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Comment: I just got my cord back (Score 0) 132

With the demise of, I got tired of trying to find TV episodes online and went back to IPTV with a PVR. Sure there are other sites where I could have gotten the content, but had made it easy to follow a show instead of searching through a bunch of bogus torrents that you have to actually watch to know if you got a legit episode or not.

The torrent sites are too full of fake crap nowadays to be worth the hassle. Well, maybe "fake" is too strong a word: shittily transcoded might be better.

Comment: Good. Older parts will come down in price. (Score 1) 104

by msobkow (#49826389) Attached to: Intel Releases Broadwell Desktop CPUs: Core i7-5775C and i5-5675C

It has been a very long time since I bought a "latest and greatest" chip when building a new computer, because 2-3 revisions old still has many times the performance of the machine it's replacing and far more "snort" than I could ever use on day-to-day activities.

With any luck, this announcement and release will bring the price down on the chips I want by another $100 or so by January-February, when I hope to actually be building a new machine.

The bleeding edge is fine for gamers and hard-core video encoders and number crunchers, but for the rest of us folks, it is just an insane waste of money to buy the "latest and greatest." It's been a lot of years since anyone needed to do that for anything even vaguely resembling sane home or business use.

Comment: Re:Hardware Companies & Telecoms Have Too Much (Score 1) 111

What version? My iPhone 5 never had Verizon branded software installed at the firmware level. Aside from it saying "Verizon" in the upper left corner, there's nothing Verizon installed on it.

Speaking of OS updates, the iPhone 5 will most get iOS 9 this Fall.

Comment: Re:albeit costing three times as much (Score 1) 104

by DigiShaman (#49824555) Attached to: Intel Releases Broadwell Desktop CPUs: Core i7-5775C and i5-5675C

Frequency speeds have been pretty stagnate due to the laws of physics. Asynchronous clocking is one way of dealing with signal propagation and timings as I understand. But the focus these years has been on adding features as the die shrinks further. Not many programs take advantage of multi-threaded operations, hence why the home and office market doesn't see much in the way of increase core count. For raw multitasking, it's my understanding that the Xeon line sacrifices multi-media features for extra cores and cache. Die space is limited as such gets allocated to whatever that market it's optimized for; in that case server and workstation.

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