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Submission + - Almost no real women on Ashley Madison

gurps_npc writes: Ashley Madison claimed to have about 31 million men and 5.5 million woman enrolled. Those odds are not good for the men, 6:1. But unfortunately, most of those 'women' were fake. This researcher analyzed the data and found only 12,000 actual, real women using Ashley Madison. That means for every 7750 men, there were 3 women. There are reports that Ashley Madison paid people to create fake female profiles. Their website admits that 'some of the users may be their for "entertainment purposes"' The article itself is well written, including a description of the analysis.

A charitable person would say that Ashley Madison was selling a fantasy, not reality. But a realist would say Ashley Madison is just a thief stealing money from lonely, unhappy men.

Submission + - In Praise of the Solo Programmer writes: Jean-Louis Gassée writes that once upon a time, we were awestruck by the solo programmer who could single-handedly write a magnum opus on a barebones machine like the Apple ][ with its 64 kilobytes of memory and an 8-bit processor running at 1MHz. Once such giant was Paul Lutus, known as the Oregon Hermit, who won a place next to Jobs and Wozniak in the Bandley Drive Hall of Fame for his Apple Writer word processor. "Those were the days Computers and their operating systems were simple and the P in Personal Computers applied to the programmer," writes Gassée. "There’s no place for a 2015 Paul Lutus. But are things really that dire?"

As it turns out, the size and complexity of operating systems and development tools do not pose completely insurmountable obstacles; There are still programs of hefty import authored by one person. One such example is Preview, Mac’s all-in-one file viewing and editing program. The many superpowers of Apple’s Preview does justice to the app’s power and flexibility authored by a solo, unnamed programmer who has been at it since the NeXT days. Newer than Preview but no less ambitious, is Gus Mueller’s Acorn, an “Image Editor for Humans”, now in version 5 at the Mac App Store. Mueller calls his Everett, WA company a mom and pop shop because his spouse Kristin does the documentation when she isn’t working as a Physical Therapist. Gus recently released Acorn 5 fixing hundreds of minor bugs and annoyances. "It took months and months of work, it was super boring and mind numbing and it was really hard to justify, and it made Acorn 5 super late," writes Mueller. "But we did it anyway, because something in us felt that software quality has been going downhill in general, and we sure as heck weren't going to let that happen to Acorn."

Comment Re:Veterans care (Score 1) 8

Any evidence proffered shall also have been planted to frame Her Majesty. Let's be perfectly clear and stipulate that Her Majesty is as close as we get these days to the Virgin Mary, and dispense with all this pesky inquiry, shall we? I mean, everyone else has been 'doing it', right?

Comment The whole concept is a "Rube Goldberg" contraption (Score 1) 104

The whole concept smacks of being a "Rube Goldberg" contraption to me. While I could see a very small segment of the market liking the idea of replacing components and doing partial upgrades, I'm pretty sure that the mass market will stick with integrated one-piece units that don't fall into a pile of blocks when dropped.

Comment Let me fix this for you (Score 1) 72

Wealth "is mostly equal to" power. Information is also power. Charisma is power. But information and charisma do not necessarily equal wealth. So quit oversimplifying, please.
Let me edit you for effect:

wealth = power. . .you can impose term limits with your vote

Now, even if we assume plural "your" do you see that the power of the vote in the hands of the lumpenproletariat is in tension with your initial assertion that wealth is power? I'm kinda taking you at face value here, but it sure looks as though "your" left hand is talking out of both ends of your crack while "your" right hand is doing the itching.

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