooth and you are heading towards $100. You can argue the value of the 4 HR battery and win 10 license included, and adding keyboard/mouse and display are common costs for either platform.

The RPi seems cheaper than this because it starts at $40, but it needs a fair bit of additional items to be ready for most applications.

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