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Comment Re: Hey (Score 4, Insightful) 144

Get back to me in 7 years, when your then 23 year-old daughter finds it hard to land a job because of her drunk texts and selfies on all the popular social media sites throughout high school and college years...

Or consider this, imagine you are a restaurant owner and your competitor down the street has nothing better to do than create new email accounts and post negative comments about your business every day... What is the proper response?

Reputation management serves a useful function.

Comment Re: Yeah, nah. (Score 1) 576

Did you know Hsliburton found the Middle East conflicts so profitable that they tried to sell the division that serves those wartime contracts but... Wait for it... No one wanted it. Why?

Because there was too little profit in it.

And why did Haliburton's bids have no competitors? Because no one else could do the job Haliburton did.

Comment Re: Running the numbers... (Score 3, Informative) 199

Maybe just maybe you could sling the fiber from existing power poles to keep you costs down. But even then you wont get under 2k.

They don't have to get the cost under $2K, that $2K/household is the SUBSIDY, it is designed to encourage the investment and speed up the return on investment for the cable company/ISP... Who will still charge every customer the same amount, with or without subsidy on their install.

Without this money, rural customers would be forced to pay the actual cost of their service...

Comment Re: The voters vote themselves bread and circuses (Score 1) 456

I guess instead they should do what the US does, and give boatloads of money to the "Defence" industry.

The U.S. spends much, much more on what most people would call 'welfare' programs than it does on 'defense'.

It took us ten years to spend a trillion dollars in the various gulf wars and other military actions, we spend that much (and more) each year on programs that most would describe as 'welfare' programs.

Comment Re: Priorities (Score 1) 71

The vast majority of 'Border Patrol Agents' are deployed not on the border, but sixty miles away, and they are not focused on discouraging border crossers as much as they are on housing, feeding, and caring for the border crossers before releasing them into the U.S. for their planned court date in 12-18 months.

Comment Re: Garbage what? (Score 0, Offtopic) 71

Here in the U.S. we have a problem with our immigration system - this is something everyone involved (Left and Right) agrees is a problem.

In the past the right has proposed incremental changes to the immigration system, only to be shut down by the Left's insistence that we need 'Comprehensive' immigration reform, not small, piecemeal changes around the edges...

We can't enforce e-verify, because we need comprehensive reform.

We can't secure the border, because we need comprehensive reform.

We can't deport illegals, because we need comprehensive reform.


We have seen this same tactic play out in tax code reform and in the case of healthcare the Left got their way and rammed thru 'comprehensive' reform legislation that was so broad in it's scope that we are still struggling to implement the majority of it's changes - this has left many to be skeptical of 'comprehensive' reform measures.

Comment So what? (Score 1) 84

The Stingray needs an active tower to allow it to be a 'man in themiddle', so they could only monitor completed calls.

Do you think there might have been phone calls like "hey steve, we're heading over to the rich side of town to go 'shopping'" or "we're heading over to the hospital to steal OxyContin"...

After Katrina hit, New Orleans was essentially a lawless region for a handful of days - shouldn't federal law enforcement ramp up their efforts to enforce the law?

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