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Comment Re:Silly story... (Score 1) 361

I'm actually happier with no salesmen and no hari krishnas in the waiting room

There are ways to deal with that which not only do not require security theater, but that were well in the works a decade before 9/11 which is why you probably haven't seen many of them at the airport in the 90's outside of movies:

Comment Re:Silly story... (Score 1) 361

Are you saying that this is some sort of terrible hardship?

Terrible? No. Rather inconvenient more often than not? Yes.

Given the choice between waiting at the gate and trying to spot your person/group out of ~100-200 people getting off the plane you know them to be coming from is far far easier than trying to figure out which exit gate into baggage claim they will come out and when, all the while trying to guess which scrum of people happen to be from the same plane.

Plus, by doing that at the gate you distribute the load of reunions rather than cram even more full a poorly orchestrated baggage claim area.

I've long thought it fortuitous the rise of mobile phones since 9/11 as without them things like cell phone waiting lots and other means of 'quick' airport pickups just wouldn't be practical.

Comment Re:They Never thought he had a bomb... (Score 1) 361

Wow, someone who still things mens rea means a damn!

In far too many cases, simply 'causing alarm' is sufficient.

Example: In most states, openly carrying a firearm on your hip is legal. Depending on the area there are often restrictions as to where you can carry (bars, schools, playgrounds, etc) and what limitations private businesses can put on your carrying ("We prefer that patrons not carry firearms here so we must ask that you leave now, if you refuse we will ask the police to charge you with trespass" vs "Seems you missed our legally binding 'gun free zone' sign... guess what? you just committed a crime! Please wait here while the police come to arrest you").

It seems cut and dry, until enough people freak out that someone is carrying a gun and suddenly you can be facing charges despite acting fully within your rights.

Comment Re:Silly story... (Score 1) 361

Was that because of your race... or the time you did it?

I suspect you are a bit older than he so come from a different time, as do I.

There was a time when carry on baggage was not screened for weapons or explosives prior to a flight.

There was a time it was not uncommon for rural high school students to keep a shotgun or rifle in their vehicle in the fall so that they could go for a quick hunt after school.

There was a time you could walk without a ticket up to the gate at an airport and meet your loved ones when they arrived.

Unfortunately we do not live in those times anymore.

Comment Re:Silly story... (Score 4, Insightful) 361

Plain out-and-out racism and denying this kid his civil rights.

You have specific evidence that he was singled out because of his race? Or is that your own bias showing?

If so, why then so much less outrage & support for the kid who pointed a chicken finger at another student, or the pop-tart gun kid, or the kid who wrote a story about shooting a dinosaur? I don't think any of them got invited to the White House.

Comment Re:It's A Different World Today (Score 1) 193

You really should read more than the headline... the study started by looking at households where a death had already happened and then asking if there were any firearms in the house and so largely ignores the rest of the homes where firearms exist safely and without killing anyone.

Correlation != causation.

Comment Re:Poptarts have gotten the same response (Score 1) 193

statistically speaking, owning a gun increases the danger to you and your loved ones, a notion your anecdote supports

Cherry picked & misrepresented statistics do say that yes.

If someone is desiring to kill themselves or others, having a gun around does sometime lead to an uptick in deaths due to guns... if they don't have a gun around it causes an uptick in knife, auto, blunt object and other deaths... which never seem to matter for some reason.

Comment Re:How patriotic! Criminalizing decent (Score 4, Insightful) 737

It also doesn't make a ton of sense from the left

Hate to break it to you, but it's not the right wing which is pushing for trigger warnings, training against/punishing microaggressions & safe spaces.

Classical liberals have long been in support of free speech, unfortunately the progressives long ago hijacked the left and this kind of anti-free speech is just par for the course.

Comment Re:That's not a bomb, it's a clock! (Score 1) 657

Linking something isn't illegal.

If it is illegal content, yes it is:

"Nyeh! But Google points to the Pirate Bay and other piracy websites" Yes... and they often take down links to such places to avoid liability for contributing to said illegal infringement.

Comment Re:Well, they ARE taught to shoot to kill. (Score 1) 369

Funny thing about lethal weapons... they aren't always. Their lethality usually depends on where you are hit, with what, and how long until you receive medical treatment for your wounds.

Yes, death is a potential outcome of going up against a lethal weapons, that is a potential risk but not the desired result when using them... unless you are explicitly trying to kill. As a hunter I can go on at length of the ideal places to put a shot where it's not just about 'center of mass', but of trying to hit a deer heart which is about the size of my fist from 100 yards away. If I miss by even a few inches, I may be chasing the animal for hours.

Don't like it? Blame your creator for making sure that human vital organs happen to be in the easiest place to hit.

Comment Re:How do I laugh at thee, let me count the ways (Score 1) 369

1) Police already have better non-lethal options, such as tasers and beanbag rounds.

Unlike your video games when you can press a single button to quickly toggle between two weapons, it takes most people a good bit longer to holster one item then bring to ready another.

2) Police are trained to fire multiple times if they have to shoot at all.

This item would require a bit of training yes... fire once with the less than lethal option, examine the situation for a split second or two then potentially continue firing.

3) If it's not fatal, it's not as effective at stopping, and sometimes, stopping someone is all that matter. If it's on all the time, it wastes a precious second or two when it counts. If it's not, it will never be used at all.

Stopping is always the goal... sometimes that involves fatality, something many are uncomfortable with. You could require the cops only to carry Tasers, only you are going to end up with a whole lot more dead cops because they will be unable to adequately defend themselves against someone with a proper lethal weapon. My understanding of this is it's intended to be less lethal for a single round to give the target a single shot to come to their senses before lethal lead is coming their way... with a single one time cost up front of the officer finds enough time to apply it to the weapon.

4) Isn't an orange tip to the barrel an indication it's a toy gun?

I'm sure you can get it in another color.

5) It looks stupid.

So does your face?

Comment Re:Epix was one reason they were forced to stream. (Score 1) 294

FiOS hasn't added a single new building in over five years

Correct, Verizon actually stopped further rollouts prior to selling the network to Frontier, who has also opted not to expand it.

On the plus side (for you), the chances of Comcast expanding capacity in Bellevue is far better than other suburbs.

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