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Comment Re:Privacy? What privacy? (Score 0) 88

Except that only the ATC system really 'needs' this information, you and I do not (granted it is still fun to use/see)... which makes the lack of protection of the data even more surprising.

Given the decade+ rollout that the US based system is to take, it's pretty unlikely that midway through they will turn around and say "on second thought, you need to upgrade to this even newer standard in order to be compliant"

There are of course other ways to get much of this data. A quick visit to allows you to listen to live ATC communications and with some basic speech to text you can get flight numbers that may not show up in the normal data feeds.

Comment Re:Fools think this is horrible. (Score 5, Insightful) 442

If you can't pay your court fines, then you're supposed to be in jail in the first place.

So a sort of... debtors prison where the in debt person who cannot pay on the outside, is sure to find a way to earn enough while in jail to pay the fines... while also possibly costing the municipality even more to house & feed them.

Comment Re:Here we go again ... (Score 2) 59

You can't go from 6 decades of isolation to thinking US style Capitalism isn't going to fuck up the place if you try to do it overnight.

Which is why US style capitalism won't be happening down there anytime soon, the state was and is in charge of any such businesses and the price of doing business there will be greasing the palms of the leaders.

Comment "Climate contrarians" (Score -1, Troll) 252

I guess trying to associate those who don't accept the concept (or claimed extent) of man made global warming with the holocaust with the term 'deniers' wasn't working... a new term has been coined.

Granted, this is from the same group who has had a hard time naming the issue, going from global cooling, to global warming, anthropomorphic global warming, to climate change, to climate weirding and seemingly back to climate change.

Rather than arguments as to what we think the weather will be today, tomorrow or in the following decades... I'm still waiting for someone to tell me what the temperature is supposed to be.

Comment Re:And what about false positives? (Score 1) 284

Were you to have a copy of the plans for conducting an actual terrorist attack that happened, you had the copy before the attacks happened, and that document had limited circulation of say 50 people or so - that'd be pretty damning evidence.

"Sure I knew Ahmad, good guy, our families hung out. I remember him talking about these things but never thought him serious, I thought it was all just a joke. When it finally happened I was scared that I would get blamed so didn't tell anyone."

What are you going to charge with now? Remember that the burden of proof falls on the prosecution.

Comment Re:And what about false positives? (Score 4, Insightful) 284

Nice conclusion jumping you've got there, you missed something though...

Possession of such a document is little different than having a digital or dead tree version of the Anarchist Cookbook (the buyers of which I'm sure Amazon could be compelled to release to investigators).

It would simply mean that such owners might get a second or third look to see if they are up to anything else that seems fishy, maybe even get a few extra screenings at the airport and digital checks to see if you've been chatting with any suspected/known terrorists... if so, then things could difficult for you.

I'm sure the RIAA/MPAA would also like the tech companies to use such an ability for themselves, do a search for all copies Let_It_Go.mp3 with a given hash that was known to have been on a file sharing site and send them each bills... however neither means you are criminally or civilly liable.

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