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Comment: Re:Dupe (Score 1) 840

great, except that is not what electrical tape is for. You should have used wire nuts (or 'caps') to connect the two wires. Heat degrades electrical tape, and a coffer grinder draws enough current to heat the cable. And it is likely in the kitchen where it may be exposed to more heat anyway. Your friend should smile nicely, thank you, then throw it out and buy a new one...

A proper fix would be to replace the cord at the terminals on the grinder. This would require disassembly, and may not be possible depending on the design. Anything else is a hack. Like the article says "young people are a lost generation who can no longer fix gadgets"

Comment: Re:Dupe (Score 1) 840

Headlights aren't covered under cars warranty anyway. The EU and Canada/USA have a set of requirements for lighting. Your local cop is not equipped with a photmeter so cant perform the test at roadsise anyway (see FMVVS section 108, 564)

OP was sold a scary story at the dealer.

On topic: there used to be two headlight types in - round and square. Easy to replace. Pop out, pop in. Once that restriction was lifted, they got more complex and more difficult to change the bulb...

Comment: Re:Been there done that. Made the leap. (Score 1) 317

by Maxwell (#48555707) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Any Certifications Worth Going For?

That can work. Making the leap from technology leader to business leader is not easy. It is very tempting to fall back on old, reliable, technology skills like you did. Hey, you were good at that stuff so it is easy. recruiters want you for your past, but you want a different future.

If you do an MBA you have to realize, and accept, that an MBA is not the end . It is the beginning of learning a whole new set of skills you don't have right now.

if MBA is out, I recommend PMP and ITIL. Both applicable to both technology and business side and will help you make the leap...

Comment: Re:Great (Score 2) 602

by Maxwell (#48514619) Attached to: UK Announces 'Google Tax'

And companies don't get any of those services, nor do they benefit from any of those services. Services like IP property rights, employment laws, public education for workers are of no benefits to corporations. As none of that benefits the corporations, they should be free to ship all the profits to Ireland/no tax jurisdictions while continuing to do business in England! Right? Right, not left, right!

Comment: Re:Why would you call something Mayo that isn't? (Score 2) 145

Why not let the Food and Drug Administration an the Code of federal Regulations Title 21 tell you, exactly, what the legal definition of Mayonnaise is?

To quote:

a) "Description. Mayonnaise is the emulsified semisolid food prepared from vegetable oil(s), one or both of the acidifying ingredients specified in paragraph (b) of this section, and one or more of the egg yolk-containing ingredients specified in paragraph (c) of this section."


Now that that is put to bed, care to explain how something that doesn't include eggs, as specified by the FDA, can be called Mayo?

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